Our highly customized programs have received rave reviews from the districts we serve and have led to our industry-leading 96% customer retention rate.

"When we hired Block by Block it changed downtown from an area that was only visited during the day by the people that worked here to an area that people started visiting at night, coming down for plays, coming down to enjoy themselves in our downtown community. We didn't have that when Block by Block wasn't here. Block by Block was a transformational organization that changed the worked with the city leaders to change the way our city went about running."

"With Block by Block you have the resources to do the job your city needs. Without that national network of professionals, I think you lose a lot. And I think you gain a lot by having it."

"Of all the vendors we had to choose from, Block by Block was by far the best choice for downtown. Not a month goes by that I don't talk to my Operations Director and say we made the right choice."

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