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Downtown Safety Programs

Our dynamic safety programs strategically address the issues that affect how people think about your district. We keep you safe and help make you known for it.

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Safety with a Smile

The days of security-driven ambassadors are over. Smiles replaced mirrored sunglasses, and proactive engagement replaced waiting around for something to happen.

Safety ambassadors focus on:

  • Maintaining a highly visible presence in strategic areas around your district.
  • Engaging the public with friendly greetings and responding to opportunities to provide directions, recommendations or assistance.
  • Ultimately becoming one of the caring faces of your district.

Strategic Partnerships to Maximize Resources

We regularly interact with outside constituents, including law enforcement, social service agencies and other partners, in order to share information and increase each organization's effectiveness.

Our safety programs serve as a valuable resource to local law enforcement. By directing police officers to specific situations, alerting them to trends, and communicating details, our programs can better leverage the limited time of the officers in your district.

Safety Ambassador on Bike Patrol

Safety Services

Our safety programs include a variety of additional value-added services:

  • Public Relations Checks - Ambassadors check in with between four to eight businesses per shift to engage business managers, share safety-related information, distribute information from your organization, and gather information on the business climate in the district.
  • Public Safety Escorts - Ambassadors can meet district workers, residents or visitors at their location and escort them to their destination.
  • Reporting - Ambassadors document their activities and accomplishments in the field by completing proprietary reports that are compiled and provided to you with summaries and trends each month.

Free Guide: Downtown Safety for Business Improvement Districts

Downtown Safety Guide

It doesn't take long for frequent, low-level crime to affect the perception of safety in your downtown.

Fortunately, addressing quality of life issues with a comprehensive approach to safety and security can go a long way to improving the perceptions of your business improvement district.

In our free guide, A 360° Approach to Downtown Safety for Business Improvement Districts, we'll explore concepts that are part of an overall strategy to improving perceptions in downtowns. You'll learn:

  • How to perform a safety perceptions assessment
  • The common mistake BIDs make when launching a safety program
  • How to counteract negative perceptions
  • How to develop a street-level strategy

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Downtown Safety Guide

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