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Downtown Outreach Programs

We believe you can effectively address quality of life issues while still maintaining a high regard for dignity, respect and social responsibility.

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Trained Outreach Professionals

In a number of cities, we employ trained Outreach Professionals to serve as coordinators of overall team efforts and to work with local outreach partners to provide strategic case-level management of the most visible homeless persons in our districts.

Downtown Outreach Ambassadors

Within our safety programs we've created ambassador positions specifically to engage homeless persons to establish individual needs and work through local outreach agencies to connect these individuals with the right services.

Team of Outreach Ambassadors
Ambassador connecting with a homeless person

Training & Ownership for All

You never know who will form a bond with a person in need. All our safety and cleaning ambassadors are trained in social service issues and how to communicate well and connect individuals with any help they might need.

Free Tip Sheet: How to Say "No" to a Panhandler

Panhandler Tip Sheet

Panhandlers often use aggressive, violent or illegal tactics to coerce pedestrians into giving them money, so it is important to be aware of the risks of giving to a panhandler.

This tip sheet details multiple approaches to respectfully and successfully avoid or navigate confrontation with panhandlers, which over time will likely lead them to leave the area or calm down. Local shelters or charities are much safer and effective giving alternatives.

Understand more about panhandling and how to respond by learning:

  • The common motives and risks of panhandling
  • Ways to calmly but firmly acknowledge or ignore a panhandler
  • What to do when a pandhandler becomes increasingly aggressive

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Panhandler Tip Sheet

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