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Minneapolis DID

Minneapolis, Minnesota |

Minneapolis DID Ambassadors

120 Blocks - 70 Ambassadors - Serving since 2009

Services Provided

The Ambassadors of the Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District can be found on the streets performing a wide variety of services to improve the friendliness, safety and cleanliness of the downtown district. A team of approximately 70 Ambassadors will be deployed on the streets based on time of day and season to best utilize personnel and equipment resources.

Photos and Videos of the Minneapolis DID Ambassador Program

  • Minneapolis DID ambassadors cleaning sidewalk

Heard on the Street in Minneapolis

Media Coverage of the Minneapolis DID Ambassador Program

Cleaner and greener: a private 'takeover' transforms downtown streets

Minneapolis' Downtown Improvement District marked its first anniversary last month with little fanfare. That's too bad because it deserves a standing ovation. After only 13 months on the job, the DID has become an indispensible presence on downtown sidewalks.

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