Louisville Downtown Mgmt. Dist.

Louisville, Kentucky | louisvilledowntown.org

Louisville Downtown Mgmt. Dist. Ambassadors
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  • 1995


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Services Provided

Provide safety, cleaning and ambassadorial personnel and management for the Louisville downtown Business Improvement District. Safety services provided by using vehicle, foot and bicycle patrols. Cleaning services provided by using both manual and mechanical cleaning systems.

Photos and Media Coverage

Louisville Downtown ambassador assists visitor
  • Louisville Downtown ambassador assists visitor
  • Louisville Downtown ambassador cleans sidewalk with sweeper
  • Louisville Downtown ambassador watering plants
  • Thunder's end signals cleanup's start

    Thunder Over Louisville gives way almost immediately to a thunderous cleanup of Louisville's riverfront.

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  • Unbridled and underrated

    The intersection of Eastern Parkway and Bardstown Road is one of the most difficult left turns in the city. Almost every day, no matter the weather, teenage skateboarders, newlywed dog-walkers and Converse-clad hipsters stroll along the crosswalk.

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