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Downtown Cleveland Alliance

Cleveland, Ohio |

Downtown Cleveland Alliance Ambassadors

65 Blocks - 54 Ambassadors - Serving since 2006

Services Provided

Provide a wide variety of services to improve the climate of downtown. Safety Ambassadors provide a high level of visibility and customer service, while serving as additional ‘eyes and ears’ of the Cleveland Police. Cleaning Staff ensure the district not only remains free of litter, weeds and graffiti, but carries out a wide variety of tasks that improve long term perceptions. Block by Block also employs off-duty Cleveland police officers during all operating hours, as well as a Social Service Outreach coordinator, who provides services to the homeless of Downtown.

Photos and Videos of the Downtown Cleveland Alliance Ambassador Program

Downtown Cleveland ambassador riding sweeper through street
  • Downtown Cleveland ambassador riding sweeper through street
  • Downtown Cleveland ambassador powerwashing sidewalk
  • Downtown Cleveland ambassador removing weeds from sidewalk
  • Downtown Cleveland ambassador watering flowers
  • Downtown Cleveland ambassador team
  • Downtown Cleveland ambassadors on bike patrol
  • Downtown Cleveland ambassadors with trash cans and brooms
  • Downtown Cleveland cleaning ambassador with tools
  • Downtown Cleveland cleaning ambassadors
  • Downtown Cleveland cleaning ambassadors on street corner
  • Downtown Cleveland mayor announcing ambassador program
  • Downtown Cleveland new ambassador security vehicle
  • Downtown Cleveland truck and power washer

Heard on the Street in Cleveland

Media Coverage of the Downtown Cleveland Alliance Ambassador Program

Cleveland: Ambassadors help downtown shine for Rock Week

As the Rock Hall rolls out the red carpet, Downtown Cleveland is rolling out the welcome mat. Thousands of out-of-towners are arriving for the induction events of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. For the 55 ambassadors of the Downtown Cleveland Alliance, that means working around the clock to help the city put its best foot forward.

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