Nashville Downtown Partnership

Provide safety, cleaning, services for Nashville’s Downtown Central Business District, to include foot and bicycle security patrols and the use of mechanical cleaning equipment. The district covers 60 square blocks.

Block by Block also operates a parking circulator program in which we operate 16 parking shuttles.


Ambassador answering some questions at the CMA Music Festival! An Ambassador on the green machine! A Downtown Ambassador keeping the sidewalks clean!



"With Block by Block you have the resources to do the job your city needs. Without that national network of professionals, I think you lose a lot. And I think you gain a lot by having it."

Tom Turner
Nashville Downtown Partnership

Heard On The Street

Nashville, TN: "During the early morning hours two days ago, the garage door for The Kress (239 5th Ave N), that faces into Harvey's Alley, was vandalized with extensive graffiti. It appears that as of yesterday afternoon, the graffiti was removed.

I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for your assistance and quick response. It wasn't exactly clear to me if this was within your scope - but before we had a chance to figure that out, it was done! The graffiti was extremely unsightly and diminished the value of our property. I can't thank you enough for addressing it. The door looks wonderful. THANKS AGAIN! We really appreciate it."

Ethan S.
Downtown Nashville homeowner

Nashville, TN: "I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I enjoy riding the shuttle with Mr. Paco. He is a pleasure. He is professional and I enjoy my ride in the morning and afternoon. He always welcomes me with a smile and a "have good day." I just think that is a great way to start the day, and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate his professionalism. He is a safe driver therefore I feel safe when I ride with him. I have several co-workers who feel the same way as I do. Thank you!"


Karen M.
Downtown Nashville employee

Nashville, TN: "Just a note to say I took my inaugural trip to downtown Nashville last week. It was so much easier than I thought!! Thanks for your help. The shuttle was a breeze and the driver said "good morning" to each person. Very impressive. And the music was nice. Of course there was music!"

Ellen D.
Downtown Nashville visitor

Nashville, TN: "This past Sunday morning I was in my office around 6:00 and there was a terrible mess of food spilled inside my front door.  I planned to clean it up before I left the office, however, your cleaning ambassadors (two of them) came up the street, before I left the office and did a great job of sweeping and cleaning up.  I also notice how nice the street looked after they completed the clean up on 2nd Avenue.

Thanks again to you and your well trained staff for keeping 2nd clean."

Charlie R.
Downtown Nashville employee

Nashville, TN: "I just wanted to say thank you for responding so quickly to may call.  [Ambassador] Rusty came within minutes; and as he approached, the two guys walked in.  Rusty came in and asked for a description.  He then went back out on 2nd Avenue and pursued the two guys. He found them outside of 111 2nd Avenue.

These guys were a little more loud and obnoxious than what we typically see, and they weren't going to listen to us when I asked them to move.  I appreciate Rusty not only for coming down, but for going the extra mile to find them and send them on their way. Thanks again."

Seth A.
Downtown Nashville employee

Hear more from the street...

Nashville, TN: "I want to thank the gentleman who pressure washes 2nd Avenue N. for washing out our doorway each week. He's very kind to do that for us; the homeless mistake it for a restroom. Those who clean our part of downtown take pride in their what they do, and are very welcoming to visitors. They are very much appreciated!"

Renee F.
Downtown Nashville employee

Nashville, TN: "For a 10 day period covering two months, [Ambassador] Carol provided excellent shuttle service for the bike-share site scout team. Her astute knowledge of Nashville’s city streets, coupled with her uncanny punctuality and remarkable customer service, resulted in over forty site visits in a safe and efficient manner. Her pride and professionalism are in keeping with what Block by Block should expect from all of their employees."

Keith R.
Downtown Nashville employee

Nashville, TN: "A HUGE thanks to you and your [Ambassador] team for the fantastic job they did yesterday. Your shuttle outfit made a huge difference for a lot of folks who probably would not have attended the event if they had to walk or use their own vehicle. The Nashville Downtown Partnership should be very proud of you and its employees for helping us have a MAJOR SUCCESS with our fundraising and charity-awareness event. We won’t forget how much you helped us!"

Les B.
Downtown Nashville employee

Nashville, TN: "I just wanted to express how much I appreciate Carol, a shuttle driver. Besides the fact that she’s a wonderful and careful driver she is also very kind and thoughtful of others.She has circled back around a few times when she’s seen me driving down the road to park, as I’ve run late a few times. It’s rare these days that people actually think of others first, but Carol is the exception."

Tina W. 

Downtown Nashville employee