Landscaping Tip Sheet

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Landscaping can instantly transform the street-level atmosphere of a district. Whether it’s hundreds of hanging baskets throughout your district or a handful of planters in a central gathering spot, landscaping programs create positive perceptions and keep you green and clean.

Try these landscaping best practices to attract more activity, better welcome visitors and residents, and create a new and improved vibe in your downtown district:

1. Make a routine.
Ongoing water and maintenance are essential to keeping your plants’ growth steady. Be habitual and make a schedule to cover your entire district.

2. Consider seasonality and climate.
Your landscaping selections should consider the realistic upcoming weather conditions in your district. Plant and care for your landscaping accordingly throughout the year.

3. Be creative.
Landscaping is an art. The composition of your landscaping should implement creative deployment of flower types and colors to create a unique character throughout individual parts of your district.

4. Think vertically.
It’s easy to get lost in flowerbeds and ground-level plants. Don’t forget to consider hanging planters, trees and larger plants to add to the view.

5. Prune often.
Plants are resilient, and may grow into sightlines, over walkways, or near powerlines. It’s important to prune trees and pluck weeds to keep landscaping working for your district, not against it.

6. Remove unwanted plants.
Pull weeds and pick up fallen branches to remove any distraction from the rest of your fresh plants.

7. Invest well.
Plan ahead to allocate the right amount of resources to maximize the vibrancy of your landscape program.

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We use landscaping strategies like these every day, in every season, across the nation to help downtowns stay green and clean. Bring some new life to your downtown district. Download our free Landscaping Tip Sheet.

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