Try These Downtown Event Ideas to Promote and Engage Your Community

Sponsoring special events and promotions downtown is a great way to add a new dimension to the social culture of your district. They build camaraderie among the workers, residents and visitors, make your downtown more hospitable, and raise awareness for your organization.

Below are several ideas for special events and promotions your improvement district can sponsor. Be sure to work with the local government to secure required permits and coordinate with law enforcement to close streets as needed.

Farmer’s Market

Farmer's Market on Street

Host a Farmers’ Market for local farmers, artists and craftsman. Vendors can rent spaces or canopies where they can showcase their produce, meats, cheeses, jellies, crafts and more. An informational kiosk about the improvement district is also helpful.

Holiday Ice Rink

Skaters on a Holiday Ice Rink

An ice skating is a fun and exciting draw to your district’s holiday activities. Portable venues are available in many sizes and make ice skating possible anywhere in the country in every climate. They can build a considerable amount of traffic and improve revenues for downtown businesses.

Pop-up Art Gallery

Pop-Up Art Gallery

Turn vacant commercial space into a pop-up art gallery. Property owners give artists short-term leases, and if the space gets rented, they have ten days to vacate the property and return it to its original condition. This is a great way to help landlords rent their property and offer local artists an opportunity to display their work, all while beautifying the downtown district and adding a cultural draw.

More Hospitality Tips

For more ways to bring hospitality to your downtown, download our free guide, 10 Ways to Make Your Downtown Improvement District Friendlier.

Your Turn

What special events has your district sponsored?