Downtown workers are the most captive audience your downtown improvement district has. The challenge is to convert these workers into true downtown users or even residents.

To do this, the worker must see downtown as a friendly, hospitable atmosphere. Safe and clean programs play a crucial role in this, but often downtown workers are unaware of the impact of the improvement district.

lobby fair is one way to inform downtown workers of the services, amenities and attractions available downtown and through the safe and clean program.

What is a Lobby Fair?

Lobby fairs are informal displays hosted by Ambassadors in uniform in the lobby of high-traffic businesses downtown. They usually include a highly visual tabletop display or mobile kiosk that features flyers, brochures and other marketing materials. Ambassadors greet workers as they pass by the display and try to engage them without being intrusive.

When Should Lobby Fairs Be Held?

Lobby fairs should be held when the most people will be present, typically in the morning, at lunch and at the end of the day. The lunch hour is often ideal, as people aren’t as rushed to get to work or home.

What Should Be Displayed?

Display high-impact visuals that can capture attention in just a few seconds. Before and after photos, and photos of equipment and Ambassadors in action are great. Statistics are also attention-grabbers. Having promotional items to give away, like pens or flashlights, is also recommended. You should also have maps, guides, brochures and any educational campaign materials on hand.

Keep in mind the most important function of a lobby fair is to connect with people who might not be aware of your district. As part of this, pedestrians should be made aware of the valuable information your organization makes available through various media, such as your website, mobile app or weekly event blasts.

More Hospitality Tips

For more ways to bring hospitality to your downtown, download our free guide, 10 Ways to Make Your Downtown Improvement District Friendlier.