Ambassadors Clean After Winter Storm Jonas to Keep Georgetown at it’s Best

We want to give a shoutout to all the hardworking ambassadors at Georgetown BID in Washington D.C. to keep their district clean and safe after an intense visit from Winter Storm Jonas.

Georgetown Ambassadors Clean After Winter Storm

Georgetown recapped the clean-up efforts by sharing, “A big thank you to the Georgetown BID’s 10-person Clean Team, our “men in blue”, who stayed in Georgetown from Friday night – Tuesday night to try and clean up the commercial district after Winter Storm Jonas.”

“The Team cleared handicap ramps, crosswalks, bus stops, pedestrian bridges, and fire hydrants. They also loaned out shovels and provided salt and sand to BID member businesses to assist in their sidewalk clean-up efforts. The BID’s goal is for Georgetown’s commercial district to be clean, safe and beautiful year-round, and it’s accomplished in large part due to the tremendous efforts of our Clean Team!”

We are honored to receive these kind words from one of our downtown partners, and want to thank each of our Georgetown ambassadors once again for their successful clean after winter storm Jonas!