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Downtown Cleaning Programs

A great first impression starts with the appearance of your district. Picking up litter and removing graffiti just scratches the surface of how we create an impressively clean downtown.

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Clean Team Services

A clean downtown communicates volumes about your district's sense of pride, and can even affect the level of security and behaviors in the district. We perform the following cleaning services:

  • Litter removal - Picking up debris, loose trash, cigarette butts, sediment and loose rock from sidewalks, alleys and street gutters.
  • Weed removal - Removing weeds from sidewalk cracks and building lines.
  • Graffiti removal - Cleaning graffiti immediately upon identification using the least invasive methods possible.
  • Power washing - All sidewalks are washed on a schedule to maintain consistent levels of cleanliness, and spot washing is done to immediately address unsightly spills and stains.
  • Snow removal - Clearing paths in areas that fall outside of the city's and property owners' responsibility.
  • Special projects - Bring the "WOW" factor to your district with special projects.

Delivering the "WOW" Factor

There are many tasks that are overlooked or not addressed by the city due to limited resources. But it's these high-impact projects that provide long-term change to the district and create visual works that your BID can widely promote to stakeholders. Special project opportunities include:

  • Painting street fixtures, including utility boxes, benches, light poles, fire hydrants and more
  • Thoroughly cleaning tree wells
  • Power washing and repairing waste cans
  • Thoroughly cleaning and scrubbing street fixtures
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Free Tip Sheet: Graffiti

Graffiti Tip Sheet

The presence of graffiti in your district can have a huge impact on the level of security, behavior issues and investor interest in your downtown. But addressing this issue is often easier said than done.

Our free tip sheet on graffiti can help. It contains helpful strategies and best practices you can implement to prevent and reduce graffiti. You'll learn:

  • Why it's important to address graffiti
  • What graffiti is not
  • The most likely times and locations for graffiti
  • How quickly graffiti should be removed
  • Tricks to make access to surfaces more difficult
  • How to prevent acid damage

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Graffiti Tip Sheet

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