Now more than ever, data is an essential part of justifying BID value and building support for new initiatives.

For this reason we've developed the SMART System (Statistical Management & Ambassador Reporting Technology). The system is a component of each of our programs.

The below are just a few of the practical applications of the system:

  • SEARCH - Using the search function, the Ambassador can not only provide a restaurant recommendation for a pedestrian, but also can further refine the options by type of restaurant and price point.
  • CHARTS & ANALYSIS - Analyze the dates and times of pedestrian engagements in order to schedule Ambassadors as wisely as possible.
  • REFERRAL ANALYTICS - Provide the number of directions and recommendations provided to not only the property owner, but the business as well. This allows for the justification of program value specific to each stakeholder.
  • AMBASSADOR PERFORMANCE TRACKING - Measure the performance of Ambassadors by looking at the Ambassadors' level of activities in the field compared to other Ambassadors working in the same zones during similar times.
  • EFFICIENT DIGITAL ACTIVITY REPORTING - Reduce the time Ambassadors spend off the streets doing paperwork, as Daily Activity Reports are produced by the SMART System based on the activities that have been entered into the system.
  • ENGAGEMENT HISTORIES - Provide police and public defenders with a summary of all engagements with a panhandler in order to communicate the impact the person has on the downtown environment. Too often violators of quality of life crimes go unpunished as these individuals are dealt with on a single infraction basis.
  • TOURIST DATA - Collect data of locations from where visitors come to our cities.
  • WORK ORDERS - Electronically forward work orders with pictures to city agencies for resolution. We can also analyze reports based on open work orders by outside agencies for resolution, their days aged, and details of our efforts to resolve.
  • INSTANT WALKING DIRECTIONS - Provide pedestrians with printed walking directions to any place in the district from a handheld device.
  • MASS COMMUNICATION - Email all businesses and property owners on a block face to provide valuable information. Such information might include a street closure or info to advise them of power washing services performed by our team on their block.