There are a lot of issues that can negatively affect how people think about your district. An effective safety program not only reports the unnecessary behaviors, but incorporates strategies to address every counterproductive issue. Some of the key ingredients in creating a dynamic safety/security program include:


Safety programs are most effective when they move beyond reporting to police, and become a valuable resource to the police. Our programs can better leverage the limited time of the officers in your district by directing them to not only specific situations, but alert them to trends. Additionally, the safety program should be a connector that can integrate the efforts of not only law enforcement, but the many security professionals in your district.

With a Smile

The days of security driven Ambassadors are over. Smiles have replaced mirrored sunglasses, and proactive engagement of public concerns has replaced standing around waiting for something to happen. We can show you how an attitude of 'courteous yet firm' can help your district create new standards and change behaviors.


It's nearly impossible to conceive and train for every possible scenario faced by a Safety Ambassador – but no one has come closer than we have. Hundreds of thousands of hours of on-street experience and real life situations have been woven into the training that prepares Block by Block Ambassadors for their role in serving your district.

These are just a few of the elements that create a fantastic Block by Block program. Tell us about your district and put us to the test!