Downtown Services

Cleaning, Safety, and Friendliness. The building blocks of long-term success in your district. Providing these services to improvement districts goes far beyond just sweeping litter and reporting when something happens to the police.

Now more than ever these services require a spectrum of expertise:

The largest drivers of negative perceptions are frequent low level quality of life crimes. Our Ambassadors are a significant part of a proactive safety and security strategy to challenge unwanted activities.

The appearance of your district doesn't end with litter and graffiti removal. Addressing other unsightly issues such as weeds, cigarette butts, spots, spills, and unsightly public fixtures is critical to making your district competitive.

Ambassadors spend less than ten percent of their time dealing with safety or security related tasks. For this reason we focus our Ambassadors on continual public engagement.

Homeless and quality of life issues are a relevant concern in every district. Through a Best Practices approach, our Ambassadors have learned to be a vital component of the solutions which can be as complex as the issues themselves.

Attention to the spaces between the people of your district can make all the difference. Landscaping doesn't just change the way a district looks, but also how people treat and react to your district, and each other.

Data is an essential part of justifying BID value and building support for new initiatives. For this reason we've developed the S.M.A.R.T. System and integrated it into each of our programs.

One cornerstone of every Block by Block program is the culture of ownership we work to create in each program. This gives our districts not just a safety staff and a separate cleaning crew, but a single team, with one mission – to do whatever it takes to positively shape the downtown experience through a sense of safety and appearance.

We learned early on that each city we serve is unique and we invite you to explore the concepts and strategies we employ to create a customized strategy for each district we serve.