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University of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio |

University of Cincinnati Ambassadors

22 Blocks - 6 Ambassadors - Serving since 2014

Services Provided

Providing a visible presence in the south and east areas of the campus, Block by Block’s Safety Ambassadors benefit those who live, work or attend school the University of Cincinnati. These Ambassadors are trained to deal with a variety of urban issues specific to the district and work closely with the Cincinnati Police, as well University of Cincinnati Police departments. Patrolling on foot, bike and Segway, these Ambassadors offer a helping hand to the public, deter unwanted activity, report suspicious behavior and deal with quality of life issues.

Heard on the Street in Cincinnati

Media Coverage of the University of Cincinnati Ambassador Program

Block by Block Safety Ambassadors work to reduce UC crime

It's already been a busy school year for the University of Cincinnati Police Department. Reports show 18 violent crimes have happened since classes started last month. While most are robberies and off-campus, only four have been solved. Despite this, university officials said crime is at a five-year low and their new push for student safety is working.

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