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Oakland BID (Pittsburgh)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania |

Oakland BID (Pittsburgh) Ambassadors

20 Blocks - 5 Ambassadors - Serving since 2013

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Discover Oakland, Pittsburgh’s most ethnically diverse and lively neighborhood. Prestigious universities and museums, world class hospitals, grand architecture, quaint coffee shops, international cuisine and specialty shops create the hustle and bustle found in Oakland. If you are planning a picnic in the park, an evening of gripping drama or if you are searching for that Picasso masterpiece, Oakland has it all!

Photos and Videos of the Oakland BID (Pittsburgh) Ambassador Program

Media Coverage of the Oakland BID (Pittsburgh) Ambassador Program

New Operations Manager Bill Stapleton Joins Oakland

Block by Block hired a new Operations Manager for the Oakland business district's cleaning and maintenance teams, Bill Stapleton. Bill has already immersed himself in the job with the eagerness to learn and the drive to make Oakland a cleaner, safer place.

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