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Uptown Downtown Oakland

Oakland, California |

Uptown Downtown Oakland Ambassadors

60 Blocks - 25 Ambassadors - Serving since 2009

Services Provided

Security Ambassadors are under the direction of a single Operations Manager and management structure. Security Ambassadors are responsible for patrolling on foot and bike to serve as additional ‘eyes and ears’ of the Oakland Police Department, while serving as a visible deterrent. Ambassadors will report all activity that is deemed to be out of the ordinary and engage low level quality of life crimes in order to seek compliance through verbal request. All Ambassadors will provide a high level of engagement with workers, residents and visitors to improve perceptions of safety in both districts.

CA Security Licensing Number: PPO12629

Heard on the Street in Oakland

Media Coverage of the Uptown Downtown Oakland Ambassador Program

Block by Block tapped to lead new safety ambassador program in Oakland

On January 1st, two newly formed Community Benefits Districts in and adjoining Downtown Oakland, CA were created to address the conditions and environment of Oakland's Central Business District.

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