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Downtown Dayton Partnership

Dayton, Ohio |

Downtown Dayton Partnership Ambassadors

88 Blocks - 15 Ambassadors - Serving since 2005

Services Provided

Provide Environmental Maintenance (Cleaning) and Supplemental Safety (Safety) to the downtown area.  Assist the Dayton Police Department by “observing and reporting” criminal activity.  Provide specialized outdoor cleaning services (manual and mechanical) to include litter patrols, graffiti and handbill removal, weed abatement, pressure washing, detailed cleaning of street furniture and minor landscaping.

Heard on the Street in Dayton

Media Coverage of the Downtown Dayton Partnership Ambassador Program

Dayton ambassador spotted in the local paper

A Dayton Ambassador was spotted in the local newspaper: "Downtown Ambassador Arthur Johnson crosses West Third Street at Ludlow during a rain shower Thursday. The Downtown Ambassadors, part of the Downtown Dayton Partnership, pick up litter, power-wash sidewalks, remove graffiti and offer assistance to downtown workers, visitors, and residents."

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