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Diamond City Partnership (Wilkes-Barre)

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania |

Diamond City Partnership (Wilkes-Barre) Ambassadors

21 Blocks - 3 Ambassadors - Serving since 2013

Services Provided

The Diamond City Partnership (DCP) is Wilkes-Barre’s public-private alliance for downtown revitalization, serving as the custodian of our community’s vision for Downtown Wilkes-Barre. DCP was founded in 2001, when almost 1,000 citizens met in a series of public visioning sessions to craft strategies for a better Downtown. Today, those strategies are being implemented by DCP, a not-for-profit downtown management organization whose workplan is intended to improve the economic vitality and livability of Downtown Wilkes-Barre.

Photos and Videos of the Diamond City Partnership (Wilkes-Barre) Ambassador Program

Diamond City after power wash
  • Diamond City after power wash
  • Wall before and after graffiti removal