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Camden Special Services District

Camden, New Jersey

Camden Special Services District Ambassadors

87 Blocks - 19 Ambassadors - Serving since 2012

Services Provided

Downtown Camden City is amid a momentous transformation, and the CSSD works tirelessly to present the city's best face to its business community, residents, students, and visitors. The nonprofit began providing Clean and Safe services in downtown Camden more than a decade ago and since then the program has grown into a far-reaching improvement mechanism that enhances the downtown, waterfront, a variety of parks and neighborhoods, commercial and gateway corridors, and beyond.

Whether tasked with removing trash and debris, cleaning away graffiti and handbills, or providing landscape maintenance, the CSSD keeps the city bright, tidy, and attractive. Noted and nicknamed for their yellow jackets, its friendly Ambassadors, all Camden residents, are a wealth of information about the city and are the front-line hospitality resource for all kinds of public assistance and guidance.


-Trash and Debris Removal
-Graffiti, Handbill, Signage and Gum Removal
-Power Washing
-Leaf Removal and Snow Removal (limited)
-Landscape Maintenance
-Event Support

Photos and Videos of the Camden Special Services District Ambassador Program

  • Camden Special Services District photos
  • A utility pole in Camden before and after being cleaned
  • A sidewalk in Camden before and after being cleaned
  • A street curb in Camden before and after weed removal
  • A median in Camden before and after weed removal
  • Ambassadors cleaning around an event