Downtown Toledo Improvement District, Inc.

Provide Environmental Maintenance, Supplemental Safety and Hospitality services.  Duties include litter control, weed abatement, graffiti and handbill removal, safety visibility patrols, personal safety escorts, crime prevention, intervention with "Quality of Life" crimes, and general hospitality services.


Downtown Toledo Power Washer

Heard On The Street

Toledo, OH: "I am writing to commend and compliment one of your employees, Kevin D., who went above and beyond the call of duty in cleaning the sidewalk in front of our business. He not only picked up all the debris and swept the sidewalk, he also raked the grass and made sure all the debris and even ground into the dirt cigarette butts were removed.

When I saw him doing that, I went out to introduce myself and thank him. He is very friendly, pleasant and always smiling. It is so nice to have people like Kevin who not only work hard, but do so with a pleasant attitude as he believes and finds pride in what he is doing. I consider him an asset to our downtown and city and wanted to make sure that you have an employee in your organization who should be valued and rewarded for the goodwill he puts forth. Thank you!"

Amjad D.
Downtown Toledo employee 

Toledo, OH: "We were in town for part of the Fleet Week celebrations inToledo. We are from out of town, and are part of a nationwide youth development program.

We had a flat in one of our vehicles  reported to us, and were about 1.5 miles away, not to mention not having good local contacts to get it fixed. Your manager in Toledo overheard that we had a bit of a problem, and dispatched someone to pump it up and help seal it with fix-a-flat, etc.

Before I could hardly thank him, it was done and we could continue our mission for the weekend ... what a great person, a great company, and in a great city.

I can only send this in, hoping that he and his staff understand how truly helpful they were, and what a great representative they are for the city ofToledo!

Thanks to Block by Block, Keith, and Toledo for helping to make sure that  our visit to Toledo was pleasent, in the face of what we all know could turn into a nasty item to fix."

Jim L.
Downtown Toledo visitor

Toledo, OH: "I want to take this opportunity to personally thank Pam J. and Kevin D. for coming to my rescue. These two spotted me with a flat tire and went to search for me. I had driven to the closest gas station only to find the air pump out-of-order. It was bitter cold on a Friday evening. Not only did they come to find me, they changed my tire and all with such a great attitude. Then they went on to assist the next vehicle that had run out of gas.

I am so thankful to them as I live 45 minutes from downtown and it would have been a long wait for a family member to get to me. I can't say enough about these ambassadors as this was my second involvement with the team - the first when I fell and injured myself. I will spread the word to my co-workers about the wonderful job these people do. In my book, they should be commended."

Flo H.

Downtown Toledo employee