Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District

The Ambassadors of the Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District can be found on the streets performing a wide variety of services to improve the friendliness, safety and cleanliness of the downtown district. A team of approximately 70 Ambassadors will be deployed on the streets based on time of day and season to best utilize personnel and equipment resources.


 Before - Weed Removal (1st day!) After - Weed Removal (1st Day!) Before - Graffiti (First Day!) In Action - Graffiti Removal (1st Day!) After - Graffiti Removal (1st Day) Before - Trash Can Cleaning (First Day!) In Action - Trash Can Cleaning (First Day!) After - Trash Can Cleaning (First Day!) Before - News Rack Cleaning (First Day!) In Action - Newsrack Cleaning (First Day!) After - Newsrack Cleaning (First Day!) Before - Graffiti Removal (First Day!) In Action - Graffiti Removal (First Day!) After - Graffiti Removal (First Day!) The first day of services was somewhat dreary, but Ambassadors were ready to greet the public with smiles and umbrellas In Action Giving Directions! Before - Graffiti Removal (First Day!) In Action - Graffiti Removal (First Day!) After - Graffiti Removal - (First Day!) Mayor R.T. Rybak speaks with an Ambassador and Sarah Harris, Chief Operating Officer of the Minnapolis Downtown Improvement District Mayor R.T. Rybak addresses the attendees to the press event for the introduction of the Downtown Minneapolis Ambassador Program Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District's Chief Operating Officer, Sarah Harris, speaks to attendees of the press event Block by Block's Regional Director of the Midwest Region, Jeff Heinrich, outlines some of the accomplishements of the Ambassador team in its first three weeks of operations. Members of the Ambassador team, who perform cleaning functions, particiapte in the press event formally introducing the team Members of the MDID Ambassador team, who perform hospitality and safety functions, participate in the press event to formally introduce the team

Heard On The Street

Minneapolis, MN: “I just wanted to say how friendly and helpful all the DID workers are.  I truly feel safer when going to my Hennepin bus stop knowing they are around, especially in the dark winter months.”

Kari S.
Downtown Minneapolis employee


Minneapolis, MN: “I travel to other cities for business, and every time I come back home to Minneapolis I realize how fortunate we are to have the DID.  They are truly amazing and are an undervalued asset!  I want to thank the DID for everything that they do.  It's the small things they do like saying hello and giving directions that make all the difference in the world.  Keep it up!  I am so proud to call Minneapolis home!”

Downtown resident & employee

Minneapolis, MN: “I wanted to say thank you to your team for being such friendly, welcoming people. Because of your presence downtown, we should all take pride in being a Minneapolis resident! Numerous times I have seen your team members helping those who appear to be visitors and their helpful attitude is contagious. Also, as a traveler myself, there's nothing more comforting than seeing an "expert" rushing up to help you navigate the area. In the winter, I am amazed at the positive attitudes and smiling faces as your team is out an about in the cold, helping beautify the streets and sprinkle ice melt to help people get to work safely. “

Mary P.
Minneapolis resident

Minneapolis, MN: "Today I met one of the nice  Ambassadors from the improvement district. You guys do so much for the 120 or so blocks you cover. No other city has this kind of overview. To see these people on the streets makes one feel safer than we used to. Thanks for all your warm kindness in a cold town!"

Orvin T.
Minneapolis, MN 


Minneapolis, MN: "I was greeted by an enthusiastic representative of your organization  on Nicollet and 5th on Saturday, and I wanted to tell you what a good idea the program you have developed is and what a good example he set. Such reaching out to pedestrians and shoppers makes the city seem friendlier and safer. Bravo!"

Penny G.
Minneapolis, MN

Hear more from the street...

Minneapolis, MN: "I'm a bike courier working downtown 5 days a week and, today,  I somehow managed to faceplant while crossing the 3rd avenue bridge.  I biked around looking for a place to clean up when someone in a neon jacket called out to get my attention.  This guy then proceeded to bust out a full first aid kit and place in my hands sterile gauze, antibiotic ointment, bandages, and alcohol wipes--basically everything I needed to get myself back together and back to work.  He helped me out more than I had any right to expect.  You've got some good people working for you.  In fact, I can't remember a single time where someone wearing neon green was anything but friendly and helpful.  Well done."

Downtown Minneapolis employee 


Minneapolis, MN: "I moved to downtown Minneapolis in August of 2011.  I have made it a point to tell some of your people how much I appreciate them but I think you should tell them ALL that their cheerful greetings and big smiles go a long way to make an old lady's walks around town a blessing.  Thank you for all you do!"

Lynne M.
Downtown Minneapolis resident

Minneapolis, MN: "After having my wallet stolen the night before, my day couldn't have gotten worse. To my absolute shock, a Minneapolis DID employee  turned my day around completely the following afternoon - after discovering my ID in a trash can over a mile away from my house, he went out of his way to personally return it to me at my doorstep. After what I'd gone through the night before, I can happily say that his admirable act of kindness restored my faith in humanity. Thank you again!"

Makenzie A.
Downtown Minneapolis resident

Minneapolis, MN: "When I see the Ambassadors, it’s always comforting. Every one of them I see has a smile on their face. They add an air of safety, like somebody’s looking out for you, like they are someone you could ask for anything. This is a brilliant idea for downtown workers. Seeing theAmbassadors is reassuring. Thank you!”

Lynn W.
Downtown Minneapolis employee 

Minneapolis, MN: "My friend and I were lost downtown with our children, when an ambassador came up to us and asked if we needed help. He was the kindest man ever! We told him we were looking for a pizza joint, and he finally found us a great place. He was awesome and VERY helpful! So glad he ran into us. We felt very secure and didn't have to worry since he was guiding us! Thanks so much!"

Rebecca L.
Minneapolis, MN visitor

Minneapolis, MN: "I was attending my son's all-state orchestra performance at Orchestra Hall and had some time to wander around.  One of your ambassadors asked me if I needed help finding anything and if I was enjoying the downtown.  He was a delightful and enjoyable ambassador who seemed to take his job very seriously.  He picked up trash, photographed areas that needed cleaning, spoke to pan-handlers with respect, assisted visitors who were lost, and in general was a huge asset to the area.  My visit was definitely better because of people like him.  Thank you!!"

Mike D.
Minneapolis, MN visitor 

Minneapolis, MN: "DID employees, I appreciate all the work you do.  You help with the planting of the flowers in spring and the holiday lights in winter.  You should be SO proud of how GREAT you make Nicollet Mall look.  You pick up those cigarette butts that idiots flicked on the street and you do it with pride and a smile.  You’re so informative for people who are lost.  When a situation arises, you contact the proper people to take care of it.  Whoever started the DID should get a pat on the back.  I’m so proud & am in “awe” for all you do!  Thank you so very much!"

Carol S.
Downtown Minneapolis resident

Minneapolis, MN: "I just wanted to send a message of appreciation.  I walk Nicolette Mall everyday during my lunch hour.  Every day I see numerous DID personnel; and they are always so friendly, helpful and dedicated.  It's one of those jobs that doesn't get enough credit for what they do in the Downtown area.  So...thank you!"

Brian W.
Downtown Minneapolis employee 

Minneapolis, MN: "I was walking down 3rd ST near the Metrodome and saw the awesomely clean sidewalks and the hard work that the Ambassadors were doing to clean those walks.  This city is so much cleaner since you all made your presence known inMinneapolis.  Thank you for all that you are doing!"


Paul W.
Minneapolis, MN 



Minneapolis, MN: "I just wanted to commend one of your employees. My husband and I came to Minneapolis to attend the Joyce Meyer conference.  Having never been to downtown Minneapolis, my husband and I were not familiar with the area.  After parking, we started walking unaware of which direction to go to get to the Target Center.  We happened upon your worker, a VERY nice young man with a fabulous smile and we asked him where the Target Center was.  He smiled and said we were going in the wrong direction; we all got a good laugh out of that!

He was giving us directions and then he smiled and said, "You know what, I'm actually going in that direction, how about if I take you there?" We were so happy, and not to mention relieved that this kind young man would take time to show us the way!  We ended up walking together for about 6-8 blocks and along the way, he pointed out good eating places and other attractions!  We were sooo very thankful for his assistance, we would have probably never found the Target Center, and would of been late for the conference for sure!

You have a very beautiful downtown area - clean and safe, two things that are very important to us! We will DEFINIELTY be paying your city another visit and for sure, will be spending our time and money downtown!! I sure hope we run into your Ambassadors again, they are a true asset to your organization and your city!!"

Marcia D.
Morgan, MN 

Minneapolis, MN: "I want to thank all the workers who try to keep our streets clean and neat.  They have made a significant difference.  Visiting/shopping downtown is made more enjoyable when the streets are clean.  I have often shared my appreciation with workers when I see them at work, but I want all the workers to know that their efforts are significant to the quality of life in our city.  Please share my appreciation with them."

Boyd P.
Downtown Minneapolis resident 

Minneapolis, MN: "I just wanted to write a brief message to let you know that the DID program is a great thing for Minneapolis.


As someone who lives in Loring Park and works downtown I frequently see your staff on the street and they  have consistently said Hello as I walk by them which is great, I see them cleaning up trash, assisting people and just this morning I was able to advise them of a man on Nicollet Avenue who was causing a disturbance and they quickly called it in to get the police notified.  It's very  noticeable that they engage the pedestrians when they can with a simple greeting or other conversation.


They really do make me feel that downtown is a little safer, cleaner and more enjoyable due to their work!"


 Michael M.
Downtown Minneapolis employee 

Minneapolis, MN: "I had a great experience with a DID Ambassador last week. I was walking downtown looking for a restaurant and [Ambassador] David B. came up to my friend and me and asked if we needed help. We wanted to go to a restaurant that a friend had recommended, but didn't have the address. David not only told us where the restaurant was, but escorted us all the way there. All the way from Nicollet Mall to 112 Eatery. He was pleasant, picked up trash along the way and even opened the door to the restaurant for us. I have since told eveyone that I know about this wonderful experience. What a great program you have!"

Nancy S.


Minneapolis, MN: "I was outside today for a walk and encountered three of your Ambassadors that were the most pleasant people I have seen working in this program.  They were very friendly, helpful and working hard at making sure out streets are clean.

KUDOS TO THEM FOR AN OUTSTANDING JOB! Thanks for making our city clean."

Mary S.
Downtown Minneapolis employee


Minneapolis, MN: "[Ambassador] Efrem T. walked be back to the Marriott City Center on Wednesday.  He was very friendly and easy to talk to.  He also explained parts of the city to me and gave me pointers to navigate my through the city.  Thank you for hiring and employing such helpful and nice people, it made my stay so much nicer!"

Evie C.
Downtown Minneapolis visitor 

Minneapolis, MN: "Thank you so much for eagerly assisting us and removing the 22 bags of weeds that we pulled over the weekend.  Last Sunday, neighbors in the Mill District (now known as the "weed team") braved 93 degree temperature and pulled weeds for hours from the Dog Relief Area across from the Mill City Museum.

You are a fantastic organization and group of individuals who are a huge asset to this city.  I just love what you do for this city.  It makes me feel safe seeing your friendly, helpful ambassadors around the town. We really appreciate your assistance!!"


Dana K.
Downtown Minneapolis  resident

Minneapolis, MN: "I’d just like to say how much my husband and I appreciate the people in neon green! We discussed just the other day how they’re always (no matter how extreme the weather) so friendly and visible.  I think their existence provides a comforting feeling. 

This morning a most pleasant Ambassador named Johnny J. greeted me on Nicollet on my way to work and it turned my mood 180 degrees after a bus ride had me mulling over the rudeness of a passenger.

Whoever came up with the idea for the organization is to be congratulated.  And a giant THANK YOU to all involved!"

Barbara N.
Downtown Minneapolis employee

Minneapolis, MN: "We were at an outing in downtown Minneapolis when we needed directions and other pertinent info. We were fortunate to have [Ambassador] Charles D. assist. Hats off to the City of Minneapolis for this program. We felt safe having the ambassadors present. Please keep up this wonderful service."

Downtown Minneapolis visitor


Minneapolis, MN: "I was standing outside the Marriott on 7th on Saturday morning with the staff person who was running a 500-person conference, and we were approached by [Ambassador] Charles. He was very friendly and talked about the DID program. The out-of-town staff person seemed impressed by the whole thing.

I am regularly in downtown Minneapolis, usually on the bus or my bike, and I see all the time what a huge, positive difference the DID people are making. It is a pleasure to say that I have come to expect the clean surroundings as well as the friendly and pleasant DID staff who are on the streets. It is easy to see how hard they work, and I very much appreciate the results of their efforts.

Charles was a great ambassador for the program, which is itself a wonderful thing. Thanks for making downtown such a pleasant place to be, and for helping lots of different people (workers, visitors, sports fans, and the late-night crowd) happily co-exist in the same space!"

Kristin A.
Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis, MN: "I had the pleasure of meeting [Ambassador] Jerry last night who walked me from 6th and Nicollette to my hotel. Not only did I feel safer with him escorting me, I also had a chance to learn more about Minneapolis, the people, and this program. I would love to see this program in more cities! Thank you!"

Susan M.
Downtown Minneapolis visitor


Minneapolis, MN: "I am visiting Minneapolis to see the new baseball stadium and wanted to let you know I feel your city is the cleanest city I have ever been to. I have been to every ballpark in the U.S. and many more cities. Minneapolis is the standard all big cities should live up to!"

White Plains, NY

Minneapolis, MN: "What a great organization!  I love how they made our visit to downtown a fun one.  My friend and I were shopping and trying to figure out where to eat.  [Ambassador] Charles came up and asked us what we were looking for.  We were so impressed at how nice everyone is in Minneapolis.  We said we were looking for a place to eat dinner and he gave us some recommendations and took us to The Key's at the Foshay building.  We LOVED it!  Awesome food and desserts that we were looking for!!!


He was so friendly and gave us other great recommendations to see in the city.  We did not know about the Falls off of the 46th Street stop; so on our way back from shopping that day, we stopped to see the beautiful Falls!  We wouldn't have stopped there if he hadn't' told us about it.  What a beautiful place!  

I wish more major cities in America would have an ambassador group like yours to encourage people to enjoy the cities."

Downtown Minneapolis visitor 


Minneapolis, MN: "All the DID Ambassadors we encountered in the Nicollet Mmall area were fantastic - helpful, smiling and friendly. In particular, James A. was a bright spot during our vacation. He was the nicest man! He gave us advice about where to eat and where to view the Fourth fireworks; and every time we ran into him on the street, he took the time to stop and chat with us. We tried to find him on our last day and say goodbye but we couldn't! So, goodbye, James, you made our trip great!"

Lareesa and Dirk S.
Downtown Minneapolis visitor

Minneapolis, MN: "I wanted to let you know what a great ambassador you have in one of your employees. My wife and I were in downtown Minneapolis on the afternoon of the fourth of July; and, let me tell you, it was a HOT 100 degrees when [Ambassador] Carlos came over to us with this huge smile on his face and said, "Welcome to downtown Minneapolis! What are you up to today?"

My wife Carol told Carlos that we were headed down to Saffron for an early dinner. We were standing on the corner of 6th and 1st when Carlos said he didn't think they were open, so he made the suggestion that Carol and I wait in the shade and he would run down find out. So off he went, and a few minutes later back he came to inform us that they were closed. Carlos then asked if we were looking for a nicer place to eat and we said yes. He then got on his radio and checked on a half dozen different restaurants and found out that Manny’s was open, so we went to Manny’s.


I wrote this note because we were just so amazed that Carlos would go that far out of his way to make two strangers' day a little easier, all the while smiling in this 100 degree heat. He made us feel like there was nothing more important than making our lives just a little easier. Thank you!"

Jack & Carol P.
Downtown Minneapolis visitors

Minneapolis, MN: "I visited your city a few weeks ago for a conference.  I was fortunate enough to speak with one of your ambassadors in the city.  Her name was Terra.  She explained to me all about your program, and I think it is absolutely fantastic.  Terra was so polite and a pleasure to speak to and also, by the way, doing a great job.  Keep up the great work -- it would be wonderful if more cities followed your example."

Jane C.
Warwick, RI 


Minneapolis, MN: "I recently had to visit downtown Minneapolis from Arizona because my father ended up in the ER at a local hospital. He was in MN on a business trip from CA. I came to MN to be with him until he was well enough to return home 12 days later. I would only leave HCMC to eat lunch and go to sleep at the Hilton. My brother and I would take the walk every day to and from the hotel and hospital.

The first day we wandered around looking for somewhere close to the hospital to eat lunch. A very nice gentleman by the name of Carlos who was a DID Ambassador noticed we looked lost and asked us if he could help. He not only gave us great directions to many good dining places, he also gave us his card and told us where to go on your website to find useful information about your city!

Thank you Carlos and the DID for making an unexpected emergency visit to Minneapolis a much nicer experience. Keep up the friendly service and good work."

Danielle M.
Downtown Minneapolis visitor

Minneapolis, MN: "Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  I almost did a cartwheel down Nicollet Mall yesterday when I saw that the only people in Peavey Plaza were the wonderful DID ambassadors and no one else.  That had to be one of the most digusting cleanup jobs EVER.  The DID has made such a positive impact on this city - I can't imagine being here without them.  Thank you for keeping my city and my neighboorhood clean!"

Amanda T.
Downtown Minneapolis resident & employee

Minneapolis, MN: "I just wanted to pass on a thank you to all of the Ambassadors who are always so visable and full of energy around my property. I just witnessed an Ambassador removing weeds from the sidewalk cracks adjacent to the YWCA. Outstanding!!! Being the new building engineer for this property, I just think y'all are awesome!!!!!"

Michael E.
Downtown Minneapolis Property Owner 


Minneapolis, MN: "I just want to express my gratitude to the DID Ambassadors of Minneapolis. I travel from another city to Minneapolis every work day. Whenever I walk through downtown Minneapolis, I see these people and teams of people working to keep the city clean and beautiful. I’m sure that quit often they feel their job is thankless. I notice that people going to work, such as myself, typically stream by and are buried in their own thoughts or conversations. This morning as I walked through a team of workers I wanted to be sure to let them know that I appreciate the job they do. The response I got was surprising.

I said to the first worker, “Good job. Thank you for what you do.” His response was a big smile and he thanked me. Another worker nearby looked at me, smiled big and greeted me with a “good morning,” as well as yet another worker who did the same and told me to have a good day. Finally as I was getting to the end of the group, a fourth worker (Johnny J) greeted me and thanked ME! He gave me his card and asked if I would like to pass my message along. I said I would be absolutely happy to. This message to let you know how much the DID Ambassadors are appreciated and how pleasant the workers are.

The area of my experience today (and every work day) is in the Warehouse District at 6:40am. Needless to say, the Warehouse District has a LOT of litter before the Ambassadors clean it up. However, after they work their way through, the area is always clean and looks great. I cannot imagine how this area would survive without the diligence of the Ambassadors. I believe it would affect overall business and a lot of people would not want to visit the area.

Litter has always been a pet peeve of mine. I’ve volunteered for highway clean-up projects numerous times and remember once I decided I was going to try to pick up the cigarette butts along the roadway. Sadly, it was an impossible job. Cigarette butts are the #1 litter problem in America. On a daily basis, however, I witness your Ambassadors sweeping up every cigarette butt in their path (and often it takes several sweeping actions to get that little butt into the container).

A huge thank you to all of your Ambassadors. Please pass along the gratitude I have for the public service your workers provide. Just because many people don’t say it, it is noticed and is appreciated."

Patricia A.
St Cloud, MN

Minneapolis, MN: "I often want to stop and thank the members of the DID for the work they do.  I see your crews when I drive in to work in the morning, when I'm out for lunch, and when I'm driving out at the end of the day; and I'm always pleased to see the work that's being done to make downtown a clean, safe, welcoming environment.


Today I actually did thank one of your ambassadors, Patrick M.  We chatted about my positive impression of your work, and he educated me on some of the work you do that I was unaware of - for example, helping the homeless find social services.  My gratitude for the work you do grew even more.

Please pass on my thanks to all of your ambassadors and let them know that the work they do is noticed and greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!"

Jim V.
Downtown Minneapolis employee 

Minneapolis, MN: "I just love your Ambassadors. They are always so friendly and helpful. It is so nice to see them and smile at them and say hi. I enjoyed meeting Priscilla today at your display in front of IDS. She was a good example of all that is good about the Ambassadors. I love that they keep downtown cleaner and safer too. Thank you!"

Dawn J.
Downtown Minneapolis employee

Minneapolis, MN: "I wanted to write this message to say how very impressed our group was when we recently visited Minneapolis on a vacation this past weekend! I was very amazed how very clean your city is, with not a speck of LITTER anywhere in site! Truly very very impressed, and what you have accomplished is really a testament that this can be done anywhere!

I must say that there are many many cities in my own country of Canada that can take lessons from your program! We stopped to really find out how you are able to accomplish this and spoke with a young ambassador by the name of David W. He was the most pleasant and informative man, who you can tell really cares about his job and was happy that out-of-towners noticed the clean environment! Koodos goes out to all of you who have a part in this wonderful venture!!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!"

Vicki T.
Windsor, On., Ca. 

Minneapolis, MN: "I just spent a week in the DoubleTree Hotel on LaSalle and 11th St while my husband was attending a convention.  I was favorably impressed with your clean, pretty downtown. 


I found your Ambassadors and cleaners to be helpful and friendly.  Nicollette Mall was vibrant, and the free bus rides were wonderful. Thank you!"

Carol C.
Downtown Minneapolis visitor 


Minneapolis, MN: "I wanted to thank [Ambassador] Kris for her help in getting to Century Plaza today.  She knew Downtown like the back of her hand and made my day"!"

Downtown Minneapolis visitor

Minneapolis, MN: "I have been remiss in not writing sooner.  I just want to thank the DID Ambassadors for all the hard work and friendly spirit displayed on a daily basis.  I have worked in Downtown for almost 30 years and the DID initiative has made such a positive impact on our area. 

Walking into our building today, I saw [Ambassador] Johnny J. doing his thing, keeping our street clean but more than that, he does his work with such a great attitude and friendly manner.  It helps to make my day a little better and starts things off on such a positive note.

Thank you to Johnny J and all the DID Ambassadors...your work and presence makes a difference!"

Greg H.
Downtown Minneapolis busines/property owner


Minneapolis, MN: "A nice fellow (DID Ambassador) by the name of Michael S.  asked me if I needed help on the way back into my office in the WCCO Radio Bldg. after lunch.  Cheery person on such a hot day. 

I have noticed others of your A Team working around the downtown area and always pleasant when I greet them.  Must really be helpful to the out of town folks that visit our fine city.  I, myself, try to help people if they look lost or are following a map trying to get some place.    I think the members of MDID should get a “Thank You” and “That a Way to Go”  from us regular downtown types. I have been working downtown for 45 some years. I like this program you have put in place. Keep up the good work."


Richard D.
Downtown Minneapolis employee

Minneapolis, MN: "Everyone I met was so friendly and polite, especially your bur drivers and city workers. Met [Ambassador] Ashland, on Wednesday, a very lovely young lady who was doing a great job keeping your city safe and clean. She was so polite and helpful.

I was in town attending the NALC Convention and had a wonderful experience in your city. I am facinated by your transportation system, especially on Nicolette Mall. I enjoyed getting on and off the bus on Thursday while the market was open for free. Never heard of in Atlanta!  Your mayor should contact our mayor and pull his coat tail.

If I were 25 years younger, I would move to Minneapolis and give it a whirl. Thank you for a great week."

L. C.
Atlanta, GA 



Minneapolis, MN: "I want to tell you how much I appreciate your services.  You have an excellent Ambassador named James.  I really appreciated James this past Monday when I lost my glasses somewhere on the street. Even though we did not find them, he went above and beyond to help me.  He even walked me right to the door of Vision Works to get myself another pair.


I also want to mention [Ambassador] David -- he found a pair of glasses and thought that they might have been mine, so he came over to the Hilton where I was staying to bring them to me.

Excellent service, kind and caring thank you very, very much!"

Cindy T.
Downtown Minneapolis visitor


Minneapolis, MN: "I had the pleasure this morning of chatting with one of your Amabassadors (Johnny J). He engaged me with pleasant conversation, he was very polite, neatly dressed and he was certainly fulfilling his title as an Ambassador. My compliment to him was a thank you for keeping our downtown environment neat and clean. Their presence also lends to a more secure feeling downtown.

I’m a longtime downtown employee, and I notice the difference your people have made on our streets. Thanks to all of your Ambassadors!"

Mike K.
Downtown Minneapolis employee

Minneapolis, MN: "I am a Security Officer working at the Minneapolis Central Library.  I would like to bring to your attention an incident that one of your Ambassadors, Efrom T., was involved in here at the library.  Efrem detected an individual in our restroom stall using a needle to inject himself with drugs.  Efrem than went out of his way to locate Security through our janitorial staff.  We were able to arrest the suspect who was semi-conscious in the stall.  Police and an ambulance were called, and the suspect was transported to HCMC.  I would like to thank the DID and Efrem.  Efrem did a great job alerting us as this situation potentially could have had a negative outcome."

Paul M.
Downtown Minneapolis employee 

Minneapolis, MN: "I was in your lovely city last week for the Letter Carriers Convention.  While walking down the street, I spoke with one of your Ambassodors, Terra, on the corner of Nicollette and 7Th. Terra was extremely friendly and helpful, all the while still being focused on what was going on around her.

While she was giving me information to help navigate downtown, she noticed that the street lights weren't working and immediately called it in.  Not only was she cheerful, polite and helpful she is also great at multi- tasking. Minneapolis, you have a gem in Terra.  She made a good and lasting impression."

Deborah H.
Downtown Minneapolis visitor 

Minneapolis, MN: "I am a faculty member for Walden University. Last week,we were in Minneapolis for our summer commencement.  One of the graduates and I took the bus and light rail route to visit the Mall of America.  Upon our return to downtown via the light rail, we were greeted by [Ambassador] Alfonso H. who asked if he could help us.  We explained that we needed to take a bus back to the Hyatt Hotel.  He informed us of the suitable bus stop to wait for the bus and actually waited with us to make sure that we boarded the correct bus.

We were sincerely grateful that Alfonso was willing to help us last Saturday night. Thank you for offering such a wonderful support program for those visiting Minneapolis!"

Carole P.
Downtown Minneapolis visitor 

Minneapolis, MN: "First time in Minnesota what an experience. On Saturday, we took the Light Rail to Nicollet Mall.  We came upon [Ambassador] Johnny J. What a lovely, friendly guy. He explained the city surroundings to us and what the Ambassadors represent. Johnny J represents you and Minneapolis well. It was a pleasure visiting and we will be back! Thank you for a delightful experience and mini vacation."

Eileen P.
Hamilton, NJ


Minneapolis, MN: "I am a visitor in your wonderful city because my husband is attending the Omega Psi Phi Conference at the Convention Center. I was taking my first daily walk this morning and met one of your Ambassadors, Marvin, in front of the library on Nicolette Mall.


He took his time in explaining what the Ambassadors did, and also gave me a vlauable history lesson of your fine town. I would like to commend Marvin and your fine city for making me feel welcome. Keep up the wonderful job that the Ambassadors are doing!"

Kathleen H.
New Castle, DE 

Minneapolis, MN: "I recently visited Minneapolis and I wanted to express how helpful one of the DID Ambassadors, Carlos, was to myself and my family. Carlos was very friendly and when I asked about a certain restaurant, he not only gave us directions, but was nice enough to check that it was open that day. He also gave us directions to a movie theatre and to another place to eat as well. He had such a positive and happy attitude that made us feel very welcomed.


I am from New York and I think having DID Ambassadors here would be a wonderful addition. I hope all of your future employees are as informative and upbeat as Carlos. I wish your organization all the best."

Michelle C.
Downtown Minneapolis visitor


Minneapolis, MN: "This is to let you know of our great appreciation of your downtown program.  Your ambassadors in the trademark yellow shirts are fabulous.  I just had the privilege of meeting another member, Johnny J., on the street this morning, and once again I was impressed.

Your team members are courteous, helpful, hard-working, and completely knowledgeable about downtown.  They are always cleaning and brightening the sidewalks and streets, and consistently friendly to all who pass by.   I think you are all doing an outstanding job.

Thank you very much for your service, and please tell Johnny J. that he’s doing great work."

Joe T.
Downtown Minneapolis employee

Minneapolis, MN: "I thanked a very helpful DID Ambassador in downtown Minneapolis. I was waiting for a bus and did not need services, but still appreciate the help that this service has provided others.  I live in downtown St. Paul and would love to see something similar there!  I know we're a different type of downtown, but I bet the services provided by a similar program would enrich and enhance downtown St Paul.  I was encouraged to send you these thoughts and suggestions in case it could help encourage a similar program to start in downtown St Paul.  Thank you!"

Melissa W.
St. Paul, MN

Minneapolis, MN: "I just wanted to send a quick message to let you know that I feel ALL of the DID employees are so friendly and nice.  I cannot recall a time when a DID employee hasn't greeted me and said "Hi," "How are you?" or "Have a good day."  They are all so pleasant, and I enjoy walking by them and saying "Hi" back.  Today was the first time I actually took the time though and stopped and told the employee how friendly I think they are and that it's nice.  I think the employee liked hearing that I appreciate their service. Keep up the great work!"


 Julie L.
Downtown Minneapolis employee 

Minneapolis, MN: "I commend DID and the Ambassador whom I saw pulling weeds from the median between the eastbound/westbound Washington AV N in downtown Minneapolis.  The guy was working on the median on Washington AV N between 1st AV North and 2nd AV North.

The cement median looks GREAT! That was hard work under hot conditions.


Thank you for making Minneapolis look wonderful!  The town hasn’t looked as great as it does since DID started doing its beautifying work."

Paul W.
Downtown Minneapolis employee 


Minneapolis, MN: "My girlfriend  and I were downtown on some business and our car's battery died, and we needed a jump start. A passerby told us about the DID Ambassadors. We called them and told them we needed help, and they were with us in minutes. They got our car started, and we were on our way. I never knew Minneapolis had this kind of service! I was so happy Claudia and young Marvin were there to rescue us. Thanks to the both of you for the help. Keep up the good work!"

Garrett G.
Downtown Minneapolis visitor


Minneapolis, MN: "Yesterday I had the pleasure of having [Ambassador] Johnny J. help me out.  A client I was meeting gave me an incorrect address and Johnny did all he could to help me track down the right building.  It’s a great program, and it’s made even greater with people like Johnny.  So, please, thank him again for me.  I really appreciate his time."


Jon B.
Downtown Minneapolis visitor

Minneapolis, MN: "I am a Detective for the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office.  I wanted to call attention to some of your employees for an outstanding job dealing with a traffic accident/hit-and-run at a very busy intersetion this morning.  I wanted to let you know that what your team did this morning was amazing and I was impressed by any standards.

Before any emergency vehicles could respond, they made the intersection safe, cleaned up debri, and safely moved traffic through the intersection.  They maintained a safe intersection, durring heavy traffic, for over an hour until MPD could respond.  Even though I see your employees working all over the downtown area, I'll be the first to admit, I was not aware you guys were capable of dealing with what was thrown at you this morning.  Nice Job!!"

Kennth H.
Downtown Minneapolis employee

Minneapolis, MN: "This is just a note to tell you how much I appreciate the DID Ambassador program in downtown Minneapolis. 

Most of my 37 years in business have been in this downtown environment, and in my opinion, this is one of the best ideas ever to come to fruition.  I’ve observed that Ambassadors are always friendly and helpful to passers-by, and it is a challenge to find litter on the streets and sidewalks.  You can’t say that for most other cities of similar size or larger. Clean, friendly and safe.  It’s a great image to convey to visitors, and I’m hopeful that none of the “locals” ever take it for granted.  Minneapolis is a much better city because of the DID Ambassador program, and I salute those who had the wisdom to start it up, and those who maintain it because of its significant value.

I often seize the opportunity to thank the Ambassadors personally when strolling the sidewalks, and ask that you convey thanks and appreciation to the team from the many who benefit from their work, but just haven’t taken the time to speak up.  No Ambassador should ever, ever think that their work has gone unnoticed or unappreciated!  They have countless reasons to be proud of what they do."

Ron B.
Downtown Minneapolis employee

Minneapolis, MN: "I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I love the DID Ambassadors. They are a great addition to our cityscape, exemplifying our welcoming and helpful spirit here in Minneapolis. I especially want to call out one encounter. I met [Ambassador] Doug J. last Friday morning when he was watering our flowers outside of our office building. Doug greeted me with a "isn't it a beautiful morning." We had a nice chat as he watched me try to lock up my new Vespa in my parking spot. As I struggled to maneuver my new bike into place and get my lock around a tire, Doug had jumped down from his perch and offered to give me a hand.

What a nice way to begin my day! He was a pleasure. You have a great team. Keep up the good work!"


Lisa H.
Downtown Minneapolis employee

Minneapolis, MN: "I just wanted to express my appreciation for the work that you all are doing.  I really love having the new garbage can outside our building, and I told one of your Ambassadors that this morning.  He then proceeded to tell me more about the work that you all are doing.  His name is Marvin, he was very nice and very proud of his job and his accomplishments.  I told him about how I am greeted multiple times during the day by his co-workers as I walk around downtown.  I really love that; they are always working, always smiling, and always friendly.  Your workers are another reason why I love working in Downtown Minneapolis.  Thank you!"

Kim S.
Downtown Minneapolis employee 


Minneapolis, MN: "I am always impressed by the DID. The people doing the job are amazing. They really add to the quality of life downtown. Great job!"

Henry G.
Downtown Minneapolis resident and employee

Minneapolis, MN: "I work downtown and my daughter attends daycare down there as well.  I just have to comment on an experience with one of your ambassadors.  We were getting off of the lightrail and she took the time to say hello to my little girl and wave to her and start out her day with a smile.  My daughter was so excited to be acknowledged and waved back and watched her until she walked out of site.


I often walk downtown on my errands at lunch and am impressed by how friendly all of your staff is.  Good job.  Keep it up.  It's a great reflection on this city. Thanks for making my daughter's day."

Nancy S.
Downtown Minneapolis employee


Minneapolis, MN: "I would like to let you know how wonderful it was that when I was downtown Minneapolis last week and looking for the "Open Book Building" that I came upon one of your DID Ambassadors!  I came in from Eden Prairie, not too used to Minneapolis, had my bus and street information, but got a little confused.  I came upon one of your Ambassadors, and he was so helpful!  He called someone, gave the address I was trying to get to, and within 60 seconds I knew exactly where to go!  I even got a little map!  Thank you so much for being there for me!"

Denise C.
Downtown Minneapolis visitor 


Minneapolis, MN: "I’ve been admittedly remiss in bringing to your attention the superlative job I’ve noticed being done by the DID Ambassadors. I work downtown and I always make every effort to acknowledge them whenever I see them (which is often) and thank them for the great job they do.


This morning, I noticed Johnny J (according to his card), who greeted me heartily and genuinely from about a quarter block away. Let me tell you, if ever the term ‘ambassador’ fit, it certainly applied to this gentleman. We chatted for a couple of minutes about the weather and he continued on his way. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to meet someone in the morning with such a positive outlook and sunny disposition. I find that to be the case with virtually all of the Ambassadors I meet.

I don’t know if you have some sort of a recognition program, but I wanted to bring this to your attention, not only for the Downtown Ambassadors in general, but Johnny J in particular. In my opinion, he’s precisely what you look for in a Downtown Ambassador, and I’d like to thank him for getting my day off to such a nice start. Thanks!"

Dave R.
Downtown Minneapolis employee

Minneapolis, MN: "I flew in from Columbus, Ohio, to attend an event in Minneapolis. I was instructed to take the Light Rail and get off at the Hennepin Avenue stop. I needed to get to the St. Jane house on Emerson Avenue, but how do I get there from here? Do I walk or do I take the bus? I approached a kind man named Tim. [Ambassador] Tim got on his radio/walkie talkie to find out the distance I was from the St. Jane House and what bus I should take to get there from where I was. He was very nice and patient about my dilemma and made sure I went to the correct bus stop.

If there was a representation of the hospitality of the City of Minneapolis, it was displayed in this man, Tim. I had a nice time at the event I went to that was held at Alafia Place. I look forward to returning to Minneapolis soon. Hopefully everyone who visits or lives in your City is treated as kindly as I was by your DID Ambassadors. I thanked Tim numerous times for his helpfulness and generosity. His response to me was  that he is 'just doing his job.'

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tim for doing a job well done. Thank you!"

Lynette G.
Columbus, OH 


Minneapolis, MN: "This morning while I was walking to work, I saw a man having a medical emergency. Two DID ambassadors were with him. I am first aid and CPR-certified and know what should be done when this happens. The two workers were doing a fantastic job helping this man and the ambulance arrived very quickly. 

It feels really good to know if something were to happen to me that there are people there to help me.

Please recognize these two workers for their response to this incident. They were calming and knew how to handle the situation with ease. Thank you!"

Alex H.
Downtown Minneapolis resident

Minneapolis, MN: "I want to thank Tianna M. for all of her help on Friday when I ran out of gas downtown. She got me a cab right away and stayed with my vehicle while I went for gas and helped me get back on the road. Her professionalism, kindness and understanding was greatly appreciated ata a time when I was slightly stressed. She made me see how great Minneapolis really is. Thanks for everything you do."

Debbie W.

Minneapolis Resident

Minneapolis, MN: "I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciated the services I recieved Wendseday night from one of your ambassadors. My friend and I had a flat tire and as we were waiting for the towing service to arrive, your ambassador, Doug J. came up to us and asked if we were in trouble. He was very friendly and let us know about the DID Ambassadors program to help out next time we found ourselves in trouble downtown. We really appreciated the time he spent talking with us as we waited, especially since my friend and I are young and were a bit uncomfortable while we waited. Again, thank you to Doug J. for his help! I really appreciate the DID Ambassadors program and I'm glad I know about it now.

Liz H.

Minneapolis Resident

Minneapolis, MN: "This morning as I was waiting for my bus to take me to the U of M I met Johnny J. for the second time. He was so nice and I thanked him for keeping our corner clean. In years past the corner always smelled foul, but it is no longer is like that. Johnny always has a smile on his face and is a very pleasant person to be around. I just want to tell you what a wonderful employee you have working for you. I appreciate what he does to make my wait more pleasant."

Char M.

Minneapolis employee


Minneapolis, MN: "I met a very enthusiastic ambassador by the name of Marvin. He informed me of the work he'd been doing keeping my city clean. I graciously thanked him because I've definitely noticed a difference. His positive attitude also inspired me to keep my spirits up during these winter months in Minnesota."

ShaVunda H. 

Minneapolis resident

Minneapolis, MN: "Mike S. was wonderful today. He took good care of a gentlemen when waiting for a response from a first responder!!! Thank you Mike - you are a true example of what ambassadors and people on the street should do to help each other out!

Thank you for caring!"


Minneapolis resident

Minneapolis, MN: "I was visiting your city and one of your employees, Priscilla C., went above and beyond to assist me. I was arriving for 3 days of work and then was off to Montana for vacation so I had 2 suitcases and a computer bag.

I got off the rail train and couldn't figure which direction I needed to go to find my hotel and Priscilla was working nearby. I asked for help and instead of just telling me where, she walked me to my hotel. I was tired from travel and have poor sense of direction, so I was so thankful to have been blessed by the help of one of your employees. I tried to give her a tip and she refused it. I am so thankful for her help!"

Kelly A.

Beaverton, MI

Minneapolis, MN: "Patrick M helped us enormously during a recent visit to the city. It was my first time there but definitely not my last! He provided us with excellent service, responded to our questions and was a strong ambassador for your city. Thank you-- it was a wonderful trip!"

Eileen F.

Nashua, NH

Minneapolis, MN: "I just wanted to say thank you to Marvin in the Minneapolis District for taking the time to let us know about the program. What a very kind gentleman, very cheerful and uplifting! Great choice of employee! It's nice to know there are great people out there!"

Jessica J.

Minneapolis resident

Minneapolis, MN: "I have seen the DID Minneapolis Ambassadors around downtown and I appreciate that they are here, picking up trash, being an extra set of eyes, and making a difference.

Today I met Johnny J. He noticed that I was distraught and frantically looking at my phone. He approach me and asked if he could help me find my way. What a gentleman! And perfect timing that SOMEONE was there when I needed it.

What you guys are doing does make Minneapolis a better place! Your work does get noticed, and we appreciate it!"

Linda D.

Minneapolis resident

Minneapolis, MN: " I would like to give praises for Cravin W. I came into your city for the MLT seminar in September 2012. I was out walking Nicollette Mall and ran into Cravin. He was so kind in helping me find a place to eat. He gave me great information about your city.

I actually walked up to Cravin because even though he was gathering trash he had a big friendly smile. I felt it was safe to walk up to him to ask for information. Cravin gave me the sense of safety even if it was only for 15 mins. I was in a strange city and alone. He even accompanied me back down the side walk since he was headed in that direction.

If I had to come back to your city again, I would love to run into him again. He was what we look for in the south and we call it 'southern hospitality' I was glad to get the Midwest Hospitality that Cravin so kindly gave. He is appreciated more than he would ever know!"

Heather G.

Minneapolis visitor



Minneapolis, MN: "I decided to take advantage of a beautiful day in Minneapolis by walking to Nicolette Mall. I didn't know what I would find, but I was looking for a place to eat lunch and explore some shopping opportunities. I asked a DID Ambassador, Mr. Efrem T., for help locating what I was looking for. I got the help I needed with courtesy and a warm welcome to Minneapolis. Thank you!"

Anne S.

Minneapolis visitor

Minneapolis, MN: "My family and I were visiting Minneapolis this weekend for my Marathon. Our mini-van ran out of battery in the morning outside of the Residence Inn at the Depot. The hotel gave me the number if DID to call for a battery jump. I called them and the staff was friendly and helpful. Within minutes Sadiki R. and Doug J. came to our rescue with jumper cables and all. They got our van started and off we went ith our planned visit. They were so nice and friendly. They were super and did not charge anything for this service. I love the DID service! They are great!"

Fred C.

Minneapolis visitor

Minneapolis, MN: "This was my first trip to Minneapolis and I had a great time in your city. I came for a convention and I saw your DID Ambassadors at work. In particular, Tim helped me with directions to nearby stores. He was friendly, talkative, and knowledgeable. Thanks for a great service!"

Janet C.

Minneapolis visitor

Minneapolis, MN: "We were down for the Macy's 8th floor exhibit and the holidazzle parade.  We had time in between to find a place to eat.  Being from out of the metro area we were unfamiliar with the area and had no clue where to go.  Patrick M. asked if we needed assistance and proceeded to actually walk us to a few different places until we found a place to eat that we did not have a long wait, but the food was delicious!  I think having people doing this job is  a super idea and I know it made our visit so much more enjoyable.  What a great guy and fun to talk too!  Thanks to Patrick!

Jeff and Amy

Minneapolis visitors


Minneapolis, MN: "I had the wonderful opportunity today, to meet one of your DID Ambassadors. An extremely outgoing and friendly gentleman by the name of Michael was busy working in the area of 4th St and 4th Ave So. He was busy with his duties but not to busy to take a moment to stop and greet me with a warm hello and smile.

Michael I had noticed as I was walking was busy sweeping up litter around an area commonly used for smokers. I noted as I walked by, not a single cigarette butt or piece of trash. In addition, Michael was extremely outgoing and friendly.

I am in the city every day and throughout the city, I see the DID Ambassadors, busy taking care of this great city with extreme pride in their work. Too often, people only present the negative, I thought it proper to make sure you heard some of the positive. Thank you for the wonderful effort and dedication of your staff and in particular on this day, Michael!"

Timothy T.

Downtown Minneapolis employee

Minneapolis, MN: "Johnny J. was so friendly and helpful and I just wanted to say how clean your streets are and helpful your workers are. A great big morning smile was a great way to start our day. We need some of this attitude in California!"

Sonja W.

California resident

Minneapolis, MN: "Dennis V. was extreemly helpful this morning in directing us to possible spots for breakfast as well as helping to educate us on the cities layout for walking directions."

James B. 

Cleveland, OH


Minneapolis, MN: "I ran into Tim while he was out on the streets representing DID and Minneapolis. He was wonderful, cherrful, kind and I really wanted to provide my thoughts on downtown Minneapolis.  I visit 3 or 4 times a year for work, i love your city, the people are friendly, the downtown area is clean and safe, you guys have a lot to be proud of in your efforts!  Thanks so much!"

Theresa M.

Yellville, AR

Minneapolis, MN: "Patrick M. helped a large group of fourteen of my friends find a nice restaurant for dinner when we were unfamiliar with the area. He was very friendly and VERY helpful, and we really appreciated it!"


Minneapolis visitor

Minneapolis, MN: "We LOVE the DID! We are so proud to live and work downtown and DID makes a huge difference. There is always someone around to speak with: to ask directions, inquire about events, or even to just feel safe. The Downtown looks alive and beautiful because of DID. We had some visitors here from Canada and they were so impressed with the ambassador program. It is smart and effective. Way to go! Thank you from everyone in Minneapolis. The DID is world class."

Catherine S.

Downtown Minneapolis employee

Minneapolis, MN: "The DID people make downtown such a great place to live. Always smiling and helpful, they are part of what makes Minneapolis shine.  I live next to their staging area and I am always greeted with friendliness.  I do a lot of walking downtown and appreciate their efforts to make the city a place of hospitality!  This winter they have been working so hard to make the sidewalks accessible."

Lynne M.

Downtown Minneapolis resident

Minneapolis, MN: "I love the great work the DID is doing in Minneapolis. I was lucky enough to encounter Mr David E on my way home tonight. I live & work in downtown Minneapolis - the DID is a great service to me & to my neighborhood."

Rachel R.

Downtown Minneapolis employee


Minneapolis, MN: "I was very satisfied with the assistance that I recieved from Doug J. a couple of weeks ago when I flew in from out of town.  I was getting off the light rail fairly late at night and everything around me was closed and my cell phone was dead.  A friend of mine who was supossed to pick me up was no where in sight. 

Doug helped me to find a business that was open where I could charge my phone and he also gave my friend directions so she was able to find me.  I had been outside in the freezing cold while it was raining in an area that was new to me.  If Doug had not assisted me, I may not have been in able to reach my friend. Doug was very friendly and professional and I am very grateful for the help that I recieved."

Cate T.

Downtown Minneapolis visitor


Minneapolis, MN: “Patrick M. gave us a wonderful introduction to the city dramatically improving the Minnesota experience. He was a wonderful guy to talk to and very knowledge about the city.” 

Christian D.

Paderborn, Germany

Minneapolis, MN: “Patrick M. was a big help during our first trip to Minneapolis and a very nice person, too. Thanks for you support Patrick!!”

Marcus D.

Downtown Minneapolis visitor

Minneapolis, MN: “I recently visited your city. While walking downtown we came across one of your city Ambassadors, Patrick M. What a GREAT person he is! He gave us a history lesson on the city and he also showed us places to dine. He took us to the News Room and got us table. He is a pleasure and makes your city a safer place for visitors. Please give him a shout out from Sandra in Buffalo!”

Sandra C.

Buffalo, NY

Minneapolis, MN: “Being new to the area, I was walking through downtown last month and exploring the city. I was having trouble finding an address and it must have seemed obvious because one of the DID Ambassadors named Carlos kindly asked if I needed any assistance. He was so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.  I am grateful he was standing there that day - what a great service!”

Derryn G.

Minneapolis business/property owner

Minneapolis, MN: “I am one of the thousands of people walking the streets of Minneapolis almost every morning. I have seen DID Ambassadors on the street almost every morning last year and want to say that was VERY impressed with their smiles and always friendly “Good morning” as they passed people walking to work.

I did not know who these DID people were until a few days ago when I met Marvin E. He, like many other Ambassadors on the streets of Minneapolis that I had seen, had a very contagious smile on his face and friendly attitude. He shared with our office about the whole program that DID has and what they do around the city. I just wanted to say thank you to all the people out there who make our city not just cleaner and taken care of but also safer and friendlier. Thank you!”


Downtown Minneapolis employee

Minneapolis, MN: “I was in the heart of Minneapolis testing for a job at the Convention Center. When I arrived to my destination, I couldn’t figure out where I could park due to the fact that my check cards had been stolen a few days prior, I only had cash on me, and the parking lots near the Convention Center only accepted cards. I saw your worker and stopped and asked him for help. His name is Dennis Clark. He did indeed help me find a parking lot that accepted cash and showed me how to pay for the parking slot. It was nice of him to stick around to make sure everything worked out for me. He truly was a big help! What surprised me most was that it was 7:30am and he had a big smile on his face even in the 5-degree weather that morning. He was super friendly and was willing to help me when he really didn’t have to. It warms my heart knowing that there are still nice people in this world willing to help others. I know I thanked him after he had helped me, but make sure to thank him again for me!!!”

Tara S.

Downtown Minneapolis visitor

Minneapolis, MN: “I had a great experience at the corner of 4th and Hennepin waiting for the light to change, it was 7:30 a.m. and the wind chill was 10 below. Not a great combination for happiness, especially on the first day of spring. But I met the nicest man who didn’t seem bothered at all by any of this, a very cheerful person. I would like to thank Johnny J for changing my attitude and for making sure downtown keeps looking good. I needed that!”

Randolph T.

Downtown Minneapolis resident

Minneapolis, MN: “We were in Minneapolis on a very cold night going from Fogo De Chao to the Orpheum Theatre, when we were greeted by DID Ambassador, Patrick M.  He greeted us, asked if we were doing OK, and if we needed anything. We watched, as he greeted others and offered any assistance.  What a nice feeling on a cold night in a busy city! This makes Minneapolis stand apart from other cities we have visited.  Every city should have this, but we like that Minneapolis does care enough to residents and visitors.” 

Greta A.

Downtown Minneapolis visitor

Minneapolis, MN: “I feel the presence of the DID is really a necessity, not an option.  They keep the city presentable and safer.  These are issues not only for the residents, but for the tourists also.  If we want Minneapolis to be a destination, we need to keep it safe and clean!”

Donovan B.

Downtown Minneapolis resident

Minneapolis, MN: “I recently visited Minneapolis for a business meeting.  I was unsure where to eat and ran into your DID ambassador, Suhayla.  She was very friendly and helped walk me to the famous Hell’s Kitchen to eat.  She took the time to personally show me around and walk me over 5 blocks to make sure I did not get lost. I just wanted to say thank you to ambassadors like Suhayla for making a great and lasting impression of Minneapolis on me!”

Stephen C.

Downtown Minneapolis visitor

Minneapolis, MN: “My son and I had the most wonderful encounter an ambassador Patrick M. He could not have been more helpful finding a place to eat and personally walking us there. DID was a fantastic experience!”

Jerome L.

Green Bay, WI

Minneapolis, MN: “Patrick M. greatly helped me and my friends who are not from the area find our way around downtown. Not only did a few of us get separated and he helped us find one another, but he also helped us find a place to eat within our budget and even walked us there!”

Downtown Minneapolis visitor

Minneapolis, MN: “I just wanted to say “Thank you” for the wonderful service that DID provides to Minneapolis!

A special “Thank you” to Alfonso H. who assisted me when my car broke down in traffic last Friday evening in downtown Minneapolis. He aided in directing traffic around my vehicle and stayed with me until towing service arrived (which was over 2 hrs.) Great conversation! Wonderful personality! Alfonso is a true DID Ambassador to the Minneapolis downtown area! Two thumbs up for Alfonso and DID Ambassadors!”

Cheryl E.

Downtown Minneapolis employee

Minneapolis, MN: “Please continue the wonderful DID service. What an asset to our community. Thank you!”

Sallie B.

Downtown Minneapolis business/property owner

Minneapolis, MN: “I talked with Johnny J about two weeks ago; he was friendly, polite, and fun to talk with.  Mr. Johnny J. made my day brighter and is an excellent asset for the DID program.”

Diane S.

Downtown Minneapolis resident

Minneapolis, MN: “DID is a wonderful service.  Downtown Minneapolis has benefitted tremendously from their presence. The downtown streets are cleaner, the feeling is safer and the ambassadors are friendly and helpful.  Thank you for their service to the downtown community.”

Peggy H.

Downtown Minneapolis resident

Minneapolis, MN: “As a downtown resident, I am pleased with the results of DID. I find the staff friendly, the cleanliness of the streets pleasant and the help I see rendered to visitor beneficial. I would like to see DID continue and expand!

Michael C.

Downtown Minneapolis resident

Minneapolis, MN: “I feel much safer walking downtown with the Ambassadors present.  I like to walk alone and the presence of the friendly and helpful ambassadors is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Linda C.

Downtown Minneapolis resident

Minneapolis, MN: “Just want to say what a great job Mike S. and Doug S. were doing by shoveling the sidewalk at Marquette and 4th St by the bus shelter this morning!  That had been an icy mess for a couple of days so their work is much appreciated!!”

Sybil L.

Downtown Minneapolis employee

Minneapolis, MN: “I want to compliment the great work of Mike and Dennis - met them this morning as I was crossing the street near the Metrodome.  They were shoveling and salting the walkway.  They were very friendly and professional. What a great way to start the day!  Thank you!”

Sara S.

Downtown Minneapolis employee

Minneapolis, MN: “I am very grateful for your DID ambassadors, Michael S. and Dennis C., who were removing the ice from the sidewalks on Chicago Ave and 3rd St. I have to walk Monday through Friday to work on that sidewalk and I am concerned about falling.  Thank for having provided this great and helpful service and your ambassadors are friendly and helpful!”

Gloria G.

Downtown Minneapolis employee

Minneapolis, MN: “Marvin was a great help today!  I was assisting a deaf man who wound up at HCMC by mistake, Marvin was walking by and I asked him if he knew anything about the living facility that the man was looking for.  He went above and beyond to get the correct address and bus route for the man.”

Krista T.

Downtown Minneapolis employee

Minneapolis, MN: “We definitely want the DID to continue! Just looking at the results, who can argue otherwise? Thank you!”

Maria M.

Downtown Minneapolis resident

Minneapolis, MN: “I was downtown last week and had a pleasant and friendly conversation with Suhaylah, one of your Ambassadors. Wanted to let you know how impressed I was with her attitude, openness, and personality. Our conversation about downtown and the happenings contained within were enlightening and interesting. Thanks for employing open and friendly people who interact with the public in a positive manner. Keep up the good work, employing individuals with the right combination of friendliness and personality!”


Downtown Minneapolis visitor

Minneapolis, MN: “Today, I got lost in downtown and I was getting late for a job interview. A kind DID Ambassador by the name of Doug S., guided me to my interview location. He was kind enough to walk me there even though it was out of his way.  I really have to than Doug and Minneapolis DID for helping out lost visitors in downtown, and making Minneapolis a better city.”

Sabiha A.

Downtown Minneapolis visitor

Minneapolis, MN: “I met one of your employees today and was very impressed with her. Her name is Suhayiah. I met her by Solera. She asked how my day was going and if I needed anything. She made being in downtown very pleasant as I live in the country in a small town were the atmosphere is totally different from Downtown. She made my afternoon and just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated her friendliness. Please make sure she knows that she is doing a great job and makes Minneapolis a friendlier place!”

Kirk P.

Downtown Minneapolis visitor

Minneapolis, MN: “DID is a great program. As someone who lives downtown and often walks the downtown area and streets, I know first hand how valuable this program is. Please continue!”

Curt M.

Downtown Minneapolis resident

Minneapolis, MN: “The Ambassadors make downtown feel safer and look cleaner. They are friendly and helpful to anyone walking downtown. This is a worthwhile program that provides a great return on the investment made in it. Thanks!”

Ann D.

Downtown Minneapolis resident

Minneapolis, MN: “Doug J helped my daughter and me while we were in town for a campus visit. We left the hotel looking for a good, moderately priced meal. While my daughter was consulting her iPhone, Doug approached us and asked how he could help. He referred us to Hell’s Kitchen. We had a great meal in a unique place. I appreciate Doug’s advice and help!”

Jim F.

Downtown Minneapolis visitor

Minneapolis, MN: “I just wanted to say thank you to your organization and specifically Johnny J.  You do an amazing service to our city not only in the physical service that you provide but the way you represent us as a city." 

Patricia H.

Downtown Minneapolis employee

Minneapolis, MN: “Love seeing the DID folks out and about on the streets. It makes the community feel more welcoming, clean and safe. Great for our visitors too!” 

Amanda F.

Downtown Minneapolis employee

Minneapolis, MN: “I just wanted to commend Alfonso H. for his assistance. I was in town for a wedding and got quite turned around in the freezing cold in a dress. He recognized I was very lost and offered to help. I thought surely he was just going to give me directions, but he did so much more by escorting me right to the door of my destination. Needless to say being a woman alone and lost does not feel good, and I was extremely grateful for his help. I wanted to tip him to express my gratitude, but he merely smiled and said it was his job.

Mr. Alfonso, thank you for taking care of a lost traveler. I did not know services like this existed! Thank you so much!

Thanh-Truc N.

Downtown Minneapolis visitor

Minneapolis, MN: “Please keep up your excellent efforts!  Downtown is a better place to live and work because of what you do.”

Judy M.

Downtown Minneapolis resident

Minneapolis, MN: “I have noticed a huge difference in the cleanliness of the streets. I have worked downtown for over 10 years and park really far away. I also feel a lot safer. Thanks!!” 

Belva B.

Downtown Minneapolis resident

Minneapolis, MN: “Love you guys! We appreciate the great service and smiling faces. I know that out-of-towners are left with a very positive impression because of you!”

Andrew J.

Downtown Minneapolis resident

Minneapolis, MN: "My husbandand I have stayed downtown twice in the last month and 1/2 and ran into Patrick M both times. He was very helpful, friendly and gave us great suggestions on where to go. I just wanted to thanks him for the great job he is doing!"

Jennifer H.

Downtown Minneapolis visitor

Minneapolis, MN: "I met one of your DID ambassadors, Doug J, a few weeks ago when visiting Minneapolis. He was
very cheerful and helpful. He helped make my Minneapolis visit an enjoyable one."

Devin H.

Downtown Minneapolis visitor

Minneapolis, MN: "My husband and I went downtown Saturday night just to walk around and check out the city. The weather was nice, we had no itinerary. We ran into an ambassador who introduced himself and informed us of the DID program. He helped us pick a place to eat and grab some drinks. We have never heard of the DID before and we were excited to learn about it. So far we have each told a handful of people about it who are also intrigued by this concept. What a great program......we would love to see it continued and will look for a MNPLS city ambassador the next time we go downtown!"

Pam L.

Minneaplois, MN visitor


Minneapolis, MN " Patrick M. was very helpful and friendly on my most recent trip to your town durring the ACI Convention."

Jeff W., Minneapolis, MN vistor

Frank did a great job of providing information and provided band aids to us.  Very outgoing, friendly.  What a wonderful service.  Every city and town needs this program.  Streets are clean, flowers and trees look fantastic.  Promotes good will and positive protection and welcome!

On July 3, 2013, one of the ambassadors named Johnny called to find out which stop we needed as we were preparing to cross the street to take the transit to the airport.  Thanks to his guidance, we had a seamless trip to the airport.  Thanks, Johnny!  Great job!

Spoke with a very pleasant young man named Micheal S.
I told him how  appreciative I am of all the work you folks do and have even considered applying. A personal goal of mine is to pick up two pieces of trash each day sadly I am able to fill my quota as soon as I walk out the door. Keep up the hard work


Great service. Bilingual service is a plus!!!
Keep the good work, downtown Minneapolis (nicollet mall) looks way better!
Congratulations and thank you to Carlos who helped us.

I have been meaning to leave feedback about how friendly & helpful Doug J. was in helping me navigate through downtown Minneapolis.  I appreciate the DID organization because of him - he makes me want to get involved!

I have worked downtown for nearly 9 years and truly appreciate the work DID does for the city.  This weekend I had a really great interaction with three of your employees and wanted to make sure I said something.

I was participating in the Pride Parade with my workplace, and my family was with me.  This includes my two young children - who are 3 and 5.  Our waiting area for the parade was close to the DID group and the three employees you had there (one woman and two men) were very friendly, kind and patient in answering kid questions and letting my kids look at their street vacuum and the Segway scooter.

During the parade there was also a moment where my daughter wandered too far behind my work group and the female DID Ambassador grabbed her hand and walked her back.

I wish I had their names to pass along so you could recognize their great service.  I'm hoping you can identify who these individuals were and give them some praise and thanks for their great work yesterday.


Iwas in Minneapolis last week for the WBENC conference.  On thursday afternoon, June 27th I was walking down Nicolette Mall and I was doing so a DID Ambassador greeted me and asked me how I was doing.  We talked at the corner waiting for the light to change.  I told her that I was trying to find some souvenirs.  She told me she would take me to the store.  She walked with me for a few blocks and walked me into the commercial building and walked me right up to the store!  She was extremely courteous, out-going and very friendly.  She totally made a difference in my day!  Her name is Tiffany.  She was wonderful! 

Sincerely, Ana P.

On July 3, 2013, one of the ambassadors named Johnny called to find out which stop we needed as we were preparing to cross the street to take the transit to the airport.  Thanks to his guidance, we had a seamless trip to the airport.  Thanks, Johnny!  Great job!

Spoke with a very pleasant young man named Micheal S.
I told him how  appreciative I am of all the work you folks do and have even considered applying. A personal goal of mine is to pick up two pieces of trash each day sadly I am able to fill my quota as soon as I walk out the door. Keep up the hard work

My first contact with an Ambassador was when I was riding my bike downtown on a weekend.  I got a flat tire and had no idea where to go.  Your Ambassador found a nearby bike repair store and directed me to it.  Thank you!  Then the other day I was unloading some boxes to bring into a downtown business and an Ambassador started helping me unload my car.  I wish I took their names so I could give them the recognition they deserved.  Both Ambassadors were very friendly and had wonderful attitudes.  Thank you for having such wonderful people on your staff!

I was walking downtown and i got lost because im not really familiar with downtown.There was a gentleman named Marvin Estis, that helped me out.He was very polite and seemed to really care about helping.He told me about the services that you guys do and told me if i know anybody that is looking for a job to put in a word.This man was very polite and helped me alot. Marvin called someone on the walkie to help me figure out the bus and time.I missed my first one and he came back and took me to the right bus stop and i caught it. It is really good to have people like this gentleman out and about helping people like me that are lost and cant find there way. He wasnt only helpful he did his job and did it very well making it very easy and comfortable to talk to... Thank you so much Marvin Etis i will remember your face next time im lost.

 Thanks for all you are doing to make our city shine. Special thanks to the crew of Denise and Kevin who were tending some new planting along 10th St, between 2nd and 3rd Aves. This planting is a huge improvement along the border of a very unsightly surface parking lot. Keep up the great work.

I am visiting Minneapolis with my mom. We noticed that the city is abnormally clean, especially for its size. On our way to our hotel tonight, we spoke with Alfonso H., who explained to us the work that DID does. He was very helpful and answered all our questions about the city, and even gave us advice on what we should do during our trip. I wanted to give feedback so someone knows their efforts are working.

Ambassador Marvin in Minneapolis is fabulous. Just wanted you to know.

-Nancy R.

Today (October 3, 2013) at approximately 1:35 PM I was at the intersection of South 8th Street and Portland Ave. I noticed a woman screaming at a fairly young child that appeared to be mentally disabled. This woman appeared to possibly be the child's mother or caregiver. The woman was some distance away from the child and it was obvious she was doing a poor job of supervising this young child. The child was out in the street attempting to cross into moving traffic. It was a very dangerous situation for certain. I then noticed a DID employee quickly move into the street towards the child. This employee intercepted the child and then safely walked him across the street. It is without a doubt that this DID employee prevented a serious tragedy from occurring.

I personally feel that employee went above and beyond in the performance of her duties. I was so moved by the actions of this employee, I went over to her and thanked her for her heroic efforts. It was very obvious the mother/caregiver was unconcerned with the child's well being as she didn't acknowledge or thank the DID employee. I then asked the employee for a business card and she provide me an "At Your Service" card with her name "Sunaylah" (I believe that is the correct spelling) on it.

I not certain if I have accurately expressed how impressed I was with this DID employee. I am not certain she was aware of just how brave and moving her actions were. I am hopeful this letter will allow her some type of recognition as she certainly deserves it. This employees actions were brave, impressive, outstanding, and very moving. Thank you for your time and thank your employee for her service. (Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.)

Todd K.

October 1, 2013 This was such a beautiful day!  The sun was shining, there was the perfect breeze, and we were enjoying the gorgeous Minneapolis downtown.  David and I enjoyed the day and we encountered the nicest gentlemen, Doug S. and Dave H - employees of the city working with smiles and great attitudes.  I stopped for a moment to thank them for their hard work and valuable contributions of creating a clean, safe, wonderful city.  They smiled even bigger and were so gracious...they shared with us a card with the email address to share our thoughts.  Bless you all for your hard work and great attitudes every day...you are noticed, you do make a huge difference, and you are so appreciated!!!!  These gentlemen represent the special qualities of this fine city-as the fabulous restaurants, cultural events and offerings are highlights however employees such as Dave and Doug are the shine on it all!

Hi!  Although I currently live in Denver, I still own property in the North Loop.   When I lived in Minneapolis, I had so many positive encounters with the DID.

When I was back in Minneapolis in August (on the 22nd, or 23rd), I needed to catch a cab from downtown to the North Loop. " Johnny J" offered to assist me.  His passion for his work was amazing and put a smile on my face (even after a long day!).

Thanks Minneapolis DID for the work you do!
- Laurie

First: on Tuesday 9/10/13, Doug S. and Dave H. saved me a lot of trouble. My car battery was dead, and parked in a no parking spot. I was waiting for a tow truck when I saw the 2 DID workers in a truck on Nicollet Mall. I asked them if they could jump start my car and they replied "that will be no problem at all!" As you can imagine I was overjoyed by there kindness, also they saved me money and potential ticket. Kudos guys! Doug S. and Dave H. were incredibly nice and helpful.

Second, I am the manager of the Dunn Bros coffee shop inside the Central Library, we had already decided the day before my car got a jump start that we would like to offer all DID workers a 10% discount on our hand made drinks (coffee, Latte's, Smoothies etc.) Please let your workers know they have a discount waiting for them at our store.

Thanks for all the hard work that the Men and Women put into keeping downtown clean and friendly. You guys are awesome!

-Benjamin G.

Just wanted you to know that Alfonso Highsmith is a fine fellow and was diligently doing his job when I stoppped to talk with him....really nice guy.


I have a few spare minutes and thought you might be interested in the views of an interested visitor to your city from the UK.
I am in Minneapolis for a week and most of my time will be taken up with attending a conference at the Marriott hotel on 7th St. I had Sunday free to have a look around your city and was happy to find one of your City helpers called Kris who was very helpful in pointing out a number of options for me to spend my time. I was a little surprised that you did not have an office or kiosk where visitors could find information or just get general advice on the transport options. I am staying in a small bed and breakfast just South of the city and as an introduction to America I could not have wished for better.
Minneapolis is similar in many ways to my own city of Birmingham in England as it to was founded upon the ingenuity of its people to take the resources to hand and turn these into products of high quality and universal need.
I applaud your efforts at regenerating areas of former industrialisation and in truth find the remaining traditional areas to have qualities that are important to retain in order that a Cities roots are not forgotten but integrated with care.
Please thank Kris for her time and allowing me to have a thought provoking day and to understand something of Minneapolis and its people.

-Simon B.

I was helped by Johnny C onlooking for an address.  Not only did he take the time to help me locate the place, but he also helped me to park safely.  Great work!

I would just like to give a big thanks to two of your employees that were so helpful today in retrieving my lost iPhone. I left it on a bench outside the library and realized it was gone about 20 mins later. I returned to the location and spoke with James A. He had heard that there was a cell phone found and contacted Dan M., who had my phone. Dan hurried to my location and returned my iPhone. I cannot say enough about their kind demeanor and quick assistance. They made what could have been a horrible day, into a great experience. Thank you for having this positive force out on the downtown streets and thanks again to Dan M. and James A. for all their hard work.
Very happy with DID,
-Melinda G.

I love these guys on the street!  Doug J. took a picture while I was showing a visitor from China around our beautiful city.  He made our day and showed her a bit of Minnesota hospitality.  Thanks DID!

Heather V. 

I want to say what a wonderful asset the DID ambassadors are to the city. The all have such a positive attitudes, and make me feel welcome, even after being downtown for over 20 years. This program was long overdue, and your training program must be very effective based on what I have seen from these people.  I cannot say enough good things about your staff, and keep up the great work. They are out there serving the city through all types of weather, especially this year!

I personally spoke to Johnny J. on the street today, and he is great!  Please pass along this information to ALL of your staff, and they should be commended for their efforts!  Have a great day!  

Tom K.

I am an Activity Coordinator for a senior living group. I was escorting a group of 13 elders across 8th Street on Wednesday at noon alone to go to Macy's and the Flower Show. I was bringing up the rear of the group crossing the street and was worrying about how the front of the group would get that heavy door open. Low and behold, there was Doug J and a couple of these wonderful DID Ambassadors. They stepped right in and got all of my elders in the door safe and sound. They were so gracious and kind to us.

I would like to thank them all and let them know that they made the day of 13 grateful elders and one Activity Coordinator.

Patty G.

Dan saw me standing in front of the Government Center and asked if he could help me.  I was trying to figure out how to get back to the Normandy hotel.  He walked me all the way there.  I felt very safe and thought that you should know what a gentleman he is.  We talked about many things.  You are lucky to have him on your team.  

Thank you.

City Council Member, Lisa Goodman, hosts a monthly event titled "Lunch w/Lisa" for constituents of her Ward.
This month's lunch topic was about the MDID Ambassador program.  Suhaylah, Johnny and Jeff did a magnificent job representing us and the program!  My husband attended and came home RAVING about how interesting it was, how much he learned and how the folks in attendance were pretty much 'gushing' with praise about what we do and how we do it.

Kudos and thanks to Suhaylah, Johnny and Jeff

Kris J.

My daughter and I were on Nicollet Mall on Friday and Marvin stopped and took a picture for us with the MTM statue. What a delightful Gentleman and so nice! I always worry handing an extremely expensive phone to a stranger to take a picture however it's such a bummer for someone to always be excluded from the event! Go Marvin!!

Wow, the Ambassadors Services is such a good service. We received directions and recommendations from Johnny J on a bitter cold, windy day that nobody should be outside.  He definitely saved us from taking the long way around!  


It has been while since I was in Minneapolis, but I did have contact with the Downtown Improvement District Ambassadors and I cannot thank you enough.

I was picking my son up from the Greyhound bus station when my cell phone went dead. I had no way to contact him that I had arrived. He was coming home for Spring Break this past March 15th from Madison waived to this wonderful woman to ask her if I could use her cell phone to call him. She was actually an Ambassador. She hadthe main desk attempt to call him but he didn't answer. 

She asked for his description. A few minutes later, too my surprise, she was able to go in the bus terminal and actually find him! It was a miracle with the brief description and she brought him right to my car!

I don't remember her name because I was so "frazzled" but she is an angel and if she remembers the incident would you please pass this praise and gratitude on to her.

Diane E.   

I was at the Minneapolis bus station with a 24 hour layover. Marvin helped me with showing me to a free meal and a shower. I think he needs to be recognized for his good work.

I wanted to say thank you to one of your workers his name is Marvin he help me a lot I came in on a bus I hadn’t been able to shower in 2 days and Marvin helped me out.  He also showed me a place where I could get a hot meal.  Marvin was very helpful and I wanted to thank him and all other guys out there helping people

This morning as I was waiting for the bus at 2nd St. S. and Marquette Ave, two gentlemen, Mike and Marvin were cleaning up glass that someone had smashed out at a bus stop shelter.  Mike and Marvin were friendly and did a great job of clearing the glass so that people would not be injured.  They put caution tape up on the shelter as well to remind people to be careful when approaching.  I am so happy that DID exist and I have noticed that Downtown Minneapolis is safer and cleaner.  This morning, without Marvin and Mike, the shattered glass would have still been all over the sidewalk and the street. Because of DID, the glass was cleared quickly and safely.  Thanks

Last Wednesday (March 26) I spent some time at Nicollet Mall.  I had just flown in from Montana and met my daughter-in-law downtown so we could take the bus back to her home.  She is new to the metropolitan area too, so neither of us knew exactly where we needed to go to catch the bus to Ridgedale Mall.  

Your DID Ambassador, Dan, was so very helpful!  He walked us to the bus stop, and then since we had just missed the bus and because it was rather chilly, he walked us to the library (just a block away) and suggested we wait there until the next bus came, which we caught with no difficulty.  

Actually, prior to meeting Dan, I had an encounter with another Ambassador when my daughter-in-law and I were trying to find each other.  We had both used two different transit systems to get downtown.  I believe this person was a Safety Ambassador and when he saw me looking somewhat puzzled on a street corner, he asked if he could be of any help.  When I explained where I was trying to go, he showed me that was I there!  I didn’t have as much contact with him as we had with Dan.  I thought the Safety Ambassador was simply a friendly city police worker, but when we met Dan later, he explained the Ambassador Program to us.  

The DID Ambassador Program is a great service and we thank you for providing it!  Dan’s friendly approach made us feel right at home. And the Safety Ambassador’s help was greatly appreciated, too.  Because of both of them, being downtown in the Nicollet Mall area did not seem so formidable.

With appreciation,
Patti H.

I felt the need to send a note expressing my appreciation for the ambassadors.  I take the bus from Maple Grove to downtown and have for 15 plus years.  Since adding the Ambassadors to downtown, I've seen a huge difference in the cleanliness of the streets.  I've never come across one that doesn't say hi in a genuine way.  I feel comfortable having them around.

Today, 2 ambassadors were shoveling the walk so when we got off the bus, we didn't have to step in snow.  Both said hello immediately.  "Johnny J" gave me a card with the email address on it.  He and the gentleman with him were very kind and happy.

Keep up the great work...it really makes a difference having them on the streets!

I felt compelled to send a quick email about one of your ambassadors. My wife and I were looking for a specific Cafe on 8th Street. We have never been to Minneapolis and we asked Johnny J for directions. Not only did he actually walk us to our destination a half block away, he held the door open for my wife and I. I always tip for good service, but Johnny J respectfully declined my offer. 

Well done Johnny J.


This is my first visit to your beautiful city and Doug J. one of your ambassadors was wonderful at answering my questions and providing suggestions for me in the downtown Nicollet Mall area.

Thank you for offering this excellent service!


Today I watched one of your Ambassadors clean the various Newspaper and Magazine boxes in from of our location. She was so diligent and effective in her work that I had to come out on the sidewalk to meet her and thank her. What a pleasure it was to talk with her. She has such a lovely smile and demeanor. This makes our city all the more attractive. Thanks to all of the DID workers for their good work.



I was lost down town and was approached by one of your ambassadors, Doug. I suppose I looked lost but thankfully he took the initiative to ask if I needed help. I was looking for the metro transit office and even though we were a few blocks away, he offered to walk me there and sure enough he did, right to the door! What a sweet and pleasant gentleman!

I wanted to take a moment and offer my gratitude for all the work that you do around Minneapolis.  I'm sure it must seem like a never-ending battle to try and keep the city looking as nice as possible, especially since there are plenty of people who are apathetic or indifferent, and even a few who are actively destructive.  However, your efforts are not unnoticed, and while probably not often celebrated, they are very much appreciated. 

One specific example I would like to draw attention to is last week after we got (yet another) inch or so of snow.  I walk through downtown on my way to work every day, and I came across two DID members shoveling snow on the corner of Marquette and 11th Street.  One, from the notation on the card he gave me, I believe to be called Johnny J.  After having slogged my way through a half dozen blocks of pristine snow, it was a massive relief to finally be able to walk on the sidewalk, completely cleared of snow.  I offered my thanks for the work that they were doing, and they encouraged me to email and let everyone know that I'm grateful for the work that they were doing.   

Truly, it was very much appreciated.  You’re not only helping businesses, but you’re helping everyday passerby.  Keep up the great work!  It's very much appreciated. 

Thank you.

I would like to say thank you to Bill C. and Harold P. for helping me remove my car from the snow, on Saturday April 5th. When I was trying to remove my car off the street, I got my car stuck in the snow. I was having a difficult time trying to get it out. Bill C. and Harold P., while driving by, noticed and stopped to help. They took the time to help push my vehicle and finally we got it unstuck.

I greatly appreciated the help you all are giving to the City of Minneapolis.

Thank you.

I always appreciate the DID Ambassadors downtown.   Their sheer presence, clean jackets, etc., contributions of cleaning up, providing directions, and a friendly smile.

In the mornings, I get off the bus at 4th and Hennepin.  I like to thank the Ambassadors for keeping us clean and organized.  

Thank you for this smart initiative, and for Doug J and all the Ambassadors executing your vision in a way that would make you proud.


Last weekend I met Alfonse H, a wonderful "DID Ambassador", when I lost my way. He was extremely helpful, kind, and friendly.

Greatly impressed! Thank you all for what you do! 

I think the service is great. We met Tim right away after we got off the light rail and he sent us in the right direction and was so friendly. I hope this service continues and I think it's a great benefit to the city and the people who enjoy it.

I love the Ambassador program.  The ambassador I meet and see on the street do a great job!


My sister has been in HCMC with a traumatic brain injury for the past week and for the indefinite future. In this time my family has walked downtown Minneapolis several times and since we are not completely familiar with behind here have asked several ambassadors for help. They have been nothing but helpful. They make it feel very safe and to want to come downtown again during better circumstances. A lady named Kris in particular was so nice she helped me find my niece who I was worried about and listened to my worries. She might have thought nothing of it, but in my stressful situation, she was just what I needed for that moment. What an awesome program. I never knew about this until this past week. Thank you for all your efforts and help.

Thank you, Johnny for a friendly greeting this morning at 4th & Hennepin and pausing from your work of sweeping the sidewalk. I appreciate you keeping us organized and clean.Keep up the good work!

I want to say thanks to Ashely who offered her umbrella in assistance to my husband and me. It was really rainy and her umbrella came in handy. Thanks again to Ashely and I hope the ambassador program continues.

Just wanted give a shout out to Ocamia, she held her umbrella over me, while I figured out a parking meter last night. She was super friendly.  Great job Ocamia!

Rich P.

I'm a visitor from Detroit here in Minneapolis for the Mission Investor's Exchange conference at the Marriott.  My team and I were heading to lunch at the Westin when we were greeted by one of your ambassadors Johnny J. Who shinned his wonderful smile at us and said hello.

He was so warm and welcoming. He truly put a personal face on your terrific city.  Please pass this on to Johnny with our thanks. We talked about him and your program all the way to lunch.

Doug Stewart

I was walking down the Mall today and was greeted by a DID Ambassador,  Johnny J, - and was reminded again how grateful I am to have these men & women downtown.  I saw them working all during this horrible winter and wondered if people knew that they were out there every day.  

Our downtown is so clean and are always pleasant and helpful.  If I can't help a visitor find something downtown or answer their question, I usually just have to make a quick turn to my left or right and I can spot a DID staff person to help them. 

Since Johnny J reminded me today of how glad I am to have DID around, I thought I'd tell you! 

Linda A.

I'm a visitor from Detroit here in Minneapolis for the Mission Investor's Exchange conference at the Marriott.  My team and I were heading to lunch at the Westin when we were greeted by one of your ambassadors Johnny J. Who shinned his wonderful smile at us and said hello. He was so warm and welcoming. He truly put a personal face on your terrific city.  Please pass this on to Johnny with our thanks. We talked about him and your program all the way to lunch.

-Doug S.


I was walking down the Mall today and was greeted by a DID Ambassador Johnny J - and was reminded again how grateful I am to have these men & women downtown.  I saw them working all during this horrible winter and wondered if people knew that they were out there every day. Our downtown is so clean - even they can't keep up with smokers discarding their cigarettes but they try and are always pleasant and helpful.  If I can't help a visitor find something downtown or answer their question, I usually just have to make a quick turn to my left or right and I can spot a DID staff person to help them.

-Linda A.


Johnny J was busy cleaning the streets. I especially enjoyed that fact that he greeted me with a smile. Keep up the good work and thank you for keeping our city streets clean and friendly!

Connie B.

Johnny J was busy cleaning the streets. I especially enjoyed that fact that he greeted me with a smile. Keep up the good work and thank you for keeping our city streets clean and friendly!

Connie B

We received a call today from a woman who wanted to thank Willie Anderson for being so polite in helping her! She said he completely stopped what he was doing to assist her and she appreciated that very much!!


A woman wanted to thank Dan M for helping them when they were Downtown last Thursday. She said they were from out of town and very rarely come downtown but they were here delivering a bike and were given wrong directions. When she decided to ask Dan, she had no idea that that's part of what we do as Ambassadors, she thought she was just asking some random man in a truck. The woman wants to give Dan recognition for what he did in helping her. She said what he did was "beyond words" and she is "so thankful".  



Johnny J was busy cleaning the streets. I especially enjoyed that fact that he greeted me with a smile. Keep up the good work and thank you for keeping our city streets clean and friendly!

-Connie B.


Walked downtown this morning and observed a DID worker off the beaten bath diligently sweeping and picking up trash. Willie Anderson was very friendly and quite intent on doing his job! A big Thank You to him and the other great DID workers. We appreciate them very much!

Carol F.

 Walked downtown this morning and observed a DID worker off the beaten bath diligently sweeping and picking up trash. Willie Anderson was very friendly and quite intent on doing his job! A big Thank You to him and the other great DID workers. We appreciate them very much!

-Carol F.


We received a call from a woman who wanted to thank Tim for escorting her to a building though it was raining and though he was training. She said she greatly appreciated it and wanted to bring it to our attention what an outstanding act of kindness that was.



I visited downtown Minneapolis on May 19th, 2014 to do a job interview. My husband and I have only been to downtown Minneapolis a handful of times and to say the least the experience can be overwhelming. We were able to find parking in an underground garage and carefully noted the level on which we were parked… P1. My husband left the parking stub (complete with the very important information of the ADDRESS and NAME of the parking garage) in our car so we would not lose the ticket and could properly pay the parking fee upon exit. After completing the interview, we started back to the garage where we thought we had left the car. Nothing looked familiar!

We walked until the whole downtown became triggers for where we had parked the car, nothing happening. We walked for MILES. After starting our search for the car at approximately 2:45 PM, we were beaten down and tired, myself walking in dress shoes, (OUCH!) and hovering under an umbrella/ splashing through puddles with the heavy rains and wind present yesterday.  We found ourselves at 5:00 PM speaking with yet another security desk, no closer to completing what was beginning to feel like mission impossible.

Both of us were soggy, miserable and wanted nothing more than to find our car. Some very nice security personal at the US Bank building worked hard to contact one of your employees, Jim W. We found through our conversations as he diligently walked with us, providing shelter under his umbrella when the rains briefly revisited, that he was previously in the services in California. His calm presence and  confidence that he could find our car after we provided him with the few clues we could remember, was just what we needed! He not only helped us find the correct parking garage, but was kind enough to escort us down and ensure that this was indeed where the car was. He then quietly walked away, on to help the next person.

Bill shared as we walked that the purpose of the Downtown Improvement District was to help ensure that Minneapolis was cleaner, safer and more tourist friendly. First of all, what an important mission your organization has taken on. Secondly, congratulations for hiring someone as competent and friendly as Bill!  If there are any opportunities to recognize employees for what they do, I cannot stress enough how I would recommend that something be done to recognize the STAR that you have in Bill W. He truly is an Ambassador in every sense of the word. I would love to hear a response back from you if possible recognizing that you have received and reviewed this email. You can reach me by email or by phone.

Lynnette and Jay C.


We received a call from a woman who mentioned she just moved to the area after having moved abroad. She's unfamiliar with the downtown area and Rakel was so kind in offering assistance to her. She said it was so wonderful to have met Rakel and wanted to be sure he knows how much she appreciated her kind gesture.


I was recently in Minneapolis for a conference at the Convention Center.  My hotel was on 6th street, so I walked several blocks each day and just wanted to say how great the City looks.  I always felt safe and thought it was extremely clean.  I commented to one of your employees, Dan M., about what a great job they do.  Dan was extremely pleasant to converse with and I noticed after speaking to him that other employees were also very personable and always said hello or made some acknowledgement as I passed them.

-Kelly B.


I was recently in Minneapolis for a conference at the Convention Center.  My hotel was on 6th street, so I walked several blocks each day and just wanted to say how great the City looks.  I always felt safe and thought it was extremely clean.  I commented to one of your employees, Dan M., about what a great job they do.  Dan was extremely pleasant to converse with and I noticed after speaking to him that other employees were also very personable and always said hello or made some acknowledgement as I passed them.

-Kelly B.


I had a photo shoot downtown Minneapolis and got a little lost in the mix, but one of your workers Johnny J was so kind and helpful and helped me navigate the way! He made sure I got to where I was safely and with a friendly smile and attitude! He's a great worker!

-Josie K.


My son lost his wallet while at a Peddle Pub stop.  While backtracking I saw a person in a bright yellow/green shirt that looked like they worked on Nicollet Mall.  I stopped Calvin W. and asked him if someone lost a wallet and if someone turned it in where would I check?  He gave me one of the DID cards and told me that is where I would check.  Then he got on his radio and let other DID employees know the description of the wallet and the ID name in the wallet. My son and I started walking and looking for the missing wallet when Calvin W. came catching up to us.  He said that someone had found it and his supervisor had it.  Calvin proceeded to walk us to another worker, Tim, who had the wallet.  Then, Terry came to check to see if it was the correct wallet.



I spoke with Johnny J. on Friday, May 23, 2014.  He is a very friendly person and a good representative of our great State.  I am very impressed with the ambassadors and the work they do in downtown.  I've worked downtown for 30+ years and to be honest the downtown has never looked better.  In addition, I've traveled some and found that it leaves a great impression on visitors when someone will help them find where they are going or how to get there.  Keep up the great work!



I visited the downtown area on business. I arrived in the late evening. A gentleman named JERRY - a DID ambassador, escorted me to the hotel. As a first time visitor, it was a tremendous help. My mind was at ease and I felt very safe thanks to Jerry. Thank you so much for providing this service of DID ambassadors.



    Questions or Comments:  What great people and great service!  I very much enjoyed my visit to Minneapolis and the great interaction with your DID Ambassadors, especially Dan M.  Keep up the good work!

-Mary Kay R.



I had contact with Johnny J on 31 May. He was a great ambassador and gave me directions to some local restaurants. I then asked him specifically for a Ma and Pa type diner, to which he rapidly responded with Hen House which is just what I was looking for. Johnny is a very personable guy. After breakfast and my walk, I again ran into Johnny on the way back to the hotel. He remembered the previous talk we had, asked how the Hen House was (GREAT!) and explained the ambassador program.


I Just wanted to let everyone know that DID ambassador Doug J helped me out carrying a heavy item a block and a half on the morning of June 2nd. Really saved my back!! Thanks Doug!! You're the BEST!!



I greatly appreciate the work that the DID does on a daily basis. They assist our block with clean up on a daily basis as over 500 people are using our services each day, volunteers are serving breakfast for 200+ people in the morning and the garbage the accumulates daily can be overwhelming for our housekeeping staff. People, such as Marvin, are very helpful, with cleaning the street, friendly with staff and make an impact each day. Thank you for all that you do in Minneapolis! 

-Dominick B.

A special thanks to Ron C. He helped five Nebraska educators head in the right direction on our way to the Minneapolis Convention Center today.  Not only did he point us in the right direction he went out of his way to catch up with us after we walked a few blocks to let us know which busses to board to the convention center.  It made our day to have a friendly face and caring person to assist us.  He truly fulfilled his role as an ambassador!

-Michelle R.




I met up with a great employee of yours today, by the name of Johnny J.  He was cleaning the walkway of cigarette butts from the nasty people that just throw them on the ground.  I appreciate his hard work at keeping our city clean.  I've noticed a huge difference since your Ambassadors starting walking the streets of DT.

-Paula S.


Fusion Center just received a call from a woman who wanted to let DID know that she cannot thank Racquel S and Byron T enough for all of their help & patience. She mentioned she was planning on taking a bus from Downtown to a location out of Downtown and she was very impressed that they knew exactly what bus to take and where it would drop them off close to their destination. She said she wishes this program existed 10 or more years ago.



I wanted to pass along a comment about the friendly service provided by James A. yesterday afternoon.  A co-worker and I were in the skywalk and trying to find a place to purchase Minnesota-themed merchandise.  James advised of such a place, and provided detailed directions to the Love from Minneapolis store.  He was very helpful and a great representative of the city of Minneapolis!  Thank you so much.

-A.J. K.


I wanted to pass along a comment about the friendly service provided by James A. yesterday afternoon.  A co-worker and I were in the skywalk and trying to find a place to purchase Minnesota-themed merchandise.  James advised of such a place, and provided detailed directions to the Love from Minneapolis store.  He was very helpful and a great representative of the city of Minneapolis!  Thank you so much.


Thank you so very much for DID Ambassadors like Terry W.  The DID program is one of the best I’ve ever heard of.  Whoever thought of it is brilliant!   The ambassadors change the atmosphere of downtown in an amazing way.  They make a HUGE difference!
Ever so sincerely,
Colleen W.

I would just like to state my appreciation for the work that your employees are doing.  I would like to give special recognition to Doug J. he is a great asset to your business!
Abagail C.

I wanted to let you all know how much we appreciate all your presence and your hard work in our city. Add to that, every single time I see one of your employees, they are ready with a quick hello and an offer for help.I ran into Marvin during my daily walk, and he was an example of everything that is great about our city, welcoming, friendly and quick to offer help. I am so thankful for all of your hard work.

Roberta G.

Tonight there was a hit & run accident on Hennepin and 10th a little after 10pm. I heard the crash from my apartment and looked outside just in time to see two DID ambassadors coming from different directions but both were in a full sprint to get to the scene. They also immediately began consoling the injured party and calling in the accident.

Andrew F.

A woman by the name of Linda S. called into the Fusion Center and expressed her deepest gratitude to the program and especially Wallace H. for informing her of where to find something she was looking for and also escorting her to a destination. She is from Chicago and has recently moved back to the Minneapolis area and said she hasn't had anyone do anything nice for her until the day she ran into Wallace. She is planning on writing a letter because she is that grateful.  


I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation and to Wallace, who is one of your Ambassadors in Minneapolis.
For the most part I take only public transportation and had just got off the Green Line looking for my bank branch. I asked me if I was finding what I needed and then reached out to assist me. He not only walked with me until I found what I was looking for, but he was kind, courteous and extremely professional.
I asked him for his name so I could express his proactive and excellent customer service. Please ensure he knows I said thank you and great job on behalf of the city of Minneapolis!

Linda S.

I can't begin to tell you how much I love the workers you hire.  Every chance I get I try to go up to one of your workers and pat them on the back.  I want to recognize Ocamia for her patrolling the area by the Central Library this winter.  Great attitude!

Thanks again for all your workers!

Zenobia E.

I live in Minneapolis and every time I see the Ambassadors they make me smile.  My first experience with the Ambassadors is when I got off of the light rail and was looking around to try to find where I was supposed to go and one of the Ambassadors came and asked if he could help.  He pointed me in the right direction and got me on my way.  Just today I ran into another Ambassador and he asked me how I was doing today.  That led to a conversation as I was walking along Washington Ave, and he was very pleasant and informative.  I just want to say that I very much enjoy the Ambassadors and appreciate very much the work they do and how friendly they are.


Thank you for having Kenesha H. in your fair city to assist me back to the Hilton.  She even walked with me to the corner to make sure I was safe. 

Thank You.

Cheri R.