Louisville Downtown Management District

Provide safety, cleaning and ambassadorial personnel and management for the Louisville downtown Business Improvement District. Safety services provided by using vehicle, foot and bicycle patrols. Cleaning services provided by using both manual and mechanical cleaning systems.


A Safety Ambassador on bike provides directions to a pedestrian A brightly colored litter vacuum is part of the fleet of equipment keeping downtown Louisville clean An Ambassador waters one of the sprawling flower planters maintained by the Clean Team of the Downtown Management District



"When we hired Block by Block it changed downtown from an area that was only visited during the day by the people that worked here to an area that people started visiting at night, coming down for plays, coming down to enjoy themselves in our downtown community. We didn't have that when Block by Block wasn't here. Block by Block was a transformational organization that changed the worked with the city leaders to change the way our city went about running."

Louis Straub
Board Member
Lousville Downtown Management District

Heard On The Street

Louisville, KY: “The Science Center Building staff had been noticing a growing proliferation of graffiti –nearing the far side of our lot and even extending to our building (along 8th) and inside our lot.

My spirits were so lifted yesterday when I drove out of the lot at the end of the day to see your “green shirted” team hard at work eliminating graffiti along the flood wall there…and then ever more thankful when I came in this morning to see that work continuing.  As I said to your ambassadors, we’ve felt a little like we’ve got abandoned land on our hands back there…and what a nice change and certainly a great boost to my spirits to see that we had, in fact, gained a partner in LDMD in taking back control of this area! Thanks for your partnership!”

Jo H.
Downtown Louisville employee

Louisville, KY: "I am so impressed with the Louisville Downtown Management District! My husband nad I were in town for the Kentucky National Guard Conference when I lost my driver's license and debit card. We were actually on our way to the banquet and were looking forward to a nice night. We didn't let the loss ruin the night, but it didn't start out as planned.

I was so surpised and thankful when I received your package. I want to thank your team for returning them to me!"

C. Newton
Louisville, KY visitor 

Louisville, KY: "I just wanted to let you all know how impressed I and my mother were with Louisville.  I thought it was extremely clean.  I come into contact with an ambassador and wanted to let you know that he was extremely helpful with directions to our restaurant. Thank you!"

Dennis M.
Port Orange, FL 

Louisville, KY: "One of your LDMD Ambassadors came in Friday to return an access badge one of our employees had dropped outside somewhere. He seemed like a straight up, professional type! I appreciate the good work! Thanks!"

Grant W.
Downtown Louisville employee

Louisville, KY: "I wanted to let you know of a very pleasant run-in I had with an employee of LDMD.

I was traveling north toMichigan,and I had to take the detour from I-65N to I-71N by getting off inLouisville. Now, I’m usually pretty good with directions but when I saw a sign with an arrow that read DETOUR that’s where I turned. I should have never turned, but I did and I ended up going in one large circle and was lost. I pulled up along side a corner of either Liberty or Jefferson and asked for directions.

The Ambassador radioed in to get me the directions I needed. He was so nice and I appreciated him so much. I didn’t get his name (stupid me) because I was holding up traffic and was in a hurry to get through the intersection. Of course I didn’t realize this until after I drove off, but I wanted to let you know that I couldn’t have been happier with the service that I got from the gentleman that day. He saved me from driving around and around and wasting even more time. He seemed genuinely pleased to help me. It makes it easier to ask for directions or to ask for help when you deal with people like him. 


Even though I didn’t get his name I just wanted to let you know that you have a great employee working for you. Thank you!"

Katie F.
Nashville, TN 


Hear more from the street...

Louisville, KY: "I would like to praise one of your employees.  Kevin C. found my employee ID badge, sent an email notification, and met me close to my office to return it. He was professional and courteous and saved me from a lot of hassle. Thank you and Mr. Colvin!"

Jeremy D.
Downtown Louisville employee

Louisville, KY: "I wanted to follow up regarding my lost cell phone this morning on the street at 4th and Jefferson at approximately 7:35AM. Your Ambassadors found my phone on the curb and diligently placed it in a safe place until I could arrive and retrieve it.


I did not know where I had lost it but had back-tracked to my car in the parking lot where my daughter works. At that point I called the phone again and your workers (a team of three) answered and told me where to meet them - around the other side of the Chase building at 4th and Liberty.


I feel so fortunate that your guys found the phone as it is my home phone also. I appreciate what they did and hope you will acknowledge them for their efforts.

I feel very blessed, it is not everyday that people do the right thing. Thank You!"


Diane G.
Downtown Louisville employee


Louisville, KY: “As we go through our busy daily routines, I know many of us don't take the time to truly thank everyone who does a random act of kindness for us.  Tonight I want to break that trend and give you some positive feedback on one of your LDMD Ambassadors, and an outstanding gentleman I might add, Darrell Stone.  

As I exited the Humana building on the corner of 5th and Main Street this evening on my way to my parking garage on 8th Street, a downpour of snow greeted me.  Unfortunately, I didn't have an umbrella and I was only wearing a suit jacket (poor planning on my part).  Darrell saw me getting pelted with snow as I approached the corner of 6th and Main and offered to walk me to my garage under his umbrella on his way to take care of a task that he needed to do on 9th Street.  We had a great chat on the way to the car and we introduced ourselves when we parted ways.  I made sure to get a card so that I could reach out to his supervisor (you I hope) and recognize him for a good deed and job well done.

Having friendly, hardworking people like Darrell as Ambassadors on your team reflects well on the LDMD Ambassador program, and on the city of Louisville as a whole.  I look forward to seeing Darrell and chatting with him again sometime soon.  (Hopefully I'll remember my umbrella and coat next time).”

Matthew F.

Downtown Louisville employee

Lousiville, KY: "Just a note to thank you for having the yellow shirt crew out there polishing up our little park adjacent to the Brown…nice to see them trimming the bushes around the trees, etc!! Keep up the great work. Much appreciated"

Brad W.,Vice President & General Manager of a local hotel