Greater Easton Development Partnership

Cleaning Ambassadors provide general cleaning services to include removal of litter, weeds, power washing and a strong focus on special projects. Safety Ambassadors patrol downtown to provide a visible deterrent, an additional reporting mechanism, as well as good will ambassador services on behalf of the city.

Heard On The Street

Easton, PA: "I just wanted to say thank you for the Easton Ambassadors.  Recently I was in the circle (shopping at the Carmelkorn Shop) and noticed a young man sweeping and picking up litter.  I thanked him for being there.  As a lifetime resident of Easton, I really want to see downtown Easton continue to thrive and grow.  The State Theater, Crayola Factory, and the retailers and restaurants of Easton continue to make it an attractive place to shop, live and play."

Tony R.
Easton, PA 

Easton, PA: " Also  thank you for the wonderful staff both inside the theater and outside. May I say it was so nice to see the man outside keeping things clean, [Ambassador] Ranea. He helped us, my husband and I, on the sidewalks because of the scooter and the walker. We told him we came early to eat; he then proceded to walk us all the way down to the circle. I have to say that was extra nice of him to do. Being seniors, you sometimes feel unsafe in a area you are not used to being in. He made us feel so welcome to Easton. Thank you all!"

Dawn C.
Downtown Easton visitor


Easton, PA: "Just wanted to say “Thank You” for taking care of the trash can left at the back of our building.  You and the Ambassadors do a great job, and we appreciate your help on this issue."

Susan K.

Easton Resident

I want to share an experience that I will call – “A Tale of Two Cities”.
I am a transplant to Easton, and over the 30 years I have lived here I have seen a wonderful evolution of this city. The streets are clean, the ambassadors are ever-present to assist visitors and to greet everyone they pass. What a pleasant place to live, work and shop.
Last Sunday Dave and I visited the Allentown Art Museum, and walked the downtown searching for a place to eat. I grew up in Allentown and I am very pleased with the current rejuvenation of the downtown. The streets were lively with foot traffic, and stores were open. But, the downtown looked dirty and uncared for. There was trash blowing about, grafitti on buildings and signs, and not a police officer in sight. We walked for almost three blocks before finding a restaurant that was open, and on the way there was no one that we could have asked for information about eateries that were open.
It is so easy to become accustomed to what we see every day, and it is only by experiencing another “typical” city that the services provided by our Ambassadors is really something exceptional.
Thank you so much for the quality of life the Ambassadors bring to our residents and to our visitors.
-Kimberly J. R.