Downtown Cleveland Alliance

Provide a wide variety of services to improve the climate of downtown. Safety Ambassadors provide a high level of visibility and customer service, while serving as additional ‘eyes and ears’ of the Cleveland Police. Cleaning Staff ensure the district not only remains free of litter, weeds and graffiti, but carries out a wide variety of tasks that improve long term perceptions. Block by Block also employs off-duty Cleveland police officers during all operating hours, as well as a Social Service Outreach coordinator, who provides services to the homeless of Downtown.


The media's first glimpse of the Downtown Cleveland Alliance's equipment on kickoff day! Cleveland Mayor, Frank Jackson, addresses the approximately 150 attendees during the public introduction of the Safety and Clean Teams One of Downtown Cleveland's Cleaning Ambassadors! The DCA Clean Team is introduced for the first time to Downtown Stakeholders and the media Members of the Safety Ambassador team on the first day of services in Downtown Cleveland Downtown Cleveland Cleaning Ambassadors Downtown Cleveland's Safety Ambassadors Weed abatement in Downtown Cleveland Members of the DCA Clean Team Landscaping in Downtown Cleveland Downtown Cleveland Power-washing Services Street-sweeping services in Downtown Cleveland New SUV for Downtown Cleveland Clean and Safe Services

Heard On The Street

Cleveland, OH: “I had the unfortunate timing to have an accident in Cleveland, but had at the same time the most amazing experience by the group of people through your organization.

I slid on a turn and got stuck on the highway divider. Within minutes as I was trying to get a grip, two gentlemen came out of nowhere and were there to check if we were okay. They then proceeded to call for help and a tow truck. Before I knew it, a group of four was there to assist us.

I cannot express what that meant and how they turned a scary and frustrating situation into an enjoyable one. My kids said that ended up being the highlight of their day!

They were kind, helpful, professional, funny, and compassionate to the situation. What a great initiative for Cleveland and service for many. It was cold and snowy that morning and they changed my tire, and stayed with us outside talking and laughing (the police office stayed in his warm running car), though they were soaked themselves…

Again, I cannot say thank you enough for this service and those four people who I believe were there for a purpose that AM. Please commend your Ambassadors for the part they played in touching my family and I am sure the service to many others.”

Kimberley M.
Akron, OH

Cleveland, OH: “As I was coming out of Danny’s Deli, your Ambassador picked up my scarf that I had dropped and gave it to me.  I recognized her from other times by her bright smile and friendliness.  You have a great gal on your team, doing good work.”

Roxana M.
Downtown Cleveland employee

Cleveland, OH: "I am on the board for the new Market Improvement District, and it has been great watching our dream come true as your crew took over with the cleaning this week!

But I wanted to pass on to you something very impressive I just watched from my office window for the last 15 minutes. We have had for many months a street person by our Family Dollar Store that is there pretty consistently pan handling. These types of residents of Ohio City are certainly the type that need special attention and understanding. That was why I was so impressed with Block by Block's very humane process for handling these situations with your staff.

So two of your ambassadors were talking to this gentleman, and he was showing a very loud and animated response back. To their credit, they both were very calm, professional and not the least bit antagonistic back to him. Even their body language worked in that direction. I can't tell you how impressed I was, and it left me with a very positive feeling at the end of a long week. I know for sure, now, that we did the right thing hiring Block by Block through DCA.

Please pass on my compliments and a job well done. They stayed until they accomplished their task and the gentleman has moved on. Thanks again!"

Greg P.
Cleveland, OH 

Cleveland, OH: "I wanted to take the time to express to you how much I appreciate the service of Block by Block and the Downtown Cleveland Alliance and especially the time and service of Team Leader Brooks and Zetwat Hughes.  Last night I discovered that my battery was dead at around 6:00.  Zetwat was on West 4th Street and Lakeside and readily called in to get someone to help me jump the car.  He waited with me until Team Leader Brooks arrived and got my car started.  Both of them were very helpful and extremely professional in their assistance.  Please let them both know how much I appreciate what they did to assist me.  The services of Block by Block and the Downtown Cleveland Alliance are a great asset to our city."


Amy H.
Downtown Cleveland employee 


Cleveland, OH: "Last Saturday I met a DCA advocate named Melvin who was cleaning the streets in Ohio City.  I stopped him, introduced myself, and told him how excited I was that they moved to Ohio City and what a great job they have been doing downtown.  I have been living downtown in the Warehouse District for about 3 years now, and I am so grateful to have the DCA protecting and cleaning the city.  I feel so much safer seeing them around, and I truly appreciate all the hard work.  I think it's great that the program has moved across the river, and I look forward to seeing it expand more in the future."

Theresa K.
Ohio City resident

Hear more from the street...

Cleveland, OH: "I just want to compliment the Downtown Cleveland Alliance on the job they are doing.  They just completed another good job for us on putting plants in three planters next to our gallery.   Congratulations again on the job you are doing. "

Richard M.
Downtown Cleveland employee

Cleveland, OH: "I am an Ohio City resident and wanted to let you know that your employees are doing a wonderful job in our neighborhood. I met an Ambassador today on Bridge Ave. and have seen another working hard as well. They are very gracious and polite. It is a pleasure to see them around the neighborhood - smiling and greeting everyone as well as the work they do to beautify our streets and sidewalks."

Michaele S.
Ohio City resident

Cleveland, OH: "A couple weeks ago while digging in my car's engine, one of your employees approached, offered help to me, and explained to me how I can get help in case of emergency. I've been really skeptical that anything free would be so good!

I has accidentally locked my keys in the car. I had an appointment to get to, and suddenly I remembered his advice and made the call...what a service!!!  The polite and knowledgeable dispatcher had great response!!!  Ambassadors came within 10-15 minutes with a polite smile and confidence on their faces!!!  What a team.  My door  was open in two minutes, and I was ready to go. I can hardly express how surprised and thankful I am. Thank you for having such wonderful ambassadors!"

George K.
Cleveland, OH

Cleveland, OH: "I was with a party of four people from Michigan who visited downtown Cleveland yesterday for the CSU/Drexel basketball game at the Wolstein Center.  None of us were familiar with Cleveland, and after the game we were walking towards what looked like an area that might contain a restaurant where we could eat lunch.  We came upon an ambssador as we were walking and asked him where we could find a restaurant that was open.  He not only pointed us in the right direction, but escorted us into the Huron St. Deli and then met us after lunch to make sure we got back to our vehicles safely.  During the entire time, he was telling us about Cleveland. When I offered him a tip, he politely refused; but he did give us a business card and asked that if we were satisfied with his service that we write to Block by Block.

Satisfied would be an understatement.  We were overwhelmed that someone would go to the trouble to ensure that visitors enjoy their stay and avoid any trouble.  He is an outstanding representative for Cleveland and he is to be commended.  Thank you very much for your services."

George L.
Northville, MI 

Cleveland, OH: "I was stranded yesterday after work hours due to a flat tire.  I contacted your company for assistance and, believe it or not, one of your employees showed up in the matter of minutes.  He was extremely helpful, informative, and professional.  I want to say that this was my first time using the service that your company provides, but I was extremely impressed with the assistance.  If all companies had employees with the same commitment, then the world would be a much better place.

I wish your business much success, and I now know that I feel much safer in Downtown Cleveland due to your employees. Thanks!"

Shantale S.
Downtown Cleveland employee 

Cleveland, OH: "I just wanted to share how appreciative we are with all that has been accomplished. We have various business locations on the street.  Daily, we are in awe of the amazing job your staff is doing keeping our streets clean.

The ambassadors are a breath of fresh air.  Always have a smile and a good morning hello.  LuJuana remembered my name from day 1. Rather than facing the panhandlers every morning, as I have since 2005, I get to chat with her!


Thank you and your staff for a job well done!!!!!"

Cleveland, OH: "As someone who works downtown, I want to thank you for the work your people do in keeping the streets clean. I especially want to praise the work of Melvin.  It is a pleasure to see him always smiling and with a positive attitude.  He is a great ambassador for the city.  Keep up the good work. Thanks!"

Joe T.
Downtown Cleveland employee 


Cleveland, OH: "I was a Sgt at Arms at a recent event at the Cleveland Public Auditorium and was pleasantly assisted by one of your people, Juanita.  She was extremely courteous and helpful in giving me directions so that I could pass them onto our visitors at the USW 70th Anniversary Event.  We had many out of towners, including myself, that didn’t know the “lay of the land” in downtown Cleveland.


If you have others that serve the general public the way that Juanita did, you will have a successful, beneficial and rewarding program in place for those visiting Cleveland.  Thank You!" 

Beverly W.
Nashville, TN 

Cleveland, OH: "I used to live in the Warehouse District and have been in NYC for three years now; though, I visit Cleveland often.  I was involved in a number of focus groups in meetings discussing the Ambassadors and I wanted to shoot you quick note for first fighting to keep them around and secondly congratulating them for the effectiveness. 

I was recently in Cleveland for a series of meetings and went to a Tribe game last Thursday afternoon.  I had such a good time at the game I ventured over the casino and completely lost track of time (and the lack of time in my meter).  A very long story short I returned to my car on 9th between Prospect & Euclid and it was gone. 

Unfortunately,  I had left my cell phone in the car and all my other belonging and wasn’t even able to call 911.  Now panicking because I didn’t know if the car had been towed or stolen I spotted one of the yellow shirts. Joe was immensely helpful.  We remained calm, asked all the right questions and got me connected with a CPD officer who helped me located my car in impound and waited with me until a cab arrived.  He also helped convince impound to let me retrieve my phone since I was from out of town though none of my identification proved so. 

I’d like to congratulate you, your staff and the ambassadors for their quick, smart thinking and the ability to pass the baton to CPD to handle issues beyond the ambassadors scope.  I am so glad to know that the program has continued and is certainly a model that I will hold up for downtown development nationally. Thank you!"

Evelyn  ï»¿ï»¿B.
New York, NY 


Cleveland, OH: "I am writing to commend Hosea (Safety 4) and team leader Brooks for their quick and capable response Monday when I locked the keys in a rental car outside the Wyndham Hotel Playhouse square. They managed to unlock the car and I was on my way to the airport with time to spare. Both men were very courteous and friendly. Thanks!"

Al T.
Fairfax, VA

Cleveland, OH: "The Bishop William M. Cosgrove Center would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff members for removing the graffiti from our front steps and the sdie of our building wall. Your staff exhibited community spirit as well as compassion towards our volunteer maintenance man who was trying to scrub off the filth that had been written on our property, to no avail.

While Downtown Cleveland Alliance has contributed to our area in other ways - such as the sweeping of the sidewalks and curbs surrounding our building - this was indeed an act of generosity and shows support of our program and we are truly grateful. Thank you!"

Nicole E.
Downtown Cleveland employee 

Cleveland, OH: "I have been going to school and working downtown for over four years. Throughout my time here, I've seen Downtown Cleveland Alliance workers doing their job around the city; and I just wanted to say how lucky we are to have them. I made a comment to Melvin who stopped into the College Now Resource Center (I work at College Now) and he gave me a card and told me to pass it on to the DCA. The Alliance is definitely an integral part of making Cleveland better and beautiful; and I feel that we are lucky to have them serve our city. Keep up the good work, and thank you again!"

Alexander P.
Downtown Cleveland student and employee 

Cleveland, OH: "II was outside of City Hall having a smoke break, and one of your Ambassadors came by and offered me a "Stop Litter" ashtray! What a great program and employee, as she explained all the services that you provide. Thank you and kudos to your Ambassadors!"

Annie L.
Downtown Cleveland employee

Cleveland, OH: "Just a note to tell you that [Ambassador] Carolyn L saw one of our clients on the sidewalk outside our building and asked her if she needed assistance.  She showed Carolyn the suite number she was to be in for a deposition.  Carolyn, very kindly, escorted her up to the fourth floor and brought her safely into our office.  This was an unscheduled escort completed by a very observant, kind Ambassador.

Thank you for Carolyn and the entire Downtown Cleveland Alliance!"

Doris N.
Downtown Cleveland employee

Cleveland, OH: "I just wanted to write a thank you to the Ambassadors. My dear friend was lost in Cleveland for over three hours and an Ambassador from you organization brought our friend home safe and sound. I can not express my gratitude for you kindness. I have never been more worried and can only imagine what horror could have escalated if it was not for this rescue. The man who brought her home truly helped her come to the sense of admitting help is a must. Again I am beyond appreciative for what was done. Thank you!"

Karalyn S.
Doylestown, OH

Cleveland, OH: "My name is Eddie, and I work in the downtown area.  Today at lunch I went to "Walnut Wednesday" off of Walnut Ave.  I noticed when I got back to work I had lost my employee ID card.  I decided to retrace my steps.  Two of your employees, Juanita and Rico, found my ID on the ground and held on to it.  I asked people in the area if they had seen my ID card and was directed to Juanita.

I am very grateful for your outstanding employees!  They were professional and helpful.  I need my ID card to get in and out of my building as well as my parking garage.  So as you can see it was very important I found it.  Once again I applaud Juanita and Rico. Thank you!" 

Eddie K.

Downtown Cleveland employee

Cleveland, OH: "[Ambassadors] Mr. Kollar  and Mr. Brooks are our heroes. We were stranded out of the parking garage after being late 15 min to getting our car. These gentlemen stayed with us for awhile and eased our fears as we are not from Cleveland and a bit scared! They contacted the proper individuals who operated another garage down the block that was unmanned. They worked with another gentleman, Mike, who contacted the manager of the garage who eventually came and let us in. You have great employees!"



Michele H.
Downtown Cleveland visitor 

Cleveland, OH: "I couldn’t let another day go by without thanking you for the wonderful service your company provides. I am privileged to work with Cleveland’s homeless women and children. As you might imagine, they have many transportation needs. Your service is invaluable. The driver that has our area, Mr. Luke is outstanding. He treats our ladies with the respect that they deserve. He is always on time and very conscientious. Our staff and clients rely upon Mr. Luke’s trustworthiness. It’s wonderful to know that there are caring people and services like Block by Block available. Keep up the wonderful work!"

Jane A.
Downtown Cleveland employee 

Cleveland, OH: "Just a Thank You for the wonderful Safety Escort program that your company offers . I have seen  [Ambassador] Juanita and spoke to her in passing while she was riding her bike patrolling.


Today is the first time I met her personally, passing out flyers and talking in detail to people about the services you offer those of us that work or  just spend time in downtown Cleveland. Great Program! Thank you!"

Carolyn B.
Downtown Cleveland employee

Cleveland, OH: "I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy a few of the Walnut Wednesday events. Today’s event was especially enjoyable. I was struck by the efforts of [Ambassador] Rico to make sure the park grounds remained clean and the visitors welcomed. I thought you’d appreciate knowing this."

Bradley T.
Downtown Cleveland employee


Cleveland, OH: "I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with one of the Safety Ambassadors that was working this past Wednesday; her name was Juanita.  My husband and I drove up to enjoy the "food truck" experience.  After eating our yummy lunch we decided to go to Tower City.  I remember reading about a free trolley service in Cleveland.  I asked Juanita about it and she took her time and explained it to me and told me that it would take us to Tower City.  Then she went above and beyond and even walked us from Walnut over to Superior and even up the street to the trolley stop.  This world needs more people like Juanita!  Thanks!"

Donna M.
Canton, OH

Cleveland, OH: "I work at 12th and Superior and could not let another day pass without writing to you.  You have the most wonderful staff of hard working, kind and very courteous people.  I met [Ambassador] Juanita this morning who is on a bike today and she kindly gave me one of her cards so I could write to you.  I was greeted with such a warm smile and kind words.   I feel proud of not only working downtown, because I feel quite safe to be out and about because of your staffs presence, but they work so hard to keep our city clean which is a huge job in itself.

Thank you for such a job well done.  When people complain about paying taxes they have only to look at you and your staff to see those dollars have been wisely reinvested into our city.  Thank you again for making downtown Cleveland a joyful place to spend our time!" 

Cheryl D.
Downtown Cleveland employee 

Cleveland, OH: "I would like to take the time to tell you of my positive experience with Ms. Berry and her associate.  I called this morning due to a situation we are having here, and was helped by Ms. Berry.  She was professional, helpful, and more than accommodating.  Along with her associate, she came within an hour or two with information for our customers and with her assurance of the Ambassadors presence in and around our establishment.  I want to give due also to her associate present with her, however, I have forgotten his name but not his commitment to assisting us.   

I would like to thank you in advance for the additional help you are providing."

Betsy M.
Downtown Cleveland employee 

Cleveland, OH: "Last night after work I discovered my tire was flat.  [Ambassador] Brooks came to my rescue and I would like to pass on to you my gratitude for his help. He is so pleasant and helpful and I felt really safe and in good hands.  I live thirty miles outside of the city and was worried about being downtown stranded.  I really appreciate this kind of service and was amazed that he would not even take a very small tip.  What a terrific impression Mr. Books gives of our city!  Thank you so much."


Laura T.
Downtown Cleveland employee 


Cleveland, OH: "I received your contact information from [Ambassador] Melvin. I just heaped honest and enthusiastic praise on him for his hard work, as well as the hard work of all his colleagues.

The warm spirit, diligent work, and bright presence these folks bring to the neighborhood is noticeable and welcome. They are polite and open and obviously incredibly hard working. They make my neighborhood feel even more like a proud home.

Thank you for hiring such a fantastic team with people just like Melvin. You are a welcome addition to the neighborhood."

Steph B.
Downtown Cleveland resident


Cleveland, OH: "I live in the Ohio City area and frequently walk to businesses around W.25th( between Lorain and Bridge). I have been noticing the red shirted individuals who  clean up the area. Each one is pleasant and industrious. Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting [Ambassador] Melvin as he tidied up around Dave's Supermarket.

As a 20+ year resident of the neighborhood, I appreciate the work these individuals are doing. I hope the area businesses continue to support the effort."

Judy P.
Downtown Cleveland resident

Cleveland, OH: "My wife and I are here in Cleveland on vacation this week and we noticed the people with the bright yellow shirts riding bicycles around town. This morning I saw a woman in a yellow shirt with her bike in front of our hotel and approached to speak with her.


She was in process of mounting her bike but did not hesitate to dismount and park the bike to speak with me. We engaged in a very enlightening conversation regarding the services you provide. I was impressed with what she conveyed to me and I am now well informed.

[Ambassador] Juanita was very pleasant and charismatic during our conversation and is an excellent ambassador for your program. It was both an enlightening and pleasurable experience for me."


Barry A.
Downtown Cleveland visitor

Cleveland, OH: " Last night I had a wonderful surprise. As I walked away from the Indians game with my friend who had parked in the other direction, I faced a solo walk back to my car at Sumner and 14th with a little trepidation. A Cleveland Police man said I would be fine because I would not be walking alone -- I would be with thousands of people. 

Well maybe that's what he thought but, at the time, I was passing Erie View Cemetery and there were not thousands of folks around. That is when I saw that two males in bright yellow matching shirts with walkie- talkies, or some kind of radio, were standing on the side walk exuding some kind of official yet approachable presence. 

I was thrilled and relieved to learn that they would, in fact, walk me to my car. I wanted to express to you my deep gratitude and enthusiasm for this service. 

I appreciated their congeniality and professionalism. I had never heard of this service before, and I am all for it. Thanks to all who made this program occur and all of those who orchestrate it, and to the assistants who perform this humane and civil service. Thanks for the feeling of safety and being cared for and thought of.

In a world where people do horrible to their neighbors, this simple act of walking with someone to their car in the dark is brilliant. Thank you all."

Teresa M.
Cleveland, OH 

Cleveland, OH: "I have worked downtown for nearly six years and have always been impressed with the employees of your company that I have encountered.  They always seem pleasant and upbeat, I have never seen one person "loafing" or faking it.  One woman in particular has stood out among them all.  This morning I had opportunity to speak with her briefly and commented on her longevity on the job.  She is always friendly and helpful even in the most miserable of weather.  I am speaking of [Ambassador] Juanita.  As a lifelong and proud Clevelander, it pleases me that she is one of the people that visitors to the downtown area are likely to interact with. 

Your hiring and training practices are admirable and should be emulated by all employers who serve the public. Best of luck!"

John D.
Downtown Cleveland employee

Cleveland, OH: "I am now employed in the field I know best as an Administrative Assistant for Goodwill Industries.   Ambassador Marion L. made sure that I not only got to my initial interview;  but also to the drug testing appointment and my very first day of work.  Of course, it was all done in the usual timely manner that is characteristic of Marion.  Throughout I was blessed by his witty and intelligent conversation and constant encouragement.  I have only the best things to say about the service I receive from Block by Block, and I still refuse to have any driver other than Marion.



With my new employment, I'm afforded different opportunities to observe and converse with other employees of Block by Block, in particular, is a women that keeps the streets clean in the W 25th Street area, though she wears a red shirt instead of the gold shirt like Marion's.  I don't know her name, yet she always speaks and is very pleasant.  I see that as very refreshing considering she is on her feet for the better part of her day.  Makes me wonder if she was trained by Marion, she seems to have his philosophy for her job.

All in all, I commend you for the quality of your employees and the service you provide.  You remain consistent in the attention you take to hire the best people for the job and it shows in all areas."

Leslie B.
Downtown Cleveland employee 


Cleveland, OH: "I wanted to share a great story with you that I observed this morning.  I went to get my morning cup of coffee at Erie Island and saw one of your Downtown Ambassadors escorting a guest to their meeting location and they made sure to cover them with an umbrella since they did not have one.  This occurred on East 4th this morning!

I just wanted to take a minute and recognize the ambassador who went above and beyond. These are the small things that make our city so awesome and friendly.  Unfortunately I did not see the ambassador’s name, but the ambassador was awesome!  Also wanted to thank you and your team for helping us sell/service this city and make Cleveland proud for all those who work, play or visit.  This made my day to see someone have something nice done for them and just wanted to let you know and compliment your Ambassadors."

Tim C.
Downtown Cleveland employee

Cleveland, OH: "Thank you for sending your Ambassador, Melvin,  to cover our area (Old Brooklyn). It has been cleaner since he came and also it is so nice he has controlled the panhandlers who hang around usually at the bus stops, drunk and bothering people for money. We run a food pantry for the needy, and so it’s nice that we have not seen them around bothering us or our clients. Thanks again and keep up the good work."

Mary C.
Downtown Cleveland employee


Cleveland, OH: "I have been asked by [Ambassador] Melvin M. to give my feedback on the job he is doing here in Old Brooklyn. Our neighborhood has never looked better. The trash is no longer floating around the streets, the panhandlers are no longer harassing people, and the environment just seems safer.  Not only is Melvin doing a wonderful job keeping our neighborhood clean and safe, but he is a genuine pleasure to have around.  He is always in a good mood, no matter what the weather is like.  He treats each one of us like human beings. Our neighborhood has greatly improved in the few weeks he has been present. When a neighborhood is clean and safe, more people come to it.  This is going to improve our business and the future businesses of the community. Thank you!"

Don W.
Downtown Cleveland resident

Cleveland, OH: "I spoke with [Ambassador] Juanita at lunch today and told her what an awesome job your organizations is doing.  It is organizations like yours that are making a positive impact on this city, keep it up."

Paul S.
Downtown Cleveland employee 

Cleveland, OH: "I wanted to put in a good word for you ambassadors. They always do a great job. I met Crystal today. She was cleaning up around our restaurant and was delightful to talk to. Thank you!"

Rick C.
Downtown Cleveland employee

Cleveland, OH: "I want to let you know I have seen [Ambassador] Juanita for the last few years as I walk to work from my parking garage.  She always has a smile and a cheerful hello.  However, today I actually stopped and talked with her. What a terrific person she is!  

And what a tremendous job all of you are doing.  I did not realize you offered escort services.  I put some of your flyers, which she gave me, in my office and told some people about it.

Keep up the great work!  You certainly have insight into hiring the best people for these jobs, because everyone I have met has been cheerful, courteous and helpful."

Jane R.
Downtown Cleveland employee

Cleveland, OH: "I would just like to let you know how much I appreciated the service that your company provides. My husband and I visited Cleveland for the first time in September. We came accross an ambassador by the name of Juanita. She was so helpful. She explained how to get around and let us know about all the cool things that Cleveland had to offer. What a great service. Thank you for making our first trip so much easier. And, please tell Juanita to keep up the great job! Thanks!"

Erren K.
Downtown Cleveland visitor

Cleveland, OH: "I am writing to thank your team for their service today, as I was referred to the Cleveland Alliance by the parking lot attendant in the Huntington garage after I returned to my car to find the battery dead.

I did not know this service was even available in downtown Cleveland, and it was a lifesaver today. The team was there in about 5 minutes after I called, was quick to help me jump my car, and very friendly. The team members that came out were Chuck and Alex, I believe. The gentleman I spoke with on the phone was also very courteous and helpful. They came out to help about 30 minutes ago.

Thank you for offering this service, making it free of charge, and employing a great team, and I will do my best to spread the word about its availability. Thank you!"

Maurice S.
Downtown Cleveland employee

Cleveland, OH: "I work in the Frame Center Gallery in the Galleria; [Ambassador] Edgar M. stopped in and introduced himself. I was really impressed with his concern for the safety of people in the downtown area;  I have been downtown since 1980, and it is reassuring to know there are individuals watching our back.  You are doing a great job."

Barb K.
Downtown Cleveland employee 

Cleveland, OH; "My name is Ben, and I am the owner-operator of Spice Kitchen & Bar in the Gordon Square Arts District in Cleveland, Ohio. One of your guys, Melvin, stopped in and is just checking up on us regularly as well as another woman, Carolyn, I believe. They are always present and professional and have done an amazing job with their stewardship of the neighborhood. It has been a noticeable difference in cleanliness and safety since we, as a neighborhood, have made the switch to the Downtown Cleveland Alliance. Thank you for hiring quality people as we try to do as well."

Ben B.
Downtown Cleveland property-owner



Cleveland, OH: "You have two ambassadors that give 110%!! Edgar and Melvin work the Gordon Square area and have been an asset to our growing community. As a shop owner I appreciate the effort they take on making our neighborhood safe. They are pleasant and personable and have had a positive impact on my business and on the Gordon Square theatre district. Thank you!!!"


Downtown Cleveland business owner

Cleveland, OH: "It is with great thanks I express thanks to you and your staff for your great contribution to the community. I would like to thank specially Mr. Charles for helping me find my car. Again, thank you all and happy holidays!"

Adam T.

Cleveland resident


Cleveland, OH: "I was stranded with a dead battery and I want to let you know that Erik and Jessica came out to jump start my car at E. 9th and Carnegie. They were wonderful and they arrived in a very short amount of time. I was pleasantly surprised by the promptness of their arrival. They were kind, courteous and got my car started!

I will be letting everyone in our office know about your service to the community. It is very refreshing and comforting to know there is help out there!"

Mary B.

Downtown Cleveland employee

Cleveland, OH: "I would like you to know that your Team Leader, Brooks was very helpful with starting my car.  Mr. Brooks took the time to explain to me what happens when the battery of a car has corrosion.  Mr. Brooks was very polite, funny, and professional.  Thank you for this great service! I was blessed to utilize this FREE service, please keep up the fantastic work."

TaNisha R.

Cleveland resident


Cleveland, OH: "I wanted to let you know what a great crew you have servicing the Detroit Shoreway area. The crew members are always polite and professional. I have applaud one specific member on his efforts; Melvin.

Melvin always has a smile, always asks if there is anything we need additionally to what he already does, and a genuinely nice person. He is always smiling and grateful to be able to be of service. He never complains but rather “Thanks God for the Blessing” of being able to work another day; how many people do you know that says that!

I truly am grateful for the work he does as well as the rest of the crew members but Melvin’s attitude is outstanding!

Thank you again for all you and your crew members do every day to make Cleveland a city of choice."

Blanca S.

Downtown Cleveland employee

Cleveland, OH: "I just wanted to say what a great job Melvin has done! And of course the rest of the Crew! Melvin and the rest of the Crew always check in to see how things are. Thanks!"


Downtown Cleveland employee


Cleveland, OH: "I have to thank you for the wonderful, exemplary job all of you are doing at Downtown Cleveland Alliance. I especially would like to shank Armond and Jessica for their prompt assistance (and patience) with my mother.

This morning, my mother’s car stalled on the corner of 18th and Hamilton Street. I met her from work in order to help her out. Unfortunately, the vehicle wouldn’t budge; the gear wouldn’t even shift to neutral. She didn’t have any way of removing the vehicle herself, so she recommended we call Downtown Cleveland Alliance.

Armond and Jessica arrived with jumper cables to see if the battery was the culprit. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the battery, so they recommended a tow company to drop it off near the nearest repair shop. They radioed us a tow truck and left us a card if we need further assistance. The tow truck arrived soon after.

We would like to thank you so much for your help and are truly grateful for your wonderful staff and existence. Thank you!"

Kevin C.

Downtown Cleveland employee

Cleveland, OH: "I got a flat tire at the BO on Carnegie. I was alone, and had called AAA, but while I was on the phone with AAA, who would take up to 2 hours to arrive, one of your colleagues spotted me and immediately came to help. Later, his team leader came to help. Both gentlemen were very professional, kind and hardworking, and I truly appreciated their help and professionalism. Downtown Cleveland Alliance is a great organization and was really there so quickly (without a call), that it was amazing. Thank you!"

Jennifer B.

Downtown Cleveland employee

Cleveland, OH: "Yesterday, I accidentally left my interior light on in my car. When I came out to my garage to leave, my battery was dead. The attendant in the garage was nice enough to call Cleveland Alliance for me. Soon after, Team Leader Brooks came by in his truck and drove me up to my car and had it started in no time.

I was very touched by how kind and helpful he was. I had been having a rough week and he listened to me describe what was going on with the car and knew exactly what to do. He saved my day and I would give him a raise if I could.
I haven't had the greatest experiences downtown but the Cleveland Alliance workers are always friendly and courteous and I may have to revise my opinion of downtown Cleveland. The attendant in the garage and Team Leader Brooks made Cleveland feel like home and that is saying alot since I am not from here.

A thousand thanks!"

Kristen R. 

Downtown Cleveland employee

Cleveland, OH: "I wanted to take this time to personally thank you for the assistance I received from one of your employees. I parked in the Standard Parking garage at 777 Rockwell and had the unfortunate circumstance where my van would not start and I needed the battery jumped. The parking garage attendant, contacted your Team Leader to come by to help. It did not take him long at all. He was prompt and courteous and personable. He had my van started in no time and I was very grateful for his help. He did a fantastic job and I, for one, feel glad that this service is available to people downtown. Thank you!"

DeAnn B.

Downtown Cleveland employee

Cleveland, OH: "One night after leaving work, I headed out of the Hanna Building to my car that's parked in the lot on E. 9th and Sumner. I scraped all of the ice off my car and got back in to close my door -- which unfortunately was stuck in the lock position, rendering me without a way to close it.

I had been messing around with the lock for a few minutes when one of the DCA workers came strolling by and asked me if everything was OK. Together, we worked on getting my car out of the stuck lock position. He was willing and ready to step up and help me out when I needed it. He wasn't going to leave until my problem was fixed and that's an incredible quality to have in a worker.

Thanks to him, I was able to make an appointment I was headed to that night and the entire weekend went well because of it.

A thousand karma points to this man -- if he's eligible to make any more money or move up in his position, he absolutely deserves it!"

Sam T.

Downtown Cleveland employee

Cleveland, OH: “I would like to thank both Team Leader Brooks and Glenn H. for helping me with my flat tire.  I was not having a very good day and to come out to the parking lot and find a flat tire didn’t make my day any better.  Your guys made me smile!  They were prompt, efficient, friendly and impressive.  I couldn’t help but hug them when they were done. Many thanks to you and to them for being so helpful!!” 

Kim B.

Downtown Cleveland employee

Cleveland, OH: “[Ambassador] Paul C. is out in the community doing his best to make a difference. Paul has been very friendly and professional every time he's stopped by to check on us at Crazy Horse Downtown. Paul has shown a strong interest making an impact on the areas safety and making downtown Cleveland a desirable destination for both travelers and local residents. Overall I am grateful for the job that Paul and the rest of your staff is doing to better our city. Thank you and keep up the good work!!”

Jacob S.

Downtown Cleveland employee

Cleveland, OH: “Special thanks to Dornell and Armond on their help unlocking my car. Great workers and very polite!”

Dan O.

Downtown Cleveland employee

Cleveland, OH: “We absolutely love the Downtown Cleveland Alliance and Paul C. does a wonderful job of keeping in touch with us and making sure we are all up to date in what to do in case we have any questions and such. Keep it we love this service and it encourages us as business owners to stay here in the warehouse district.” 

Barroco Grill Downtown

Cleveland, OH

Cleveland, OH: “I noticed as I was driving down East Ninth to Euclid to the Palace Theater, several people pushing blue carts with yellow shirts cleaning the sidewalks. They were busy picking up various pieces of trash. After seeing them I noticed how clean the streets looked. Especially after the winter I would expect to see trash in the streets and sidewalks. When I parked my car across from the theater, I watched a young girl stop and clean the cups and papers out of the bushes near the parking lot.

With that, I walked across the street and standing in front of the Palace Theater a young man was dressed nicely in a uniform. After speaking to this man he explained what was going on and was extremely nice. I appreciated your hard work keeping Cleveland looking nice and it made my visit even more enjoyable. I look forward to spending more time downtown and keep up the good work!”

Chris M.

Downtown Cleveland visitor

Cleveland, OH: “I wanted to take a minute to thank your team of Ambassadors in Downtown Cleveland. I had an important meeting near Public Square one morning and was already in a tizzy because of the meeting itself, but had anxiety about heading to a part of Cleveland that I hadn’t been to before. I had no idea where to park or even exactly which office I needed to be in for the meeting. 

As I got off the highway and made my way to Ontario, the unthinkable happened! The tires that I just had replaced must have not been tightened enough and my wheel popped off and passed me by as I pulled over to the side of the road. Before we could even get out of the car, your two Ambassadors came out of nowhere, caught the wheel and were there to help us get out of the traffic and into a safe spot to fix it. They helped my husband navigate into a parking garage, made sure that he had everything under control and gave me directions to where I needed to go.  

I can’t thank your team enough! They are definitely making it a pleasure to visit Cleveland! Keep up the good work!”

Julie P.

Downtown Cleveland visitor

Cleveland, OH: “I just wanted to pass along what a pleasure it is to see Juanita everyday out doing her thing!  Even in this nasty weather today, there she is walking, smiling and greeting all!

Have to admit that all of your employees that I see are cordial, however Juanita goes the extra mile (block)!”

Denise H.

Downtown Cleveland employee

Cleveland, OH: “Many thanks to the excellent work of the Ambassadors led by Mr. Brian Perkins at yesterday’s event at the Old Stone Church.  We really appreciate the welcome and direction that the Ambassadors gave to our guests for the “Hope for the City Program”.  We are so blessed to have the Block by Block program of the DCA be such a supportive partner to the overall mission of the Old Stone Church.  We help us to do our programming with excellence! Thank you!”

Beth G.

Downtown Cleveland employee

Cleveland, OH: “I just wanted to take a minute and tell you that we appreciate everything that you guys do every day. I met one of your employees named Paul C.; he is very nice and extremely personable. Keep up the great work!”

Jeff S.

Downtown Cleveland employee

Cleveland, OH: “I would like to thank the city for this great program. I met Paul C. while working. He explained what the company does. I think it’s great. This program reminds me of the Guardian Angels back in the early 80’s. Thank you again Cleveland!”

Josh W.

Cleveland resident

"I wanted to inform you of the great work Mr. Brooks did for me earlier this week. He came out and gave me a jump, which I know is his job, but he also did it with a smile. He was kind, professional and prompt. I just learned of this courtesy service the DCA offers, which is just fantastic and oh so kind. Thank you for having such a great team player and thank you for this commendable service that is provided to us Cleveland. Thanks a million."

Nicole P.
Cleveland Resident

Cleveland, OH: "I work at AmTrust Financial and today the Downtown Cleveland Alliance were assisting us and answering our questions. One of your employees, Juanita, was especially helpful to me and I am most appreciative. I wasn’t aware of this program to help downtown workers and patrons, but I feel a lot safer and more informed."

Chanea W.

I just wanted to let you know it was a pleasure to work with Juanita this morning when we were trying to catch a dog that was loose.  She kept telling me where the dog was while she was on her bike while I was in my car.  Then the Cleveland PD showed up and I left.  I think the city looks great and every person I have met from your operation has been wonderful.   Caryn L.

A colleague and I were at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame for lunch from the food trucks today and we stopped your employee, Juanita to ask a question. Juanita was so helpful and informative as to the services provided by the Downtown Cleveland Alliance that I had to write a quick follow up commending her on her wonderful attitude. She is truly an ambassador for the Downtown Cleveland Alliance.

Previously, other Downtown Cleveland Alliance employees have always been friendly. Kudos to you and your staff.

-Michelle E.

I just wanted to send you a note once again in regards to the clean-up crews you have placed in the GSAD area.  They have been fantastic with keeping our area clean and safe.  The staff is very professional and always willing to go the extra step to make sure we are satisfied with their services. 
I wanted to especially recognize one worker by the name of Melvin.  He is always pleasant, professional, and courteous with every individual he encounters.  He always makes a point to stop into our office to ask if there is anything more he can do for us and more than willing to do so if we ask.  He always has a great smile and kind words to say about his involvement in this program and our area.  We find it a great honor to have individuals like Melvin helping to keep our area clean and safe but also a community of choice.
I hope your organization takes time to make note of these reviews for a very well deserved crew and individuals within that crew.
Thank you again for your time, the dedication of your team members, and to our wonderful city.  Have a Blessed Fourth of July holiday.
Blanca S.

My name is Danielle and I work at the Hampton Inn in downtown cleveland. We are very grateful for Melvin, he is always stopping in and checking up on the staff here. Very nice and helpful!
Thanks again! keep up the good work!!!


I just wanted to thank you and commend a couple of your staff members who helped me out when I visited Cleveland several weeks ago.  On Wed. May 29, my wife and I were bicycling around Cleveland when I got a flat tire (a recurring problem with my bicycle, not Cleveland's fault!).  Your staff member Juanita and an older gentleman (didn't get his name) were passing on their bikes and we asked them where I could get it fixed.  They were very helpful and when I ran into Juanita again later that day, she made sure I was getting the help I needed.
At the bike rental/shop where I got the flat tire fixed, Bob was the bicycle mechanic who helped me.  He was also exemplary in his service. 
We loved Cleveland!  Juanita and Bob were certainly very helpful and we look forward to visiting again.
Thanks very much,
Robert W.
Ottawa, Canada

I would like to express my gratitude towards two wonderful gentlemen, Melvin and Mr. Kenneth B. I had come downtown (coming from the far east) to do some photography. I had been going through a tough time and decided to get out and enjoy the day. I had just gotten off the freeway when my truck died. After making several calls and walking to the nearest gas station I was quickly getting discouraged. I suddenly heard a man ask me if he could be of assistance. Not realizing he was a professional, I said thanks but, no thanks. He quickly explained who he was and asked again. I was totally in shock that their was such a program. That's probably the most upsetting thing about breaking down, being alone and wanting to try and get out of the situation without having to pay a fortune. He called his boss and they immediately started to access the problem. Knowing the area, they knew right away where and how to get there. Unfortunately we were unable to get it started, however, they assisted me in getting a tow truck and knowing of a garage (one where I wouldn't be taken advantage of because this was an emergency) to bring it to. They continued to remain by my side the whole time. I literally left there having a stressful trip and being very inconvenienced with having to get a ride and leaving my truck, to having a very enjoyable, safe visit with two very pleasant, understanding and helpful gentlemen. Usually, when something like this happens, I get very stressed and upset. I can not believe how calm I am about what had happened. Amazing how someone can calm a situation with just being patient and understanding. I can not say enough about your program or more important, about Melvin and Kenneth B.!! Thank you, thank you. I will keep both of you in my prayers.

I am a downtown resident and I want to tell you how much I appreciate the Downtown Cleveland Alliance. I enjoy seeing the flowers along Euclid and around the city. I like when I see them cleaning up the streets and picking up the trash left by careless people. I really like that they're cleaning up the city. I always see yellow shirts walking, riding, or driving around. It makes it safer to live downtown, knowing that these helpful people are always available.

In particular, I wanted to share with you an experience I had today with one of the employees. I live on E 12th and Euclid and there is a homeless man who uses some of the empty doorways on Euclid as a sleeping area/bathroom area. Since it has gotten warm out, the smell of urine has gotten worse. Walking to and from work, I have to almost hold my breath because the smell is awful. Today as I was walking back to work from lunch at my apartment, I saw Paul Case power washing this area where the homeless man does his business. I cheered inside because hopefully the smell will be eliminated! I thanked Paul for doing what he was doing and he was telling me that he had heard about the homeless man and was trying to clean up everywhere that this guy was doing his business.

Paul was the one who gave me your card and so I just wanted to share my good experience with you. I hope the City of Cleveland realizes what an asset the Downtown Cleveland Alliance is and keeps the program.

Thank you,

Sarah Nelson

Michael – Just a note to advise that you have a gem of a person in Juanita.  Observed her assisting a passerby the other day and it was truly a "pay it forward" moment.  I know the "yellow shirts" have a job to do, but they are a breath of fresh air and a great source of security and comfort Downtown.  Keep up the great work.

– Todd S.

I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to get to know your Douglas Denny when I visited Cleveland for the Bills-Browns game.
I was not certain of my whereabouts and Doug was kind enough to personally escort me to the restaurant where I was meeting a supplier of our before the game. He was pleasant engaging and interesting and represented your city well.
Let me with a most positive impression of the people in your city.
-Christopher J. H.

A couple evenings ago, my wife and I had dinner and attended a play (Woody Sez) in Playhouse Square.  As we walked from the restaurant to the theatre, we encountered one of your yellow-shirted colleagues.  I commented that I thought he and his coworkers make a positive difference in downtown Cleveland.  I have made similar comments to others as I pass them on the street.  He handed me a card with your contact information, noted on the card that he is "Amb 36," and suggested I might want to take a moment to let you know my thoughts as well.

So here you go.  Keep up the good work.  It is much appreciated.

-Brian L.

Thank you for sharing. Juanita is an amazing ambassador and person. Please express my appreciation to her and let's schedule a time I can take her to lunch.

-Mark L.

One of your DCA Ambassadors assisted a nineth grade student here at SucessTech Academy high school it was the first day of school, The young man had a unexpected mishap to himself. The DCA Ambassador came to the school to inform me that the young man was in distress and informed me that she was going to assist him with calling his father, because he was too embrassed to come into the building and that she plan to sit with him until his father arrives, she told me the students name and rushed back out to him. When she arrived back here at Sucesstech Academy she had the student with her, she explained that the students father never showed up, so she walked the young man to Alliance headquarters so that he could clean up. She then provided him with a change of clothing and then walked him into the school to explain so that his attendence would not be affected.
I feel she went above and beyond the call of duty and on behalf of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, I commend her for treating this child the way that any and all parents would want their children treated in that situation.

I would like to send you an email in recognition of Rodney Barnett, an Ambassador from the Downtown Alliance program.  He walked me on Friday Sept 20, 2013 when it was pouring rain and made sure I got to my car safely. 

I wanted to send a brief on my experience involving downtown alliance.I wanted To thank Mr. Don & Mr. Greg for their assistance .I am a Cleveland Resident.I Just so happened to be on W.25th St. My Car Powered Down and I had no one to help or call at that moment. The Downtown Cleveland Alliance Were Very Patient and Carefully viewed The Situation taking action.Without Their Help and generosity ,there was no telling how long I would've became stranded. So Wanted to Take The time to send an e-mail saying thanks and how much your services are greatly appreciated. To Reside in The city of Cleveland, and not expect help in a situation like myself felt great to know someone was there.

I am extremely grateful for the excellent service I received from Scott when my car keys were recently locked in my car.  He did a great job.  Thank you for this great service and all the good things you all are doing for our city.

-Jonathan H.

We are traveling from Lethbridge, Alberta to Kingston, Ontario.  We purposely chose a route through Cleveland, OH.  The primary purpose was to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
We arrived at the Science Centre for parking and then proceeded to walk to the R&R Hall of Fame, being uncertain where to go.  We probably had that 'deer caught in the headlights look' when Juanita rode up to us and asked if we needed any assistance.  Juanita, professional-knowledgeable-helpful-courteous.  Wow, what excellent service.

Well done Cleveland!  The Block by Block program makes visitors feel safe, wanted and welcome.  More cities should have programs such as this.

In closing, Juanita's help was exemplary and appreciated by us.
-Dean and Julie R.

My name is Zach and I am a resident of the Warehouse district.  I love the city and after last night, the Ambassadors are a big reason why.  Around 11:15pm I called the Ambassadors because I locked my keys in my car and unfortunately my apartment keys are on the same key ring.  I didn't think anyone would answer, but luckily Team Member Brooks picked up the phone, and even though he said they were closed, he would come to help me.  About 5 minutes later Brooks pulled up to my parking lot and easily unlocked the car for me.  He was incredibly friendly and told me he was happy to help me.  I hope that all of the Ambassadors have the same personality and passion for helping people as Brooks does.

Thank you,
A very happy Downtown Cleveland resident, 
Zach R.

On Monday, March 17, 2014, I was leaving my office in the Halle Building at around 6:30 pm and found that I had a flat tire.  The garage attendant was unable to assist me; however, he provided me with the telephone number for the Downtown Cleveland Alliance. 

I called the number and, with it being St. Patrick’s Day, was told that it would be little while before someone could get to me because everyone was cleaning up from the parade, but someone would call me when they were on their way.  Being afraid that it would be a very long wait (and I was stranded in a dark garage), I was extremely surprised and delighted when I received a call not 10-15 minutes later that someone would be there to help me within 5 minutes.  And sure enough, they were there within that time. 

Your representative, Paul, was extremely polite and pleasant.  He changed my tire quickly and got me on my way.  He refused a tip stating that emails were more appreciated.  

Therefore, I am sending this email with my gratitude.  It is my understanding that my firm is one of your sponsors.  Hopefully, we will continue to sponsor the Downtown Cleveland Alliance because it seems a very worthwhile endeavor.  

Keep up the good work!  

Lynda K.

I am writing this letter to thank you and your staff members for their service today.   At around 8:11 this morning, I was parked on 17th and Hamilton. I went into the store for a quick second.   When I came out to get into my car, it would not start.   I checked underneath the hood of the car to check my battery, as I started to close the hood, the Cleveland Alliance truck passed by. The passenger asked if I needed a jump and I replied, “Yes.”

A representative by the name of Rico gave me papers to fill out and then gave me a jump.  My car started right up.  He was accompanied by another representative by the name of Robert. They were so kind, and I really appreciated the service. I work for the city of Cleveland, and I was on my way to work, and their help made my day. Your service is an asset to the city of Cleveland, and I am truly thankful. 

Thanks again,
Laura Williams

I would like to send a sincere thank you for the work that you all do.   
Yesterday I had the pleasure of being escorted to my vehicle by a gentleman named Louis.  This service is very important to me as I recently received a threat by someone.   

Louis possessed the utmost professional behavior and he made me feel very comfortable and protected as we walked to my vehicle.  So again I want to say thank you for doing what you all do and by doing so making me feel very comfortable with continuing to work downtown. 


My wife and I were visiting downtown Cleveland March 22--coming out of our hotel we must have looked a bit lost. We were met by an ambassador Denny. He was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Our stay got off to a wonderful start. What a great program. 

Thank you Cleveland!

John H 

Just wanted to share that while walking to work this morning, I stopped and spoke with Armon who was sweeping up the sidewalk on East 14th – we briefly chatted about Cleveland, the weather, and the services DCA’s ambassadors provide.  

As a young professional who lives and works in Cleveland, I appreciate the DCA ambassadors more than you can imagine.  They are always so friendly and positive, and Armon is no exception!


Today I locked my keys in my car and called the fire department. They told me to call Cleveland alliance. I called and talked to a nice young man. He sent me an angel name Armond who was very helpful and respectful. It only took him 10 min. to arrive and unlock my doors. Thank you Block by Block,  you and your workers are a true blessing.

Today made the term “typical Monday” a true statement for me. I locked my keys in a running car, and I was not in the car! The police officer at my place of employment suggested calling your organization to gain entry into my vehicle. I am glad that I did. The wonderful customer service provided by Rico and Mrs. Smith made a bad situation more bearable.

This is a note of “THANKS” for the service that your organization provides and for the awesome job that Rico and Mrs. Smith provided for me this morning.

Janine L
City of Cleveland Water

I'd like to compliment one of your employees, Rico, for the excellent service he provided to me yesterday 3/31/14 on E 6th & Lakeside. Rico helped me to get into my car after, I locked my keys inside while it was still running. 

I am highly pleased with the professional manner in which Rico serviced my automobile for the lockout. I will pass your information along to family, friends, & co-workers so they are aware of the services you provide in DowntownCleveland. 

Candace C.

I just wanted to send a message over to you on how helpful Rico was to me this morning. I locked my keys, phone, and purse in my car in the playhouse square parking garage. He was fast, pleasant, and helpful in assisting me. I will always keep you all in mind when I am ever in a bind. Thanks for saving my day!


I am writing to commend the assistance of Mr. Case today. I was driving to work in the dark this morning, I hit a chuckhole on the East shore way, which bent my rims and hubcaps and caused air to leak from my tire. I contacted the alliance around 11 am, and Mr. Case came to the Huntington Park garage and put the donut tire on my car. He was kind and professional and performed the work quickly and efficiently. He gave fast, friendly service. I commend Mr. Case and the Cleveland Alliance for being great ambassadors for our great city. Thank you so much for the assistance of Mr. Case. 

Kathleen D.

We just wanted to take the opportunity to let you know how happy we are to have Melvin stopping in each week! He is incredibly attentive and always greets us with a smile. As business owners in OHC it is such a pleasure and a privilege to have such positive, helpful people as Melvin looking out for us and the people in the neighborhood. We are doubly excited about all the resources you guys provide, that we recently learned about. Keep up the fantastic work, and know that it is always a joy to see Melvin walk through our door. 

Jennie and the Crew at RS! 

Mr. Conwell, I am writing to tell you not only how thankful I am to the services you all provide but also to express to you how impressed and thankful I am to Team Leader Brooks. On March 5, 2014 I went to my vehicle parked in the Willard Parking Garage and discovered a flat tire. I immediately panicked. The garage attendant gave me the number for Downtown Alliance. I called and about 30 minutes Team Leader Brooks showed up. He had an upbeat demeanor and was happy to help me. He discovered after getting the tire off, that my spare was flat also. He took the spare and filled it with air and returned about 10 minutes later. Within another ten minutes I was on my way.  I was feeling so defeated when I saw that tire and feared being late to pick up my children. As single mother things such as this can make you feel some type of way. With the assistance of the Downtown Alliance and Team Leader Brooks I was able to make it in time to get my kids.  

Thank you all for all that you do. Please pass my thanks on to your entire team and especially Team Leader Brooks.  

I am grateful to you and your employees for job well done for the city of Cleveland and its inhabitants. Two of your employees manifested the nature of the job you guys are performing for our city. On Friday morning last week, Mr. Madison and Mr. helped me retrieve my keys, which were locked in my car. I mistakenly locked my car key in the car on West 25th street in front of the Westside Market. My wife and I were there for three hours seeking help but couldn’t find any. We were restless and frustrated. 

While continually seeking help, couple of people told us to call Block by Block and fortunately one of them gave us the number. Your employees Mr. Scott and Mr. Case arrived less than fifteen minutes when I called and they opened the car for us. Thank you very much. Please keep these guys in our city. 

Emmanuel, LPN

Just wanted to take a minute and drop you a thank you.  A bridal party threw confetti all over E 4th this afternoon and made a huge mess.  A couple of your crew came by unprompted and motioned to me through the window if they would like for them to do our patio.  It was horribly windy and it took them some time to get everything swept up, but they hung in there and completed the task.  Just wanted you to know we recognize the positive impact your staff brings to the down town area.  They are always willing to help out with a smile and I greatly appreciate it.   

 Jude F

Good Morning, I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am. Today I was helped by Rico, I left the key in the ignition of my Van, and thanks to your all’s help, I got it without any problem. I appreciate all the help and again I am very grateful. The Ambassadors are always available for those of us who need help. Have a wonderful day.

I just wanted to inform you that Melvin who works in the Ohio City area does a very nice job of keeping the area clean. He also stops into our branch often to make sure everything is okay. 

 I just wanted to make you aware of the nice job he’s doing.  

Thank you, 
Gale F.

I was walking behind the two of them, and saw Profit walk out of his way to grab a stray piece of garbage and take it over to a nearby trashcan.  This kind of attention and work ethic I see constantly in ALL of the Downtown Cleveland Alliance members.  I have been working in Downtown Cleveland for almost 30 years, and I can assure you that people are aware of your organization and what a fantastic contribution they make towards the City, and how well-trained, attentive, polite, helpful and hard-working your team is.  Thank you all for all that DCA does for Cleveland!

Michelle T.

I just wanted to thank the crew that helped me on Friday. I was in the Hanna Garage and my battery was dead. Called your number and got a quick response and even received updated call about timing for the arrival of help.  When the “CREW” arrived they were great.  I was in a loaner car so did not know much about it and they were patient and helpful and were able to figure it all out and get me on my way.

Thank you so much for the services you provide and special thank you to the CREW that came to my rescue that Friday.

Diane K.

I would like to tell you that I am always grateful to see your Downtown Cleveland Alliance Staff.  They greet me with a smile and are always busy at work, but take the time to say hello and to wish me a nice day.
I feel safe walking up and down E. 17th to the Virgil Brown Building where I work when your crew is out and about.  Sometimes, I am a lone soul coming down the street at 5:00, but inevitably I will see someone coming towards me wearing the blue and gold coat and hat.  I am glad you provide uniforms for your workers because I can easily spot them.  They do a really nice job keeping our sidewalks clean and salted in the winter, and I feel fortunate your office is on St. Clair. I have your phone number in my cell phone and know that if I need help, I can count on your staff to come to my rescue.

Yesterday morning, I had just arrived at my parking lot at E. 17th and Hamilton across from the delicatessen.   A man approached my car. I was gathering my lunch and bag to get to work.  He was asking for money. I kept shaking my head and I was really taken off guard. I never saw him coming.  All of a sudden, a blue car (I think) pulled up and an officer got out and sent the man away. Talk about being at the right place at the right time.  I was so relieved he appeared. I asked him his name, and he said he was Officer Tom S., from your group.
I wanted to let you know how valuable your Downtown Cleveland Alliance is and thank you for helping to keep our streets clean and for having patrols out.   I so appreciated his intervention. He advised me to honk my horn and not get out of my car if that happens again. 

I had to write and thank you all because I feel very fortunate that the Downtown Cleveland Alliance is very visible and are assisting us on a daily basis just by their strong presence. They are instilling pride in our city one block at a time. They keep after the litterbugs and do a whole lot more.  Please share my praise for Officer Tom and your crew members.    Thank you again.

Karen F. Delia

I just wanted to praise one of your employees, Kevin B.  When I was in Cleveland visiting some friends, and as we were walking from our hotel to the arena at Cleveland State, a very nice man struck up a conversation with us.  That was Kevin.  He had on his "ambassador" uniform on and told us all about your Block By Block program and gave us his card.  He told us that it was safe to walk between our two locations but if we felt nervous at all, to call and someone would escort us.  What a wonderful program, and what a wonderful man.  He really made our night, just knowing that there are such friendly people to offer a hand or even just a "Hello and welcome to our city."  So please give him a pat on the back for us and tell him thanks for his hospitality.  And keep up the good work!

Valerie P.

I am writing to acknowledge Juanita.  She is always so kind and helpful.  Today, she offered to escort me to my office building when she saw me holding my lunch taking cover from the rain with no umbrella.  As she escorted me to my building, she shared with me the other services that the Downtown Cleveland Alliance provides.  To my surprise, you also provide escort and car services.  As a female that occasionally has to work late and that has had car trouble in the past, I take comfort in knowing that you guys are around to assist.  Your card now has a permanent home in my purse. 


Thank you to all the downtown Cleveland Alliance employees who keep downtown clean and safe. I have lived downtown for 7 years and have never seen it looking cleaner than now. Please continue whatever you are doing to keep Downtown residents proud of Cleveland--we are fortunate to have such dedicated employees who work hard.

Sally Andrews
Statler Arms resident

Thank you to all the downtown Cleveland Alliance employees who keep downtown clean and safe. I have lived downtown for 7 years and have never seen it looking cleaner than now. Please continue whatever you are doing to keep Downtown residents proud of Cleveland--we are fortunate to have such dedicated employees who work hard.

-Sally A.

Mr. Conwell:

I am writing to express my appreciation for the help a Downtown Cleveland Alliance worker provided to me yesterday in re-starting my car in a downtown parking lot.  Unfortunately, I did not think to get her name.  She helped me at about 6 pm on Tuesday, May 14.  She was prompt in arriving, courteous, and quickly jump-started my car.  The Alliance is a great help to downtown Cleveland.

Todd Clark

I am writing to express my appreciation for the help a Downtown Cleveland Alliance worker provided to me yesterday in re-starting my car in a downtown parking lot. Unfortunately, I did not think to get her name. She helped me at about 6 pm on Tuesday, May 14. She was prompt in arriving, courteous, and quickly jump-started my car. The Alliance is a great help to downtown Cleveland.

-Todd C.

I wanted to let you know how great of a job your team is doing; specifically the crew that maintains the 12th and Superior area. Their spring cleaning has made the area inviting and pretty. We work directly with Melvin most often, and he is very receptive to any requests we might have. He always checks in to ensure his team is doing a great job…and they are!! Keep up the great work, your efforts are most certainly noticed and appreciated!

-Stephanie C.

I just wanted to thank you for your help with our video shoot this past Friday around the Cleveland Convention Center area. I appreciate you helping us connect with Juanita, she was very friendly and helpful. The shoot went great, we had no issues at all.

-Stephanie M.

I recently had the opportunity to visit Cleveland. My daughter is training at the Federal Reserve, ( She is a Federal Law Enforcement Officer). Coming from New Jersey, where I am a retired officer and live not too far from Camden and just across the bridge from Philadelphia, I was extremely impressed with the cleanliness of your city. Actually I am amazed. I am constantly repeating myself about my impression of Cleveland. Clean streets; people wait for walk light ( White Hand); Police cars not dented or filthy; Great dining and feel safe walking around at night. I met one of your employees, as I was looking for directions to the local fire house. I asked for directions and she was on a bike and could not have been nicer. Her name is Juanita. My family will be visiting again in early July for my daughters completion of school and plan on vacationing there. Thanks for making me smile.

-Butch K.

 Juanita, and Alijah jumped off my truck this morning after I was involved in an accident with a pedestrian. They were so helpful in my time of need, when I couldn't even think of who to call. Please give them my heart felt thanks for their up standing manor and very proffesional assistance.

-Troy T.

I just wanted to let you know how helpful Janita was to us on Tues. June. 3rd, 2014. We were in Cleveland for a holiday for a couple of days. We are from Keswick, Ontario Canada. We were walking around downtown trying to find the baseball stadium when we asked Janita for directions. She was very helpful giving us the direction and giving us a map of the area.

-Sandra M.

I work at a new business (the Harris Stanton Gallery) just opening on West 9th street. I wanted to let you know we just used the sidewalk cleaning service and were very pleased with our experience. I called yesterday to schedule the service before our Friday grand opening, and they were able to fit us in very promptly (this morning). Armand Hill, the man that came out, was very helpful and explained all the services you provide. He was friendly and did a great job on the sidewalks. I’ll definitely recommend the service to the other business owners in the area that haven’t yet used the service.

-Ellie K.

The Ambassadors of the Downtown Cleveland Alliance have a well-earned reputation as delivering superior services. While this is due in no small part to your vision and leadership, ultimately it is the boots-on-the-ground people that make us all look good. I want to take this opportunity to offer praise to those abassadors that reflect so well on you.

Calvin W.

Chief Division of Police

A few months ago I locked my keys in my car outside the vigil brown building. The guard inside gave me your number. When I called, literally 10 min. later Down Edwards and Paul Case showed up. They had me in my car and on my way in another 10 min. Great job! I've given your number to a bunch of folks since then. Keep up the good work and thanks.



I was recently downtown for a job interview. I was parking & not sure how long I had with the meter. I stopped Robert S. from his patrolling ride & asked for help. He was so friendly, willing to help me & even wished me Good Luck. I wanted to send you an email to let you know how wonderful he is, how he made me feel quite comfortable & glad I live around Cleveland. It's people like him who make me feel safe & comfortable around our wonderful city. 

Jodi L.

I want to thank you and your organization for the assistance we received from Douglas D, during a recent visit to Cleveland.  Douglas was very helpful and professional as he described places we could visit and how to get to them.  We also noticed several other Block by Block personnel throughout downtown Cleveland and appreciated their presence.

Terry P.