Downtown Cincinnati, Inc.

Primary duties are to supplement existing cleaning services provided by the City of Cincinnati and strong secondary role as public information resources to downtown visitors, workers, shoppers and residents.  Areas of responsibility include Fountain Square, Government Square, Backstage and Metro Bus Shelters and Stops.  Safety Ambassadors were added December 2001 to augment police services in the Central Business District.  Special Projects team was implemented June 2002 to address graffiti and pressure washing needs.  The District covers 80 square blocks. In 2004 we added a Social Service outreach professional to provide services to the homeless in Downtown.

Heard On The Street

Cincinnati, OH: "You and your team should be commended!!! I am always proud of locals and visitors alike taking in our wonderful city and coming away with a terrific experience! As well, I am always pleased to see the constant, courteous and hard work the ambassadors do for downtown. Great job!"

Joe H.
Downtown Cincinnati employee

I just wanted to extend my thanks and appreciation for a job well done by Downtown Ambassador Barbara W.  Monday night we received a report of an elderly female with dementia named Lillian who had become separated from her group.  Lillian and her group were in town for a convention and she did not get around very well, requiring a cane to walk.  Numerous officers on bike, segway, patrol cars, and on foot searched the area to no avail.  After approximately 20 minutes of searching, Ms. W. located Lillian near 4th and Walnut and notified Officer Rachel Ploehs.  Thanks to Ms. Worthen's keen eye, Officer Ploehs was then able to safely reunite Lillian with her group.  Please pass along our gratitude for Mr. W.'s assistance!
Sergeant Douglas G. Snider
Cincinnati Police Department

I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that whoever is filling in for your role while your away is awesome. I had a trash "emergency" and was really upset and didn't know where to turn. The city of Cincinnati would not help me, so I called you guys. I forget the gentleman's name I spoke with but he said he was filling in for you.

Please tell him thank you. He asked no questions just offered a quick solution. 
I greatly appreciate it...a huge weight (literally) has been lifted off my back.

Thanks for all you guys do to keep Cincinnati safe, clean and beautiful.


Ambassador Eric Long was at the right place by breaking up a fight. He witnessed a huge group of white males running toward a couple of male blacks. As he approached the male whites were holding the male black on the ground repeatedly sticking him. Later it was told that the male black decided to throw a glass bottle hitting one of the people in the group thus retaliation was what was taking place. As Eric approached he used his voice and verbal commands to stop the attack until Police arrived.

-Michael M.

I just want to commend Tamika Jones for her assistance in being a presence on Superior Ave. when I conduct my Saturday morning tour of the Historic Warehouse District. She is always punctual and is most polite and friendly to those who, Take-A-Hike.

-Thomas M.