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The StarTribune introduces Downtown Minneapolis new Ambassador of the Year - Block by Block's very own Johnny Jackson. Congratulations Johnny!

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Photo courtesy of the Star Tribune.

Tim Pearson recently was named “Ambassador of the Year” among his 80 or so colleagues who patrol 120 blocks for the Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District (DID), the nonprofit business funded mostly by downt... Read More

It’s the time of year again to set aside skepticism, embrace a bit of feel-good reflection and seize the impetus to count blessings. What works on a personal level, also has relevance for the city. READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE FROM THE MINNEAPOLIS DOWNTOWN JOURNAL BY CLICKING HERE.

Minneapolis' Downtown Improvement District marked its first anniversary last month with little fanfare. That's too bad because it deserves a standing ovation. After only 13 months on the job, the DID has become an indispensible presence on downtown sidewalks. CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE MINNEAPOLIS POST

They could be characters out of an old DC Comics title. Clad in distinctive neon uniforms and wielding an arsenal of exotic tools, they prowl the streets of Downtown, looking to bust both grime and crime. READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE FROM THE MINNEAPOLIS DOWNTOWN JOURNAL.