Block by Block University of Cincinnati ambassadors contribute to 5-year low in crime

University of Cincinnati Ambassadors

University of Cincinnati Ambassadors to Protect the Campus

As part of a push for student safety and reducing crime, University of Cincinnati hired Block by Block Ambassadors in the spring to patrol the Short Vine and U Square districts near campus. The university reports crime is at a 5-year low.

A month into the school year, the University of Cincinnati experienced 18 violent crimes, most of which occurred off-campus. To combat this issue, the campus quickly enlisted the help of Block by Block to create a team of University of Cincinnati ambassadors.

These ambassadors will work alongside campus security to patrol and be an active presence in off-campus areas still heavily frequented by students. This will help to create an overall safer atmosphere for the university.

“We are preventative, but as we learn our neighborhood and what’s around our patrol area, we change our habits,” Patrol Supervisor Markita Coach said. “It’s never to be more aggressive, but it’s to be more social.”

The ambassadors also aim to provide friendly services to locals and visitors in order to improve the social environment and provide assistance as needed.

Read more and watch the video about the program at WCPO Cincinnati.

Learn more about our University of Cincinnati ambassadors.

Downtown Cincinnati Ambassadors Keep Streets Clean and Safe

Downtown Cincinnati Ambassadors

Downtown Cincinnati Ambassadors Keep Streets Clean and Safe

Soapbox Cincinnati spotlights the downtown Cincinnati ambassadors going above and beyond to ensure the streets of Cincinnati look great each morning.

“Ambassadors go above and beyond, and put the icing on the cake of services in Cincinnati,” says David Thomas, Director of Ambassador Services.

“There are Ambassadors touching every block face downtown. We want to make sure the city looks nice and is accessible before people arrive in the morning,” Thomas says.

The article covers the logistics of how the Downtown Cincinnati Ambassadors operate, including the actual area they cover, staffing, shifts, breakdown into cleaning and safety services and more.

Read more at Soapbox Cincinnati. Photo courtesy of Andrew Walsh.