Grand Rapids Ambassador Interview

Meet Grand Rapids Ambassador, Veronica Aho

Wood TV’s eightWest does a special interview with Downtown Grand Rapid’s Kristopher Larson and Block by Block Grand Rapids ambassador, Veronica Aho, who was recently named Downtown Ambassador of the year.

Larson explains the Block by Block Grand Rapids Ambassador program as, “It’s a team of good samaritans we deploy in the downtown 6 days a week…Anywhere from 8 to 10 ambassadors there to really help people. I like to tell them they get the honor of being someone’s hero everyday…They’re there to help people. They’re there to find somebody who needs some type of assistance.”

On how to find the right type of person to become a Grand Rapids ambassador, Larson responded, “I need superheros and rockstars like Veronica here. It really requires a special breed of person.”

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Photo courtesy of eightWest.

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