Visitors giving free hugs

Your downtown improvement district could have the best attractions, the best restaurants and the best shopping, but if a visitor has one negative interaction with a downtown Ambassador, your city will leave a bad taste in their mouth.

That’s because downtown Ambassadors are the single most important factor in making your improvement district friendlier.

Just as a negative interaction will leave a sour taste, one over-the-top positive experience with a downtown Ambassador will have them raving about your district.

To ensure that your Ambassadors always have visitors singing your city’s praises, you must be extremely selective when hiring. It’s important to “hire for personality and train for skills.”

There is a difference between an ambassador that is waiting for something to happen and one that has the skills to interact with the public. It’s critical to uncover these abilities during the interview process.

People with outgoing and caring personalities need only to be equipped with customer service skills and knowledge of the district to become excellent Ambassadors.

Ambassadors should be trained to recognize opportunities to help someone in need, and be encouraged to go out of their way to make someone’s day and help build special memories.

Opportunities to demonstrate hospitality include friendly gestures like opening doors, assisting with packages or bags and taking group photos. These friendly actions, combined with simple things like smiling and making eye contact, become contagious and create an atmosphere of friendliness and hospitality.

For more ways to bring hospitality to your downtown, download our free guide, 10 Ways to Make Your Downtown Improvement District Friendlier.

Your Turn

How do your city’s Ambassadors make your downtown friendlier?