On June 1st you can expect to see even more casually dressed people on the 3rd Street Promenade and the surrounding blocks. This group of men and women aren’t there to partake in the many restaurants or retail establishments the area has to offer. The purpose of this group of smiling individuals is to serve as part tour guide, part concierge, and part security presence, but most importantly they’re at work to make sure you have a great experience while you’re at play!

The Santa Monica Bayside District Corporation has recently selected Block by Block to implement a Hospitality Ambassadors Program as part of its new Property Based Improvement District (PBID).  As part of its efforts Block by Block will provide staffing, management, best practices, and quality assurance to create a first class program for those who visit, work or live in the district. The team comprised of approximately 25 staff members will circulate on foot, Segway or bike through the area to offer a smile, a greeting and an offer of directions, information or any type of guest services assistance.

Block by Block provides similar hospitality / safety programs for the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, and the Waikiki Beach area in Hawaii, both of which attract over a million visitors each year!

Not only can you expect the Hospitality Guides to give you directions to a local coffee house, or help you make a reservation, but they’re watching out for your safety as well. While the 3rd Street Promenade and its surrounding area boasts one of the lowest crime rates in the area, the group will also serve as a significant part of the strategy to maintain the extremely low crime level. Hospitality Guides while moving through the area, will serve as a uniformed, highly visible deterrent to unwanted activity. The staff, all equipped with two-way radios, will have a working knowledge of local ordinances and laws and will work closely with the Santa Monica Police Department to address unwanted activity or behaviors.

Everyone at Block by Block is extremely excited to implement what will be a fantastic amenity to enhance the friendliness and experience of one of Southern California’s most sought after destinations.


Downtown Santa Monica, which includes the Third Street Promenade, is one of the country’s most successful, unique and vibrant shopping, dining and entertainment areas, drawing visitors from around the world and around the corner.

The area is managed by the Bayside District Corporation (BDC), a public-private management company that works in partnership with the City of Santa Monica on issues impacting the area.

BDC is responsible for advising the City on strategic, long-term planning that will keep the area vital in the years ahead. On a day- to-day basis, BDC staff work with departments at the City on operational and maintenance issues. As well, BDC works with merchants and community members. BDC also handles filming requests, marketing and special events for the District.