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“In five months on the job, the Downtown Boston Business Improvement District says it has hauled away 32,000 pounds of trash and removed 1,500 graffiti sites. It has organized art displays, jazz performances, car shows, and restaurant crawls. And the BID has hired 31 highly visible employees who wear orange shirts and serve as street-level ambassadors for the downtown area.

People who work in the 34-block area day in and day say it is improving, but the positive changes are still being overshadowed by empty storefronts and the hole in the ground at Downtown Crossing that used to be Filene’s Basement.

“The place is definitely cleaner,” says Paul Binder, sales manager at the AT&T store at the corner of Washington and Franklin Streets. He said the BID’s efforts were changing the perception of the Downtown Crossing area, making it feel safer. “But there’s an upper limit,” he said. “Scraping gum off the ground isn’t a useful thing to do when you’ve got a much bigger eyesore. I mean, it is useful, just not as useful as it could be, at least right here.”

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