Ambassador, Christopher Hoffman, Recognized for Saving Two Children and Their Father From Ocean Currents

Ambassador Rescue in VenturaWe are proud to share this story from our Park Safety Team in Ventura, California — Christopher Hoffman, one of our safety ambassadors, rescued two children and their father from being pulled out into the ocean. The family are all okay thanks to his proactive rescue attempt, and Hoffman has since been recognized by the California Department of Parks and Recreation and local radio station, KNX 1070 NewsRadio, for his heroic rescue.

From the California State Parks Press Release:

California State Parks Recognizes Excellence in Employees and Partners
“Christopher S. Hoffman, Park Aide, Los Angeles: Chris rescued two children and one adult from drowning when he was off-duty and camping with friends at Thornhill-Broome State Beach. A 10-year-old girl and an 8-year-old boy were swept out into the ocean on a day when big waves were crashing on the shoreline. The father had gone into the water in an attempt to help. If Chris had not acted heroically, all three lives may have been lost on that afternoon.

The Director’s Recognition Awards Program is a statewide program that recognizes exceptional and outstanding accomplishments in employees and partners that model behaviors that further the mission, goals and core values of California State Parks.”

Ambassador Named KNX News Hero of the Week

Hoffman also received local award “News Hero of the Week” by KNX 1070 NewsRadio.

Listen to the radio podcast here.

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