Downtown Providence is already blooming again! Now in its sixth season, the Providence DID planting program has expanded with more hanging baskets, new flowers, and new designs. The DID has planted 274 hanging baskets, nine open planting areas and 60 sidewalk planters, and will maintain them throughout the season. The pop of color is unmistakable, with purple scaevola and orange and yellow lantana, plus orange geraniums along with waterfront accented with lime green hanging potato vines.

Providence DID Operations Manager Frank Zammarelli and his 6-member crew, wearing bright yellow uniforms, will continue to water the flowers 6 days per week. They use pressure washers adjusted to lighter settings and gentle extended wands attached to large water tanks on open-backed trucks. This season, a newly purchased Ford F350 truck will be a time-saver, allowing them to store and move larger loads of mulch, loam, and flowers. Zammarelli praises his team, commenting that “they are well-trained, take pride in their jobs, and put in a great deal of effort.”

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  • Leon Butler