Encourage employee safety

Ensuring employee safety for all the workers in your district could help create a tremendous impact on overall safety in your downtown. Invite your stakeholders to share the following personal safety best practices with their employees.

Encourage Employee Safety - Be Aware1. Be aware.
The number one tip for personal safety is to maintain awareness of your surroundings. You have a better chance of noticing a possible threat in advance.


Encourage Employee Safety - Protect Yourself2. Protect Yourself.
Let others know where you are and when to expect you. Remember, there’s safety in numbers. Don’t look or act like an easy target. Be purposeful in your actions.


Encourage Employee Safety - Protect Your Car and Valuables3. Protect your car and valuables.
To protect your parked car, think “Lock, Take, Hide.” Lock and secure your car. Take your keys with you. Hide anything valuable that must be left in your car.

Simple strategies, substantial results

These quick safety strategies can yield big results. Just like the two-second click of a seatbelt, remind your stakeholders how crucial it is to prioritize simple safety habits.

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