ambassador using smart system

Now more than ever, data is an essential part of justifying BID value and building support for new initiatives. For this reason we’ve developed the SMART System (Statistical Management & Ambassador Reporting Technology).

Early in our improvement district experience we recognized the importance of establishing methods of tracking activities, accomplishments, and ongoing district needs. As our programs and understanding have evolved, so have our reporting capabilities.

The Value of Data

SMART System allows Block by Block to collect data on a day-to-day, ambassador-by-ambassador basis. Because no two improvement districts are alike, administrators can create and customize each program’s desired metrics to be tracked. Examples of the metrics that can be tracked are:

  • Number of illegal dumping instances
  • Abandoned shopping carts removed
  • Instances of public drinking

This data can then be used to generate customizable reports, to which administrators can add photos, narratives, and then select the tasks and date ranges they wish to include in the report. Through our easy-to-use report builder, data can be depicted in graphs or tables. Finally, when a report is complete, the administrator can quickly generate a PDF file, which can be shared electronically. The best part is all this custom-report functionality only takes a few minutes to generate.
Here are just a few direct results that the SMART System data analytics has produced:

  • Helped 22% more pedestrians since November 2012
  • Reduced aggressive panhandling by 64% since 2012
  • Reduced graffiti tags by 91% since program inception
  • Reduced power washing water consumption by 15%
  • The most-interacted-with homeless person in the summer of 2012 is now in temporary housing

To learn more about SMART System and how it supports improving your improvement district, get in touch with our contact form.