Downtown Improvements in Boston

“Inside a cramped conference room on Arch Street, Steve Brookes plotted the rebirth of downtown Boston.

Behind him was a poster-sized map showing a 34-block area he has been quietly canvassing in recent days, noting thousands of graffiti tags, places where trash piles up, and drab sections of sidewalk that could use a shot of color, or a serious power-washing.

‘All of this is going to change,’ said Brookes, sweeping his hand across the map. ‘You’ll see an immediate difference by next Friday, because all the graffiti is going to be gone, and a lot of the cigarette butts and trash will be gone.’

Brookes is the newly appointed cleaning and hospitality manager of Boston’s first business improvement district, an organization that on Monday will start a campaign to revitalize the city’s long-suffering central shopping area. From early morning until after dark, he will be among 30 uniformed “ambassadors’’ who will be picking up trash, giving directions to tourists and shoppers, and generally trying to put a shine back on a part of the city that looks gritty and lacks an attractive mix of retailers.”

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