Downtown hospitality ambassador on segway assists visitors

Downtown Hospitality — It’s All About the People

Your district is more than just a collection of buildings, stores and restaurants. It’s about the experience district workers, residents and visitors have while they’re in your district.

By providing this great district experience, you can attract another important group: investors!

Start With the Right People

Since we began providing services to improvement district services more than fifteen years ago, we recognized the importance of selecting not just hard working people, but friendly, engaging people to comprise our ambassador teams.

Empower Ambassadors to Serve

The unique training concepts developed for our hospitality-centric programs have been woven into every Block by Block program. Making certain every Ambassador has hospitality skills ensures we play a significant role in delivering the right experience for your district.

Ambassadors are not only trained, but encouraged to find meaningful ways to improve someone’s district experience.

Focus on Continuous Engagement

Our hospitality programs are focused on continual engagements to deliver smiles and greetings to as many people as possible. We’ve found that delivering information and friendly conversation easily follows.

If you’re ready to make your downtown district friendlier, get in touch with our contact form!