Bike patrol safety ambassador on downtown sidewalk

There are many issues that can negatively affect how people think about your district. An effective safety program not only reports the unnecessary behaviors, but incorporates strategies to address every detrimental issue your district may face. Some of the key ingredients in creating a dynamic safety/security program include:


Safety programs are most effective when they move beyond reporting to police, and become a valuable resource to local law enforcement. Our programs can better leverage the limited time of the officers in your district by directing them to not only specific situations, but alert them to trends. Additionally, the safety program should be a connector that can integrate the efforts of not only law enforcement, but the many security professionals in your district.

Due to the high visibility of staff and their uniformed presence, security staff will undoubtedly spend a good majority of their time providing information, directions, and hospitality to your downtown visitors, it’s imperative that a strong focus be placed on serving the public through employee selection, training, quality assurance, and the overall culture of your downtown program.

With a Smile

Smiles have replaced mirrored sunglasses, and proactive engagement of public concerns has replaced standing around waiting for something to happen. We can show you how an attitude of “courteous yet firm” can help your district create new standards and change behaviors. We’ve long believed that as our cities struggle with image issues an Ambassador programs focused on continual public engagement can be highly effective in offsetting negative perceptions or experiences outside of the district’s control.


Our company was created to solely serve the needs of improvement districts; we are not a security or janitorial company. Since creating Block by Block, we’ve been exposed to nearly every possible issue facing an urban environment. Through our passion for downtowns and urban areas, we’ve been able to create protocol and training to address the needs of our urban centers.

Hundreds of thousands of hours of on-street experience and real-life situations have been woven into the training that prepares Block by Block Ambassadors for their role in serving your district. To make a Block by Block program not just good, but great, we’ve developed ongoing training for all staff members. All Ambassadors, regardless of location, receive ongoing training in order to make sure their knowledge on your district and skills stay sharp.

These are just a few of the elements that create a fantastic Block by Block program. If you’re ready to make your downtown a safer place, get started with Block by Block!

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