While those who live, work or play in downtown Dayton have become familiar with the Ambassador services provided near the Third and Main Street Transit Corridor, they will soon be receiving the same benefits throughout the entire downtown core. With the Implementation of Downtown Dayton’s Special Improvement District (SID), the Downtown Dayton Partnership has selected Block by Block to expand their relationship and provide services, which will enhance the perceptions of cleanliness, safety and hospitality. 

Specific services meant to augment the efforts of local law enforcement and the city’s public works department will be taken on with the implementation of the Improvement District. All services are provided by a team of ‘Ambassadors’ who are dressed in highly visible ‘safety’ green and navy uniforms. 

Cleaning tasks meant to address ‘detailed’ concerns will be undertaken such as litter removal, weed eradication, removal of graffiti and handbills, power washing and other special projects, such as painting and landscaping. 

In addition to the members of the Clean Team, Safety Ambassadors will patrol the streets deterring unwanted activity, serving as extra eyes and ears of the Dayton Police Department and interacting with businesses. Safety Ambassadors provide coverage to the entire service district, while on foot and bicycle. 

Both Safety and Cleaning Ambassadors are trained in a wide range of activities, which are designed to serve in a downtown environment. From addressing quality of life issues, to suggesting various social service outreach agencies to the homeless, and even making suggestions about the great places to eat in downtown the Ambassador staff is trained to do it all! 

Next time you are in downtown Dayton , look for the friendly team of smiling Ambassadors outfitted in bright green uniforms. You can find them hard at work making downtown a better place for the many new projects and investments which are under way! 

For more information regarding this release, contact Block by Block at 888.457.2646.

About the Downtown Dayton Partnership 

Established in 1991, the Downtown Dayton Partnership is the strategic planning and management organization for Downtown Dayton, Ohio. The DDP is a non-profit organization made up of hundreds of members from the city, county, private and civic organizations, and businesses concerned about the core of our city. 

The primary focus of the DDP is the continuing economic development of Downtown Dayton. This includes retaining and expanding existing businesses as well as recruiting new additions to our downtown community. DDP also works to make the center city a pleasant place to live, work, shop and enjoy an array of cultural and entertainment opportunities. 

Additionally, the Downtown Dayton Partnership is contracted to administrate the Downtown Dayton Special Improvement District. The SID is overseen by the leadership of volunteers from Downtown Dayton’s business community and a variety of leaders from local government. 

Whether you’re thinking of opening a business or just looking for something fun to do, Downtown Dayton offers a wealth of opportunities. The Downtown Dayton Partnership website is a valuable resource for learning more about all the great things happening in the center city. 

If you need additional information about Downtown Dayton, please call (937) 224-1518 or visitwww.downtowntdayton.org.