Downtown Cleaning Checklist

This downtown cleaning checklist allows you to do a quick audit of your district’s cleanliness. Get refreshed with some helpful cleaning ideas and learn strategies for how best to accomplish them.

It’s always great when your district booms with so much activity. But, the little things that help make your district so attractive in the first place can get lost during busy seasons. It’s the perfect time to tackle some of these cleaning projects, and keep your district looking its best.

How many of these could you check off with confidence?


Remove graffiti


Clean and paint fixtures


Remove gum spots


Power wash surfaces


Remove litter


Plant and prune landscaping


Sweep curbs


Set up pet waste receptacles


Our complete Downtown Cleaning Checklist provides helpful tips and tricks for getting your city in top shape. We’ve compiled best practices based on examples across the nation, so you can check each of these off with confidence and 100% this list.

Download your cleaning checklist

Download your free Downtown Cleaning Checklist for cleaning ideas and strategies to tackle trouble spots, garnish a fresh, bold look and keep it that way.

downtown cleaning checklist