Who Ya Gonna Call? The Cleanup Squad

They’ve removed more than 3,500 graffiti tags and stickers, power-washed countless wads of gum from the sidewalks, returned $4,000 in lost paychecks and given thousands of directions to tourists.

The 30 “ambassadors” of the Downtown Boston Business Improvement District patrol the streets, handling cleaning and hospitality duties under a city-first program that has property owners paying annual fees to help create a cleaner, safer and more welcoming area.

Team leader Miguel Acevedo, an ambassador since the program started in May 2011, relishes the role.

“I enjoy the city,” said the college history major, who turned 27 today. “I pride myself on the city history and knowing about the buildings, and I like to get into conversations with the tourists and even Bostonians. I get to meet people from all different places.”

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