Downtown ambassador cleaning street pole

Cleaning business improvement districts (BIDS) can create great first impressions. And great first impressions can redefine the story for your district. Low-level issues such as litter, graffiti, weeds and overflowing trashcans communicate volumes about a district’s priorities. As we all know, a clean district affects the area’s level of security and people’s behaviors.

Attention to Detail

Picking up litter and removing graffiti just scratches the surface of creating an impressively clean district. There are many other elements of your district that need the attention of your clean team in order to create a fantastic first impression. Some of these tasks are:

• Litter abatement
• Graffiti removal – Ambassadors can remove nuisance tags using graffiti removers, rags and scrapers while they make their patrols.
• Power washing - While most vendors refer to power washing as the scheduled, even washing of all sidewalks, we believe the greatest impact each day will come from quick response to spills and stains that arise through the course of the day.

In addition to these larger tasks, every district has opportunities to raise the standard of cleaning by paying attention to detail. Some of these opportunities include:

• Newspaper boxes – Boxes should be neatly aligned. In most districts, broken and abandoned news racks are removed to eliminate unsightly clutter.
• Neat and clean trashcans - Trashcan lids should be wiped and placed neatly on trashcans. Shouldn’t the trash can lid be cleaner than the trash inside of the can?
• Fixture cleaning - All news boxes, mailboxes and other public fixtures should be damp wiped.

Special Cleaning Projects

It is possible to enhance the appearance of your district by adding a layer of services beyond the simply removing litter and emptying trash receptacles.

A certain amount of time should be spent carrying out special projects that truly change the long-term appearance of the area. This includes identifying elements in your downtown that would benefit from some type of painting, such as light poles, fire hydrants, trashcan lids and bollards.

If you’re ready to maximize your investment and take your district’s appearance to a whole new level, get in touch with our contact form!