New Clean and Safe Neighborhood Programs in Cleveland

Clean and Safe Neighborhood in Cleveland

Taken from Crain’s Cleveland Business

Several Cleveland neighborhoods are developing their own clean and safe neighborhood programs to provide additional safety and upkeep to their commercial districts after seeing the success of Downtown Cleveland Alliance’s own clean and safe ambassador program.

Local businesses are seeing the benefit of having an easily recognized, unified team of ambassadors in the area to serve the public.

Peter Rubin, President and CEO of Coral Co. located in Shaker Square says, “I think the brand is worth something. We believe people identify the Ambassadors from their uniforms. We were providing much of the same services with a patchwork of contractors, but this delivers the services comprehensively with people who are well-trained.”

Another business owner in support of additional clean and safe neighborhood programs, Jeff Moreau, owner of Sweet Moses, an ice cream shop in Gordon Square Arts District, adds, “As a property owner, it makes the whole area desirable and brings more interest for new businesses that may be considering coming in.”

Crain’s Cleveland Business details the success of the clean and safe ambassador program in more detail, and explains why so many other areas are seeing the appeal. The article continues with a breakdown of how districts are paying for programs like these and the financial gains from such an investment.

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Photo by Downtown Cleveland Alliance.

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