Downtown Cincinnati Ambassadors are preparing the city for the 86th MLB All-Star Game, July 14, 2015

Cincinnati Ambassadors at All-Star Game
An estimated 200,000 visitors will be gracing the streets of Cincinnati for the 2015 MLB All-Star Game, and Cincinnati Ambassadors are excited to meet, greet and introduce the city.

Ambassadors have been working hard to clean the streets and parks to create a great first impression. They regularly patrol the city to provide directions, answer questions and assist as needed, but they are specifically gathering info on all things Cincinnati related in anticipation of more questions and inquiries from people who aren’t necessarily familiar with the city.

“We get questions about ‘How do I get from downtown, where do I go shopping?’ They’ve heard about OTR, and they want to know what’s the best way to get there. We’ll be able to give walking directions driving directions, and even some public transportation information,” Cincinnati Ambassador, Tricia Suit said.

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