In an effort to enhance the visitors experience the Waikiki Business Improvement District is adding a hospitality element to its services offerings as part of a new contract with Block by Block for Hospitality and Safety Services. 

As part of the new program, which kicked off on July 1st a team of approximately thirteen staff members will circulate through the district boundaries to engage pedestrians and visitors to provide hospitality and visitors information in the form of directions, district history or even recommendations. This staff can be easily seen wearing the bright fluorescent green colored shirts with the logos of the improvement district. As well, two visitors assistance kiosks are located in the district to be central points for attaining visitors directions, maps, or other information. 

In addition to the thirteen Hospitality Guides a staff of approximately six Safety Ambassadors patrol the sidewalks and public beaches for to deter unwanted behaviors, but to also identify activities deemed to be out of the ordinary. Working closely with the Honolulu police department the staff serves as additional ‘eyes and ears’ of local law enforcement to report issues. One of the most effective mechanisms of the Safety Ambassadors is their duties in addressing low level quality of life crimes, such as panhandling, solicitation, open container, or intimidating behavior. 

The Hospitality Guides and Safety Ambassadors, who are on the streets from mid morning through mid evening seven days per week have been a great asset in spreading the friendly ‘Aloha Spirit’ with the thousands of visitors to the Waikiki Beach area each year. 

About the Downtown Action Team

The Waikiki Business Improvement District Association (WBIDA), comprised of assessed property owners and tenants, was formed to manage the BID in September 2000. WBIDA is a dynamic nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to making Waikiki a great place in which to invest, work, live and play. As a major stakeholder in Waikiki, the association works in partnership with business and government to develop and implement programs that will strengthen the physical and economic vitality of Waikiki and help maintain its position as a world class resort destination. WBIDA thus developed two service programs – Streetscape Maintenance and Security/Hospitality – which were launched in March 2001.

Many took part in the precedent-setting process of creating the Waikiki Business Improvement District: the City administration, which recognized the success of the BID concept in other municipalities and supported it for Waikiki; the Honolulu Police Department (HPD), which made the Waikiki Business Improvement District a priority in conjunction with its community policing program; the Honolulu Prosecutor’s Office, in its continuing efforts to establish a tie-in with community courts; the Honolulu City Council, which worked to craft a bill that would not only meet the needs of Waikiki, but also be adaptable to other communities throughout the island; and the Waikiki Improvement Association, which spearheaded the process.

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