Improve Business Safety In Your Downtown District

Don’t let your business stakeholders become targets for criminals. Maximize business safety by encouraging the business owners in your district to follow these safety procedures:


Suspicious Persons1. Report suspicious persons.
Be mindful of suspicious persons and those who ask probing questions about security or operating procedures.


Backdoor best practices2. Limit backdoor access.
Keep backdoors closed and locked. Install peepholes if possible. Check who it is before opening the backdoor.


Secure valuables and devices3. Secure all personal valuables.
Every employee should have a place to lock away valuables. Don’t leave electronic devices used for point-of-sale, such as cellphones or tablets, lying around unattended.


Money Handling4. Be safe with money handling.
Lock your safe. Don’t keep large amounts of cash on the premises. Do not openly discuss how much money comes in or how cash and checks are transported for deposit.


Document Storage5. Safely store important documents.
Any document with financial information or personal information should be secured out of reach and public view.


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