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No matter what size your city, you've probably experienced the negative perceptions that come with the concerns of homelessness and quality of life issues, such as panhandling, drinking in public, and loitering. Homelessness often contributes to the perception of downtowns being unsafe; however, what many people fail to realize is that not all homeless people commit crimes, and homelessness itself isn’t a crime. We believe in the effectiveness of addressing these issues while still maintaining a high regard for dignity, respect, and social responsibility. Some of our strategies include the following:

Social Service Outreach Professionals

In a number of cities, we employ trained social workers to serve as coordinators of overall team efforts and to work with local outreach partners to provide strategic case level management of the most visible homeless persons in our districts. These professionals can provide training as to what resources are available to the homeless in form of food, shelter, vocational training, addiction services, and health care needs.

Social Service Outreach Ambassadors

Within our safety programs we've created Ambassador positions that have a primary role of engaging homeless persons to establish individual needs, and working through local Outreach Agencies to connect these persons with available services. This approach has been very successful in reducing the number of homeless on the streets in many of our cities.

Training and Ownership for All

You never know who will form a bond with a person in need. All front line Ambassadors, both safety and cleaning Ambassadors, are trained in social service issues and how to connect a person with the help they need, as well as building relationships with the homeless through daily interaction.

While we do offer social service outreach to the homeless, there are many homeless persons who choose to live their life on the streets. In this case, Ambassadors are trained to closely monitor the homeless individual to ensure their compliance with all local laws and ordinances.

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